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Jackie Chan at his best in a very entertaining movie
J2five5 May 2003
This is Jackie Chan´s best movie. Already as a child I loved the scene with the wind machine (Superman!!!) and still today I have to say that Chan mixed a funny Indiana Jones plot with lots of unforgettable stunts and funny slapstick. Two woman join him on the search for tons of Nazi-gold. But they are not the only ones who try to find it, and so on their quest Jackie more than once has to bring himself and the girls (that always are in conflict) out of dangerous situations. Today chan´s fight scenes are still nicely planned but he begins to grow old, and his actions appear to be less fluid than in the past. In this piece, everything seems to be so easy, and there at least four stunts that you will dream of in the following night. (If I just could do things like that). One of my favorite pop-corn movies, very entertaining, a must see for newer Chan-fans who missed it. After seeing this film you will agree with me that Chan´s new films can not compete with the ones made around 1990 when he was not yet a star in the states.
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Jackie Chan does wonders with a big budget
loco-27 September 1998
This may be the most entertaining Jackie Chan experience ever. Filmed all over the world with a huge budget and abundance of energy, Armor of God 2 is a fast, funny, thrilling film. Despite the obvious Indiana Jones plot, Chan amazes us once again by risking his life so we can be entertained for two hours. Chan's directing skills are almost as exceptional as his physical skills in the way he captures the action from brilliant wide angles that display the danger of his action. A scene where Chan flees on motorcycle from the villains through the cramped city streets is one of the most exciting chase scenes on film. Chan gambles with his life in every stunt and action sequence making for an exuberant film that must be seen to fully appreciate Hong Kong action cinema.
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I can't say enough good things about this film...
overkill-610 January 2001
...but I've only got 1000 words, so I'll keep it brief. Okay, so some of the early exposition scenes are a little boring and some other parts are a little dumb, but otherwise, this is Chan...and he is DA MAN! Wild, crazy, and ever-inventive martial arts and action sequences more than make up for the fact that the plot is only semi-existent. The opening "Indiana Jones" parody...the innkeeper...the incompetent terrorists...the motorcycle chase...the "native dance"...the wind tunnel fight...and without a doubt the coolest car door ever seen (you'll know what I mean) summary, if you're a fan of slapstick humor mixed perfectly with Jackie's trademark martial arts, you can't go wrong with this film!
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Funny Chan Film.
gangstahippie20 August 2006
Rated PG-13 for martial arts action, some shootings, and sensuality Quebec Rating:G Canadian Home Video Rating:14A

Operation Condor is a very funny Jackie Chan movie which is the sequel to the 1987 film Armor Of God.However when released in America they released this film first so the 1987 film Armor Of God is called Operation Condor 2 in America.I remember renting this film on VHS a very long time ago but I did see it about one year ago on UPN.This film has all the Jackie Chan charm.Great fight scenes,stunts and action but also lots of slapstick comedy to keep you happy.This film is about Jackie Chan and two other people who try to find hidden Nazi gold but others want it as well.Operation Condor is a funny and good film and I recommend it.


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Non-stop action fun!
angelynx19 January 1999
A treat! Overflows with energy, humor, excitement, and jaw-dropping stunts (especially the motorcycle chase scene, during which Jackie takes time out to rescue a runaway baby carriage!). The climactic fight in the Nazi outpost is terrific. Just as much fun, though, are the comedy scenes, like those with the innocent waif (and her pet scorpion) Jackie's team encounters in the desert, or Jackie's impersonation of the folkloric Chinese "hopping vampire" - one of the funniest things I've ever seen in an action film. Didn't think much of "First Strike" but I recommend this one without reservation.
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Action packed and fun
warlorde20 March 2002
Good movie for Jackie Chan, one of my favorites. Great fight scenes and not fluffy at all. Even the women were appealing. The stunts were also very clever, however I do cringe when I see that guy with the broom in the warehouse take a header when that car goes by him. OUCH! If you want some exciting action with a plot, see this movie!
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The Greatest Adventure of All Time
Rob29 March 2004
Armour of God 2 destroys anything Indiana Jones ever did as it is the most accomplished action adventure film I have ever seen and I am not joking. This has everything from bad villains, female leads, well three actually, great action, great adventure, plenty of explosions and some of the most funniest scenes you will ever see in adventure film like this. Apart from Rush Hour you wouldn't usually associate Jackie Chan with doing much comedy only martial arts but he does it like a pro and it doesn't stop till the very end. I can go on and on for years and years watching this and you never ever get bored as there is so much to take in and not enough time. As soon as it is finished you'll be dying to go back for more and watch it on repeat viewings.

