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Jackie Chan at his best in a very entertaining movie
J2five5 May 2003
This is Jackie Chan´s best movie. Already as a child I loved the scene with the wind machine (Superman!!!) and still today I have to say that Chan mixed a funny Indiana Jones plot with lots of unforgettable stunts and funny slapstick. Two woman join him on the search for tons of Nazi-gold. But they are not the only ones who try to find it, and so on their quest Jackie more than once has to bring himself and the girls (that always are in conflict) out of dangerous situations. Today chan´s fight scenes are still nicely planned but he begins to grow old, and his actions appear to be less fluid than in the past. In this piece, everything seems to be so easy, and there at least four stunts that you will dream of in the following night. (If I just could do things like that). One of my favorite pop-corn movies, very entertaining, a must see for newer Chan-fans who missed it. After seeing this film you will agree with me that Chan´s new films can not compete with the ones made around 1990 when he was not yet a star in the states.
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Jackie Chan does wonders with a big budget
loco-27 September 1998
This may be the most entertaining Jackie Chan experience ever. Filmed all over the world with a huge budget and abundance of energy, Armor of God 2 is a fast, funny, thrilling film. Despite the obvious Indiana Jones plot, Chan amazes us once again by risking his life so we can be entertained for two hours. Chan's directing skills are almost as exceptional as his physical skills in the way he captures the action from brilliant wide angles that display the danger of his action. A scene where Chan flees on motorcycle from the villains through the cramped city streets is one of the most exciting chase scenes on film. Chan gambles with his life in every stunt and action sequence making for an exuberant film that must be seen to fully appreciate Hong Kong action cinema.
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I can't say enough good things about this film...
overkill-610 January 2001
...but I've only got 1000 words, so I'll keep it brief. Okay, so some of the early exposition scenes are a little boring and some other parts are a little dumb, but otherwise, this is Chan...and he is DA MAN! Wild, crazy, and ever-inventive martial arts and action sequences more than make up for the fact that the plot is only semi-existent. The opening "Indiana Jones" parody...the innkeeper...the incompetent terrorists...the motorcycle chase...the "native dance"...the wind tunnel fight...and without a doubt the coolest car door ever seen (you'll know what I mean) summary, if you're a fan of slapstick humor mixed perfectly with Jackie's trademark martial arts, you can't go wrong with this film!
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Funny Chan Film.
gangstahippie20 August 2006
Rated PG-13 for martial arts action, some shootings, and sensuality Quebec Rating:G Canadian Home Video Rating:14A

Operation Condor is a very funny Jackie Chan movie which is the sequel to the 1987 film Armor Of God.However when released in America they released this film first so the 1987 film Armor Of God is called Operation Condor 2 in America.I remember renting this film on VHS a very long time ago but I did see it about one year ago on UPN.This film has all the Jackie Chan charm.Great fight scenes,stunts and action but also lots of slapstick comedy to keep you happy.This film is about Jackie Chan and two other people who try to find hidden Nazi gold but others want it as well.Operation Condor is a funny and good film and I recommend it.


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Non-stop action fun!
angelynx19 January 1999
A treat! Overflows with energy, humor, excitement, and jaw-dropping stunts (especially the motorcycle chase scene, during which Jackie takes time out to rescue a runaway baby carriage!). The climactic fight in the Nazi outpost is terrific. Just as much fun, though, are the comedy scenes, like those with the innocent waif (and her pet scorpion) Jackie's team encounters in the desert, or Jackie's impersonation of the folkloric Chinese "hopping vampire" - one of the funniest things I've ever seen in an action film. Didn't think much of "First Strike" but I recommend this one without reservation.
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Action packed and fun
warlorde20 March 2002
Good movie for Jackie Chan, one of my favorites. Great fight scenes and not fluffy at all. Even the women were appealing. The stunts were also very clever, however I do cringe when I see that guy with the broom in the warehouse take a header when that car goes by him. OUCH! If you want some exciting action with a plot, see this movie!
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The Greatest Adventure of All Time
Rob29 March 2004
Armour of God 2 destroys anything Indiana Jones ever did as it is the most accomplished action adventure film I have ever seen and I am not joking. This has everything from bad villains, female leads, well three actually, great action, great adventure, plenty of explosions and some of the most funniest scenes you will ever see in adventure film like this. Apart from Rush Hour you wouldn't usually associate Jackie Chan with doing much comedy only martial arts but he does it like a pro and it doesn't stop till the very end. I can go on and on for years and years watching this and you never ever get bored as there is so much to take in and not enough time. As soon as it is finished you'll be dying to go back for more and watch it on repeat viewings.

