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Owning a pet ferret, like Kimble does, is illegal in California - a ban which former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger supported, fortunately this film is set (and filmed partially) in Astoria Oregon where it is perfectly legal.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger had a few conditions before accepting the role of John Kimble; he wanted Ivan Reitman to direct the film, he wanted a physical fitness theme, and he and Reitman wanted broken homes, child abuse and family life written into the script.
During an off day from filming, Arnold Schwarzenegger flew to Los Angeles to film the teaser trailer for Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991).
In reality, the kids loved Arnold Schwarzenegger . They were constantly climbing all over him like a jungle gym.
Astoria elementary, the school in the movie, is just a few blocks from "The Goonies" house in Astoria.
The script for Kindergarten Cop appealed to Arnold Schwarzenegger after he became a father in 1989.
Pamela Reed had a lot of fun imitating Arnold Schwarzenegger with her accent. "Inside of an hour he was calling me 'my leetle Pemelah' and I was calling him 'my deah Ah-nold."'
Bill Murray and Patrick Swayze were originally offered the role of John Kimble.
Arnold Schwarzenegger worked with Pamela Reed again in the movie Junior (1994) which was also directed by Ivan Reitman . Reed portrayed a pregnant woman with a big appetite, quite similar to her character in this movie. He also worked with Danny DeVito in Junior (1994), a candidate for the role of John Kimble, but was not given the part due to his height.
Kindergarten Cop (1990) was postponed until Christmas, 1990 because Ivan Reitman was still working on Ghostbusters II (1989) for Christmas, 1989.
Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed that when he first started working with the kids he "was sweating. I felt like the character in the movie."
Filmmakers recruited local Astoria kids to be extras in the school. They were paid $35 a day.
The movie was filmed in Astoria, Oregon.
Arnold Schwarzenegger insisted on a gym being assembled while on location in Astoria.
Pamela Reed said of her role, "I shoot, I save Arnold's life, kids cheer. It's not a gold statue, but it's not a bad feeling."
Ivan Reitman invented the five "Reitman Rules of Filmmaking" for the kids: Listen, act natural, know your character, don't look in the camera, and be disciplined.
All of the classroom scenes were shot on a set in L.A. so Arnold Schwarzenegger could be near his family.
When Kimble carries Phoebe into the motel, he says two short sentences in German (the first time Arnie can be heard speaking his native tongue in a movie.). For interest, these mean: "That makes me stinking mad. Now I'm mad." The second time he spoke German wouldn't be until Escape Plan (2013).
The poem that Kimble reads to the children before nap time is "Spring Morning" from A.A. Milne's book "When We Were Very Young", with illustrations by Ernest Shepard.
Sarah Rose Karr (Emma) was Ivan Reitman's favorite kindergartner. "She marched to her own drummer. If she wants to stand, let her stand. If she wants to sit, let her sit."
In most of Arnold Schwarzenegger's films he usually says the phrase "I'll be back." In this film, towards the end when he decides to be a teacher, he says "I'm back."
John Kimble claims that he comes from a family of cops. Arnold Schwarzenegger's father was a policeman.
Dominic has The Real Ghostbusters (1986) sheets. Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II (1989) were directed by Ivan Reitman.
Elijah Wood auditioned for a part as a child actor. He later told Empire Magazine that this was the worst audition he ever did.
The filmmakers auditioned more than 2,000 children for the 30 kids in Kimble's class.
While filming in Oregon, Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a surprise commencement speech at Astoria High School.
Arnold Schwarzenegger speculates that the film could have grossed an extra $25 million if it were less violent. But Ivan Reitman felt like the violence "had to be there or the film would just beter out at the end."
During Kimble's 'Who is my Daddy and what does he do?' questioning of the children, the Spanish-speaking girl says "My dad works at home, and he plays with me a lot."
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The character of Emma (Sarah Rose Karr) is named after director Ivan Reitman's own daughter, Emma.
Odette Annable's film debut; she was five years old.
Angela Bassett makes a cameo as a stewardess.
Most of the kids in the classroom were non-actors that grew up in Southern California.
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This is the only Arnold Schwarzenegger movie to date to contain a German word (Kindergarten) in its title. Literal translation: "children's garden" (nursery school).
Miko Hughes' character name, Joseph Cousins, is the real name of one of the boys who plays young Dominic (he was played by twins Joseph Cousins and Christian Cousins).
Handcuffing a witness to a corpse is against departmental regulations for every police force in the United States.
Sarah Rose Karr also appeared in another Ivan Reitman film in a much bigger role in Beethoven (1992).
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It is most likely Eleanor Crisp would have received the Death Penalty for overdosing a witness to death, accessory and attempted murder of a cop/teacher.
The baseball bat that Detective O'Hara uses to hit Dominic's grandmother is a Don Mattingly model Louisville Slugger.
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On April Fool's Day 2012, as a prank, it was announced that the film was selected for a release on DVD and Blu-ray Disc as part of the Criterion Collection, a video-distribution company dedicated to the release of "important classic and contemporary films". It was said to be selected as important in part because of its genre-revisionist use of both the policier and family comedy genres in the same film.
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Randy Edelman provides the score for the film. He was also responsible for the score on Schwarzenegger and Reitman's previous collaboration - "Twins".
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A possible alternate ending would had seen Kimble shot and killed by Eleanor Crisp.
The film cast includes one Oscar winner: Linda Hunt; and four Oscar nominees: Angela Bassett, Carroll Baker, Cathy Moriarty and Jason Reitman.
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Pamela Reed (Phoebe) and Linda Hunt (Miss Schlowski) share the same birthday April 2nd
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Jason Reitman: Ivan Reitman's son has a cameo as the boy making out with the girl that Kimble interrupts during the real fire drill.


The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

Throughout the entire movie Kimball continues to assure people that the ferret doesn't bite. Ironically, at the climax of the movie, Dominic is saved when the ferret crawls out of his jacket and bites Crisp in the neck.

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