Jackie Chan has made some of the best kick ass films in the world. I rate his films much better than Bruce Lee's and if you want to challenge that then all you have to do is watch this, the first Amour of God and Project A and you will see how accomplished his films really are.
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Chan is the man
Chris(Runner)24 April 1999
In this movie, Jackie Chan proves that he can do action and martial arts like no other. He deals with people well in this film, finds his way out of things, fights enemies, and performs stunts all while completing the mission. This is a must see Jackie Chan movie.
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Classic Chan
tony-clifton11 April 2003
When reviewing a Jackie Chan movie, one must realize that it must be reviewed in a category of its own. Jackie Chan is an icon of modern cinema, and quite frankly in a class of his own at this point. So a Jackie Chan movie can only really be compared with other Jackie Chan movies!

I really like Operation Condor, because of some scenes which are so refreshing in this world of rehashed Hollywood. The wind tunnel scene has already been mentioned in other reviews, but it really is amazing to watch.

I do miss the desert scene in the original version that was cut out of the US version, with the water bag and tube. You get a glimpse of it in the outtakes at the end. I thought the US version was very streamlined and definately flowed much better than the original version, and the dialogue was vastly superior. However, for the sake of originality, it's always nice to have all the scenes intact.

It really is too bad the Spanish actress Eva Cobo De Garcia doesn't have more roles in other movies - I quite enjoyed her presence in the movie.

For lovers of adventure, this movie is a must. It captures the thrill of travel and adventure much better than a James Bond movie, because somehow the adventuristic ambience is more strongly felt if that makes any sense. I feel it captures it better than even an Indiana Jones movie. The reason being that unlike a Bond story, or Indiana Jones story - you really do get a feeling that Jackie is on a "free and easy", whereas Bond/Jones is a "package tour" if you know what I mean. All the whacky random stuff that happens in a Chan film helps to contribute to the "free and easy" feel.
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Widescreen thrills on a lavish budget
Libretio8 October 2005

Aspect ratio: 2.39:1 (Technovision)

Sound format: Mono

Asian Hawk (Jackie Chan) comes under fire from all sides whilst on a mission to retrieve Nazi treasure buried in the Sahara desert.

One of the most popular films in Chan's extensive filmography, this superior sequel to ARMOUR OF GOD (1986) is clearly patterned after the success of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (1981), but Chan's movie celebrates its American influences whilst remaining defiantly Asian in concept and execution. It isn't perfect, by any means: The female characters are rendered almost entirely subordinate (Carol Cheng, Eva Cobo De Garcia and Shoko Ikeda give OK performances under the circumstances), and some of the Arab stereotypes are borderline offensive (prompting protests by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee when a re-edited version - OPERATION CONDOR - opened in US theaters), but viewers willing to overlook these conspicuous blunders will be treated to some of the most astonishing set-pieces of Chan's entire career.

In fact, the entire movie is a showcase for world-class stuntwork, photographed in glorious widescreen by veteran cinematographer Arthur Wong. Chan is clearly doubled in a number of sequences (notably a car-and-motorcycle chase during the film's opening stretch), but there's no denying his participation in the show-stopping finale, where Good and Evil engage in mortal combat within a vast underground labyrinth, culminating in a spectacular wind-tunnel sequence which took *months* to film and sent the entire movie over-schedule and way over-budget. Released in the UK as OPERATION CONDOR: ARMOUR OF GOD II.