Jackie Chan has made some of the best kick ass films in the world. I rate his films much better than Bruce Lee's and if you want to challenge that then all you have to do is watch this, the first Amour of God and Project A and you will see how accomplished his films really are.
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Chan is the man
Chris(Runner)24 April 1999
In this movie, Jackie Chan proves that he can do action and martial arts like no other. He deals with people well in this film, finds his way out of things, fights enemies, and performs stunts all while completing the mission. This is a must see Jackie Chan movie.
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Classic Chan
tony-clifton11 April 2003
When reviewing a Jackie Chan movie, one must realize that it must be reviewed in a category of its own. Jackie Chan is an icon of modern cinema, and quite frankly in a class of his own at this point. So a Jackie Chan movie can only really be compared with other Jackie Chan movies!

I really like Operation Condor, because of some scenes which are so refreshing in this world of rehashed Hollywood. The wind tunnel scene has already been mentioned in other reviews, but it really is amazing to watch.

I do miss the desert scene in the original version that was cut out of the US version, with the water bag and tube. You get a glimpse of it in the outtakes at the end. I thought the US version was very streamlined and definately flowed much better than the original version, and the dialogue was vastly superior. However, for the sake of originality, it's always nice to have all the scenes intact.

It really is too bad the Spanish actress Eva Cobo De Garcia doesn't have more roles in other movies - I quite enjoyed her presence in the movie.

For lovers of adventure, this movie is a must. It captures the thrill of travel and adventure much better than a James Bond movie, because somehow the adventuristic ambience is more strongly felt if that makes any sense. I feel it captures it better than even an Indiana Jones movie. The reason being that unlike a Bond story, or Indiana Jones story - you really do get a feeling that Jackie is on a "free and easy", whereas Bond/Jones is a "package tour" if you know what I mean. All the whacky random stuff that happens in a Chan film helps to contribute to the "free and easy" feel.
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Widescreen thrills on a lavish budget
Libretio8 October 2005

Aspect ratio: 2.39:1 (Technovision)

Sound format: Mono

Asian Hawk (Jackie Chan) comes under fire from all sides whilst on a mission to retrieve Nazi treasure buried in the Sahara desert.

One of the most popular films in Chan's extensive filmography, this superior sequel to ARMOUR OF GOD (1986) is clearly patterned after the success of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (1981), but Chan's movie celebrates its American influences whilst remaining defiantly Asian in concept and execution. It isn't perfect, by any means: The female characters are rendered almost entirely subordinate (Carol Cheng, Eva Cobo De Garcia and Shoko Ikeda give OK performances under the circumstances), and some of the Arab stereotypes are borderline offensive (prompting protests by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee when a re-edited version - OPERATION CONDOR - opened in US theaters), but viewers willing to overlook these conspicuous blunders will be treated to some of the most astonishing set-pieces of Chan's entire career.

In fact, the entire movie is a showcase for world-class stuntwork, photographed in glorious widescreen by veteran cinematographer Arthur Wong. Chan is clearly doubled in a number of sequences (notably a car-and-motorcycle chase during the film's opening stretch), but there's no denying his participation in the show-stopping finale, where Good and Evil engage in mortal combat within a vast underground labyrinth, culminating in a spectacular wind-tunnel sequence which took *months* to film and sent the entire movie over-schedule and way over-budget. Released in the UK as OPERATION CONDOR: ARMOUR OF GOD II.

(Cantonese dialogue)
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