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Camp Motion Pictures, I love you!

Author: pyromanticways from Italy
23 February 2008

OK, this film has its flaws, but you can't say it's not even fun! I've bought the "Super Bloody Splatter University" edition, released by Camp Motion Pictures: those guys are doing really a great job with their dvds (I'm collecting them all, maybe!) and I'd heavily suggest you to get a copy of Ghoul School, at least for the extras! There are four short films ("Say no to drugs" is my favourite) from the same authors of Ghoul School and a fantastic 1988 promo reel (why didn't they make the ALL film like that? it was awesome!) In the end, I was a little disappointed with the film in itself: poor editing and sound, some green blood (I hate it when it's not red! I hated it in Evil Dead's sequel too! I can't figure out it's only a way to avoid strong MPAA restrictions!.. At least it was just ghouls' blood: the people's was its real colour) and the film just ends like...WTF?! On the other hand, I'm glad to have chosen this edition (no, I don't work for them!..) and own this funny b-movie!

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Funny,destined to be a cult classic!

Author: anonymous from New York
10 March 1999

This movie is a riot! It must have been directed with the idea of adding all the bad production values of a B rated picture. Favorite moments are the pool scene with the two swim coaches. The woman coach has an obviously fake blonde wig and the guy doesn't have the sound match what he's saying at one point, so it looks like the old Godzilla movies. The expressions on their faces when they see the ghouls are PRICELESS! Also the (meant to be bad) editing of the Jackie Martling scenes with Joe Franklin are a hoot. This intentional laugh at itself movie tickles you just as it's grossing you out. This is destined to be a cult classic!

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Even for fans of crap, this one's a stinker

Author: Justin Michels from Atlanta, Georgia
9 August 2003

Don't bother. I'm a self-made authority on "good" B-movies, and this ain't one of them. It might have been alright were it not so self-conscious in its clearly purposeful attempts at badness. In other words, if the stuff in this straight-to-video yawner were unintentional (as in "Troll 2," for example), it might be worth a look. But, since it's not, neither is this movie.

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Go to the bottom of the class.

Author: BA_Harrison from Hampshire, England
28 July 2009

Repetitive quips about chlorine; endless scenes of mullet-wearing jocks failing to shoot basketball hoops; a metal band who only play one tune and whose supposedly great singer seems to have forgotten his lyrics; a confused looking TV chat show host and a desperately unfunny comedian (played convincingly by a confused looking TV chat show host and a desperately unfunny comedian) exchanging crap one-liners; and a geek with a strange lower lip: this is just some of the inane garbage to be found in Ghoul School—quite simply, one of the lamest excuses for a horror comedy that I have ever had the misfortune to see (and I've seen quite a few).

This dreadful film opens with a pair of losers busting their way into the basement of a school, where they try to force the janitor to reveal the whereabouts of.... err... well, actually, I have no idea what it is they are after, but they don't find it. After shooting the janitor for his lack of co-operation, the pair locate a hidden room in which they discover a control panel with two big buttons, one of which they decide to push; this releases chemicals into the school's water supply, turning anyone unfortunate enough to come in contact with the contaminated H20 into slavering, blue, pointy toothed monsters hungry for human flesh.

Clearly aware of the clumsy, derivative, and totally nonsensical nature of his own poorly constructed script (a muddled blend of Return Of The Living Dead and Demons), writer/director Timothy O'Rawe doesn't waste any energy trying to deliver genuine laughs or scares, preferring instead to chance his luck with the 'let's make this so bad, it might get a cult following' route. The gamble doesn't pay off: this is so bad, it's unbearable, and is unlikely to find a following even amongst the craziest of horror fans.


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Really? Green balloons?

Author: D. Ceased from United States
9 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Ghoul School" is a crappy film. That's all there is to it. It's another home made film, trying to hard to be funny, and trying to become an instant cult classic in the horror community. Unfortunately, it lacks the comical values of Troma movies, or the sheer tastelessness of... Troma movies, or even the campy, DIY horror "classics" Camp Motion has released. This movie is instead a really, really, really crappy movie.

