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Tina Sabatini: Everybody is talking about the job you are doing. It's all over town! Larry London called my father. Said how bright you were. How gentle. How perceptive. If you weren't all those things, do you think Vic would be out this afternoon getting you a gun permit?

Clark Kellogg: [narrating] There's a kind of freedom in being completely screwed... because you know things can't get any worse.

Carmine Sabatini: I want you to take this opportunity. Totally legitimate work for $1,000 dollars a week. And I know that you're not gonna disappoint me.

Clark Kellogg: Well, I don't see how I could say no.

Carmine Sabatini: [leans back in his chair] This is not a yes.

[takes a walnut and cracks it open in his hand]

Carmine Sabatini: [still crushing the shell] I want to hear yes.

[quoting "The Godfather: Part II"]

Arthur Fleeber, NYU Professor: "Senator, my offer is this: Nothing." In that one moment, Michael Corleone says that all corruption is equal - that there is no separation between politics and gangsterism.

Clark Kellogg: It's a crime.

Carmine Sabatini: Now you're speaking in generalities.

Clark Kellogg: I'm illegally transporting endangered species! Please, sir, I'd like to be let out.

Carmine Sabatini: Wait a minute. This is an impossibility.

Clark Kellogg: What do you mean? Why can't...

Carmine Sabatini: Look, uh, Clark. I have a certain standing in the business community. Now, how's it gonna look, some college kid gonna make me look like a fool? It's humiliation. It's infamia.

Clark Kellogg: There's federal officers after me.

Carmine Sabatini: Did you get their names?

Clark Kellogg: Greenwald and Simpson. They told me that they would put me in jail for two years, unless I led them to the Gourmet Club.

Carmine Sabatini: No, they're not gonna, they're not gonna send you to jail.

Clark Kellogg: Oh, they're not?

Carmine Sabatini: No, they're gonna blow your brains out.

Victor Ray: [hands Clark a fake passport] Is that a piece of work or what?

Clark Kellogg: What is this? "Rodolfo Lasparri"?

Victor Ray: Clark, I gotta tell you. The odds are pretty good we're all gonna be on a plane to Palermo, Sicily tonight, at midnight, *if* we're still walking.

Clark Kellogg: I don't want to go to Palermo, Sicily!

Victor Ray: Have you ever been there?

Clark Kellogg: No, of course not!

Victor Ray: Then you really can't make an informed judgement, can you, Rodolfo?

Carmine Sabatini: I'm getting too old for this nonsense.

Clark Kellogg: My heart was pounding as I crossed the dance floor. In a few minutes I would be free or dead...or Rodolfo Lasparri of Palermo, Sicily!

Carmine Sabatini: [Looking around the dorm] So, this is college.


Carmine Sabatini: I didn't miss nothing.

Larry London: Carmine said one boy, here are two!

[In Little Italy]

Clark Kellogg: This is it?

Victor Ray: Yeah. Safest neighborhood in New York.

[Gunshot in the background]

Clark Kellogg: But it's an endangered species!

Carmine Sabatini: Not any more. It's in New Jersey, it's fine.

Clark Kellogg: Sir, I don't know where this talk of marriage began, but I'm really not ready. I'd really like to sample life a little bit first.

Carmine Sabatini: Wait. No, wait. Clark, after you get married you sample life. I mean, this is what men do. Marriage is an institution. It's the bedrock of society.

Clark Kellogg: You promise?

Carmine Sabatini: Every word I say, by definition, is a promise.

Victor Ray: What? You know how big this is? Bacio di tutti baci... the kiss of all kisses.

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Larry London: [sings in German] Mein Herz schwebt in Blut! That means 'My Heart Swims In Blood'.

Clark Kellogg: Yeah.

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[first lines]

Dwight Armstrong, Clark's Step-father: Over there! Look!

Clark Kellogg: Dwight?

Dwight Armstrong, Clark's Step-father: Shh!

Clark Kellogg: Dwight, don't. Don't, really.

[Dwight fires his rifle]

Hunter: Hey, asshole! What are ya, nuts? You can't see the cap, it's not orange enough for ya?

[Dwight fires again]

Dwight Armstrong, Clark's Step-father: Get out of these woods!

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[last lines]

Carmine Sabatini: When you finish film school, I'd like to call you, because I know a lot of people in Hollywood.

Clark Kellogg: Oh, really?

Carmine Sabatini: Yeah. I could kick a couple of doors open for you.

Clark Kellogg: Oh. Oh.

Carmine Sabatini: Give you a couple of opportunities.

Clark Kellogg: Oh. Oh, no. No, no. You know, I... I don't know. I don't think that's necessary.

Carmine Sabatini: No, no, no, really. It's easy for me. I'll just make a phone call. Make it easy for you.

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Edward: Well, without humor, what do we have?

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