(Cantonese dialogue)
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A Classic Chan Flick.
magilvilla26 February 2000
This is probably Jackie's best movie after Project A. Not just fighting, but car chases and stunts galore make this a good choice for any action fan. Jackie was able to make a huge action epic for about 25 million US dollars. How he does it is anybody's guess. The best Chan movie released in the US so far. See it as soon as possible if you call yourself a Chan fan. You won't be sorry.
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Transitional Jackie
necredeye30 December 2004
This is one of the more popular of Jackie Chans "early" films and with good reason - its a blast. I call it transitional because those who enjoyed movies such as "Shanghai Knights" can enjoy this and so can the followers of Chan's earlier movies.

Jackie is an Indiana Jones type character who, with the help of 3 attractive ladies, has to track down some hidden Nazi gold. Following him are two bumbling Muslim terrorist types who are entirely harmless, and later on a group of sheiks and ex-Nazis.

With a healthy dose of Kung Fu action and kickass motorcycle chases, as well as gunfights and ample doses of comedy, Operation Condor is a must own for any Jackie fan.

Also see Operation Condor 2: The Armor of the Gods, a prequel which is almost as entertaining.
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Best Chan movie in awhile...
JamesBon-215 October 1998
I was disappointed by Supercop and Crime Story. They didn't have any good fight scenes or anything funny. This movie had humor and action. I can't wait until I see Rush Hour!
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Chan Usually Fun To Watch
ccthemovieman-15 December 2007
This is so Grade B, cartoon-like with some unbelievably stupid dialog and action stunts.......BUT it's still fun to watch because of some great high-tech stunts, good photography and sound and corny-but-good humor with a likable hero played by the likable Jackie Chan.

Made in Hong Kong, the film is dubbed in English so beware of that. Things may not always sound in sync. The humor is mostly slapstick so I would assume this film would appeal a lot more to men than women. There almost no profanity and no nudity so if some of the intense action scenes don't bother you, you might let your kids see this. They'd probably like it and get plenty of laughs.

Chan always has a few unique action scenes. In this movie, the most memorable one is at the end involving huge fans, greatly affecting the combatants in a tunnel. Fun to watch.
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Operation Condor soars, if just barely
jiangliqings12 May 2000
*** stars out of 4

If there was ever a vote for some of Chan's most annoying supporting characters, Operation Condor could be the winner. The film features some truly bothersome characters who just get on our nerves, mainly the two Arabic goldseekers, the hotel owner, and Chan's three female sidekicks. But I somehow managed to ignore them enough to enjoy the movie, and enjoyable it is.

Once again, the plot is a mere shell for some great action sequences. This time, Jackie Chan plays a secret agent code named Condor who has been assigned to search for Nazi gold in Egypt. With the help of three female sidekicks, he must battle mercenaries and goons who are also searching for the lost treasure.

Operation Condor is one of Chan's better movies, while not up to the heights of First Strike, Who Am I?, Police Story, or Drunken Master 2, it is infinitely superior to the awful mess that was its predecessor, Operation Condor 2 (it's really not a sequel).

The action sequences shine through again as they feature some great martial arts fights. The film comes off as mostly a fun adventure/comedy for the first hour until about 75% of the film's martial arts action blows through in the last thirty minutes. During this half hour Jackie does some incredible stunts and extremely entertaining fights inside a large abandoned Nazi fort. The best fight is saved for last, as it features Jackie fighting two mercenaries in a wind tunnel. It's a real knockout and it truly defines the phrase "breathtaking."

As for the comedy, some of it's not bad. The whole hotel sequence that involves Jackie fighting two mercenaries and one of his female partners trying to cover her nude self is quite comical. The wind tunnel scene is also humorous.

Some people might not be able to stand all the goofy dialogue and acting in the first half but I promise if you can stand that tiresome material you'll be rewarded with true Jackie Chan action.
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iscream2221 August 2001
This is a decent high-budget international Jackie Chan film.

Its about a couple of people who get stuck in the desert and are assigned to find treasure from world war 2.

This has some good stunt sequences. And its high-budget so that always makes things better.

