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Oh Yeah! Haunt Me Morella!

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Oh Yeah! Haunt Me Morella!
You ever have one of those nights you can’t sleep? So you go down to the living room, turn off all the lights, make sure no one is home, and “accidentally” turn on Cinemax? If you’ve done so, then you know about the cavalcade of skin that takes over the late night airwaves, especially during the late 80’s and early 90’s. Many of these films stay with us, occupying a special place in the back of our minds. We know they’re there; we just would never admit seeing them to anyone else.

While doing my weekly foraging at the Goodwill searching the VHS rack looking for rare horror titles, I stumbled upon a memory. I exclaimed aloud, “Holy shit! The Haunting Of Morella! Where have I seen that before?” I glanced over at my fellow horror comrades and saw the look of shame in the eyes of
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