Flatliners (1990) Poster


Plot Keywords

death medical student
memory nightmare
childhood afterlife
near death experience pay phone
phone booth telephone call
apartment answering machine message
hugging bathroom
picture of jesus cadaver
truck greenhouse
vengeance tambourine
bullet hole bullet hole in a windshield
party confetti
cake welcome home party
sex taking a picture
sweatshirt crying
teasing swinging
hopscotch jumping rope
swing set swing
costume trauma
childhood trauma children
menace belief in the afterlife
name calling childhood memory
bully boy
little boy girl
little girl african american
suicide by gunshot suicide of father
hoodie wounded dog
womanizer vietnam veteran
videotaped sex topless female nudity
throwing a rock surgery
suicide stitching one's own wound
split lip spit in the face
skeleton costume shot in the head
sex tape remorse
red light red hood
punishment punched in the face
punched in the stomach premarital sex
playground pistol
pickup line manipulation
looking at self in mirror knife
kicked in the crotch junkie
interracial sex insult
injection hockey stick
hit with a rock heroin
halloween costume gash in the face
forgiveness foot chase
flashback fiance fiancee relationship
female doctor father daughter relationship
falling to death engagement
dying woman drug addiction
doctor death of husband
dead boy cruelty
cpr corpse
climbing through a window cigarette smoking
cigar smoking chase
character says i love you bullying
broken mirror breaking up with one's boyfriend
brain dead blood
beating bare chested male
back from the dead atheist
apology american flag
adrenaline accidental death
surrealism revenge
resurrection promiscuity
betrayal tree
hallucination medical profession
chicago illinois dissection
dog cemetery
halloween video camera
subway supernatural power
university falling from a tree
medical school tape recorder
brain damage guilt
fighting with self defibrillation
human experiment death of father
death of child

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