Rated pg-13 for action violence , and mild nudity.
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8 out of 10
dragon ma young1 August 2001
I like this one a little more than I do the original. It is funnier, better choreographed, has great chemistry between the 3 main stars(even better than the original, which had great chemistry!) I do feel this films plot was a little better also, but that isnt saying much. This takes everything great about the first, and takes it up a notch. Now if only all sequels could do that!
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Jackie Chan's best
maitreg13 February 2001
This is Jackie Chan's best movie. Awesome fight scenes. Most seem very realistic. The usual awesome Jackie Chan stunt scenes. This is Chan's version of James Bond. Also one of Chan's funniest. Any Chan fan will like it.

As a government agent, Chan is sent out with a female desert guide to search for the tons of lost gold in a buried WW2 Nazi base in North Africa. Along the way, Chan picks up another female accomplice, the German granddaughter of a former base officer.

Several other governments are also aware of the gold, but don't know its location. They either fight Chan or try to follow him to the gold. Good, believable story. Great scenery.
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Exciting, very funny
vchimpanzee27 November 2012
For the second time in as many weeks, I saw a Jackie Chan movie which was apparently dubbed, since the movements of the actors' mouths didn't match what they were saying. And once again, the overall result was wonderful, as long as I ignored the quality of the dubbing itself.

This was more of an action movie than the other one, and it included one spectacularly choreographed car chase in the city. One little mistake could have gotten someone killed, and yet everything appeared flawless. Perhaps some of it was CGI; it would be less risky. During that chase a baby was rescued, and this was pretty amazing in and of itself. Of course, the baby was obviously inserted at a different time and never had to be used in the action scenes. That baby was really cute.

From the city we moved to the desert, with lots of action and comedy. And pretty girls. And one of those girls wearing only a towel and losing it twice. If this movie wasn't edited, nothing was seen that couldn't be used on broadcast TV. In one case, the girl had put on pants.

A standout character was the man in charge of the hotel in Africa. He was very funny and very offensive. A lot of the humor was based on double meanings and misunderstandings, so it wasn't really dirty. Then there were the offensive stereotypes, which didn't bother me.

Lots of good fights, bumbling villains, and some real suspense toward the end as our heroes get put in serious danger. Can they be rescued? Let's hope so. However it happens, it's going to be exciting.
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the chan movie that got me hooked, a classic
daworldismine25 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
this was the first jackie chan movie i ever saw, and i loved it, its full of breathetaking stunts, brilliant fight scenes and plenty of laughs, when i was a kid and i saw this i thought it was the best movie i ever seen, i don't any more of course, but its still one of my favourites and its a movie i can watch again and again, I've never see the cut us dubbed version, don't really want to but the uncut version i saw, is a classic and one of chsns best, the first one 'armour of god' is just as good. so all in all i highly recommend this action comedy, it delivers everything you want from a jackie chan movie and is highly entertaining,
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Better than the first
lagudafuad7 May 2012
After the success of the first movie, a second part was created in 1991 and had a theatrical release in the US in 1997.

The movie was better and more interesting than the previous part, the story line was more basic and straight forward, and the screenplay was humorous and thrilling. There were more stunts and more effects in this one. Armour of God one was a hit with one girl on Jackie's trail and another being saved.

In this part we have two girls on his trail and another was met along the way, I guess the producers were, "If two girls can make this much money, what will three girls bring…" well they brought in the cash. Armour of God two was a success.

There is a rumor that a part three was going to be made at one time but I guess that is what it is a rumor.

The tale of this flick goes thus; Jackie is hired to find World War II Nazi gold hidden in the Sahara desert.

He teams up with three misfit ladies and they head out to Africa to find it, on their way they stopped over at a hotel where the manager is more interested in cash than anything else, they are followed by two guys who could pass as the three stooges without a Moo.

Then add to the twist mercenaries who are ready to kill anyone who gets in their way as they too want the gold.

The movie is funny as the makers focused more on humor and the screenplay is one that is worth dipping the hat for.

The cinematography is what kills me in this movie as I keep on wondering how many cameras were being used to shoot this movie. In the desert there are shots that are quite interesting to see, as this movie was shot in 1991 and all I can say is well done Jackie.