The plot is about these kids who try to steal something from the school, but wind up releasing this chemical into the school's water supply. Yeah, it's similar to Class of Nuke 'em High, except that movie was awesome. So everyone starts turning into "ghouls", but not before the kick ass rock band (and they are rock, not metal as people have stated), who rock so hard, they don't have to play the instruments to rip! And notice how the drummer pounds away at nothing, a real Neil Peart! If you really want to laugh, watch the pool scene! The ghouls rip apart the swim coaches to reveal, the coaches are filled with green and blue balloons!!! Yup, the gore is that bad. This movie is a big joke, one that has no punchline.

So, if the plot is terrible, the acting is garbage (at best), and the gore is comical, is there a redeeming value? No. No there is not. Watch this if you want to laugh, really hard, at a sad attempt at a horror movie.

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Ghoul School

Author: Tracy Crockett ( from United States
1 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So I'm checking out this movie I received recently called GHOUL SCHOOL. Originally it was filmed in 1990, sad thing is…it shows!! The story starts out with a couple of school punks searching for a hidden treasure, and mistakenly unleash a chemical into the school's water supply. A chemical that causes everyone it comes into contact with to become flesh-eating ghouls. Actually it just turns them this blue. Now it's up to a couple of geeks and a really crappy metal band to escape the mayhem before the students consume everyone in sight! As stated prior, GHOUL SCHOOL plays like a cross between Class of Nuke Em High and Saved By the Bell. Though it's really not fair to compare it to Class… The story itself was a really good idea, and could be a cool movie, given that the effort put forth were better. Watching the extras and hearing the commentary from director Timothy O Rawe, even he wishes he could have redone it. They even try to bank off of Howard Sterns' sidekick Jackie the Joke Man. His scene really has no bearing at all to the film. All he does is set and tell these dumb ass jokes. The effects of the ghouls were weak and had no heart at all. All they do is paint them blue. That's it..

Bottom line is this was really a waste of my time and was beyond cheesy. although I'd really like to see him redo this with his assets today.

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Not even fun

Author: tkuhns from Kirksville, Missouri
3 August 2000

I respectfully disagree that this movie will be anything CLOSE to a "cult classic." As an avid fan of low-budget/no-budget schlock, this film is a waste of time. A few people with green faces run around an almost empty school chasing people. The chicks on the cover are nowhere in the movie. Even the ending is dumb.

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Are you too cool for Ghoul School...?

Author: Paul Magne Haakonsen from Denmark
25 May 2013

Even with a new package with a school girl in a bloodied uniform on the DVD cover doesn't do much to lift up this movie. I remember seeing the movie back in the 90's sometime, but had only a vague recollection of the movie not being memorable. Come 2013 and I bought the DVD version from Amazon. Why? Well because I am a fan of anything zombie.

"Ghoul School" is low budget, yes, but it does seem like people were having fun filming the movie and the best was made possible with what was available back in 1990. But despite this, then the end result is not overly enjoyable. I guess my memory from the 90's wasn't wrong after all...

The storyline, or what was there of it, was mostly appearing like something that was put together from an array of incomprehensible scenes of footage. The red line throughout the movie was fairly weak and snapped at times. And I must admit that I started to find my attention drifting to my phone, because of the poorly constructed mockery of a storyline.

As for the ghouls (or zombies) in the movie. Well, they were running around and I was laughing most of the times when I saw them. The make-up was really bad, and for some reason you get jagged, edged, pointy teeth in your entire mouth when you die and come back as a ghoul (or zombie).

Special effects-wise, well then "Ghoul School" was spectacular in its own way. How so? Well, because the effects were hilarious and so painfully fake. I particularly loved the thin latex tubes filled with blood, it was so bad.