All in all the two sets of Armour of God are movies that any Jackie Chan lover will enjoy so take a sip of it, and savor the taste.
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One of the best comedy adventure
ebiros225 November 2011
This movie is rumored to been made to make up for the loss incurred on Jackie Chan's 1989 movie "Miracles". Whether this is true or not, I'm glad that he decided to make this sequel to the Armour of god.

Hawk or Jackie depending on which dubbed version you're watching (Jackie Chan) is asked to recover Nazi's gold hidden in the Sahara desert. Ada (Do Do Chen) who works for the government, tags along. Jackie also meets Elsa (Eva Cobo), and Momoko (Shoko Ikeda) along the way. There are gang of Arabs, and ex-Nazi group after the gold. They are each after the key that Jackie's entourage has.

Comedy, and actions are pure Jackie Chan in this movie. Maybe this movie has the best mixture of them both. Casting is good, and I think Do Do Chen and Eva Cobo were spot on for their role.

How Jackie got out of the mess in the end, I'll never know, but the adventures in the middle were one of the best I've seen.

A movie that's entertaining for wide audiences, and I'm sure it will be the favorite of many fans in the future.
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More of what one would expect from Jackie Chan
david-sarkies2 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
There really isn't much that I can really say about this movie except that it has nothing to do with any Armour of God, but hey, why let the plot get in the way of a perfectly good sequel (quoted from Des Mangan). I really feel that when I come to discuss a Jackie Chan movie, everything I can say about it I have already said and cannot really add anything new. His movies follow a formulae namely because the formulae is successful. It is funny, has daring stunts in it which he does, and lots of action. The daring stunt in this movie was riding a motorbike off a pile of crates, jumping from it and onto a load being lifted by a crane. Jackie Chan play Jackie, an adventurer. At first he is in a secret amazon temple where the tribesmen welcome him to take the gems. The thing they don't want him to touch is the holy water, and by drinking that you must stay and marry the chief's daughter. This is not the plot though, but just the opener. Jackie travels to Europe where he is commissioned by the UN to find a lost cache of Nazi gold hidden in the desert. As such Jackie must negotiate Nazi's, slavers, angry tribesmen, and a hidden and trapped vault. All in the typical days work for your standard Indiana Jones. The weird thing about this movie is that Jackie's henchmen from the previous movie has gone but he now has three female companions. One would say that he is a lucky guy. I am one of them.
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Plodding, but pays off.
Elswet20 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of Jackie Chan's best non-American-made endeavors. Most of his fans whine and moan about his American productions, but I have found each and every one of them to be great fun, and action-packed, which is of course, his intention. Some critics have called him a clown. He should be proud, as it takes years of study and hours of dedicated practice to become a good clown. These skills combined with his exceptional martial arts abilities makes his the unique style of a true virtuoso. I highly admire and enjoy Jackie Chan's drive, ambition, and productions.

This time, Jackie is teamed up with the female equivalent of the Three Stooges, to find a cache of Nazi gold which was rumored to be hidden deep in the desert.

While the first half of this movie is a bit slow, the time is used for great character development and to establish the plot line. The second half is classic Jackie Chan action, great plot, and many laughs.

I was actually a bit impressed with this one, the first time I saw it.

This was the production at which I declared that his work was finally beginning to get the investment capital which it deserved. If I'm not mistaken, this was the first high-budget production featuring his talents. The rest were way, WAY low budget.

Get through the sometimes slow first half, with horrible dialog, and dubbed voices, to enjoy the action-packed fast-paced, all out rousing second half.

It rates a 7/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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Great fun and hot stunts. But some cute stuff is clipped from the US version.
FedBoy2 June 1999
Though it borrows a few, shall we say, themes from the Armour of G-d movie, this film stands on it's own.

The budget made for some really fun stunts and fights.

My only real complaint is that some funny stuff was cut out of the US version (the desert scene(s) and others) that should have stayed. Since the funniest clipped scene involves a canteen that Jackie has early in the film the initial reference to the canteen makes no sense in the US version because you never see it again for the rest of the darn film.

Oh yeah, and check out the Colonel's Daughters BMW with the automatic lowering doors.... Too cool.
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