I don't think that this movie was particularly scary or funny even back in 1990. And I do remember the "Friday the 13th" and "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies I grew up with had better effects than this movie, and they are significantly older.

I have seen worse movies with the undead, but "Ghoul School" is high on that list. There is nothing interesting to aim for in this movie, and I honestly can't think of a reason as to why anyone would want to sit down and watch this movie.

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Wonderful Work in Feminist Cinema

Author: EdWont from Youngstown, Ohio
23 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Definite Spoilers Ahead!

When one thinks of strong female characters in cinema, one may think of Scarlet O'Hara, Ripley, or the lesbian from Boondock Saints. However, in this film, there exists another character, too often passed over, in the annals of strong female roles in film. I am, of course, referring to the role of Blade's girlfriend. I'm not sure what her name is...if they said it, I didn't pay attention. At any rate, her hair is a vibrant reddish-maroon: a mirror of the flame in her soul. She dresses in black from head to toe, spare a white bandanna wrapped around her leg. Is it a gang association? Unlikey. She is far too independent and rebellious a character to anchor herself down to any kind of affiliation. The exception, of course, lies in her unparalleled love for Blade, the lead singer of the Blood Sucking Ghouls. As a true illustration of how love conquers all, this punk-goth, in-her-late-30s rolling stone finally gathered some moss...moss meaning Blade...her boyfriend. It is in exploring this relationship that the director first commands respect for her. She makes it clear that she if she were in charge of the band, that that the band would be playing sold out venues, worldwide. I don't doubt it. Blade's amazing guitar ability (sometimes shredding when his hand isn't even on the strings or sometimes playing a variety of notes so fast that you would swear his right hand isn't moving)is only undermined by his poor ability as a business man. "I don't have a head for that," he would claim. But she knew that already. She let him know. Fierce. Cunning. She is the lion and the fox. Further into the movie, we see her risking her life to save the group by exploring a vent in the school. She goes it alone. She is offered a weapon. She declines. She doesn't need it. She is a women. She is the weapon. At the end of the film, we see her as the lone survivor. The last female standing. In her womanhood she has conquered death. Though her fate is uncertain, I have no doubts that she will overcome any obstacle. She is the the quintessential example of the strong female character. She is a goddess on earth. Best, EdWont

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More tasteless, amateurish and retarded than any Troma film…

Author: Coventry from the Draconian Swamp of Unholy Souls
24 December 2008

Totally incoherent and utterly retarded piece of campy splatter horror garbage which makes the entire Troma repertoire – including their biggest embarrassments like "Class of Nuke 'Em High 2" and "Surf Nazis Must Die" – look like genuine cinematic masterpieces. Actually, since this high level of amateurishness can usually only be found in a Troma production, I initially assumed it was one of Lloyd Kaufman's films. Apparently it can even get worse, since "Camp Motion Pictures" specializes in releasing exclusively the worst Z-grade horror experiments, like "Splatter Farm", "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers", "Video Violence", "Cannibal Campout" and – of course – this demented camp treasure entitled "Ghoul School". Two sniveling high school dropouts plot to rob the school janitor (why? I haven't got a clue) and accidentally cause a toxic chemical to get mixed with the school's water supply. The swimming team are the first ones to turn into green-faced flesh-eating zombies, and they promptly go after the rest of the present school populous, namely a duo of horror movie nerds, the members of a metal band and the world's worst basketball team. You'd think there will be at least some extreme gore and splatter to enjoy here, but no. "Ghoul School" is actually very boring with only a couple of messy disembowelment sequences to satisfy the gorehounds among us. The rest of the script (if you can call it that) features intentional jokes that aren't the least bit funny and more serious parts that are unintentionally hilarious. All the best scenes involve the members of the basketball team or their coach. Not a single player manages to score a point and their coach is unquestionably the teacher with the least authority ever. The acting performances are atrocious, or what else did you expect, and despite of the short running time there's still a lot of filler – like, for example, Jackie the Joke Man's terribly unfunny monologue.

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