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Character error 

When Kevin places the hose pipe on the ground, he doesn't actually turn off the water tap.
When Peg wants to bandage her daughter's injured left hand, Kim raises her right hand initially, but quickly offers her left hand instead.


When his bush sculptures are finished, most of them are much higher than the original hedges.
The first dog that Edward grooms changes breeds before and after its hair was cut.
When Edward first enters the Boggs' home, he accidentally pokes a hole in Kim's waterbed and covers it up with a stuffed animal. Later that night, Peg tucks him into the same waterbed that is not leaking. It doesn't leak water again until Kim comes home from her trip and scares Edward.
After Edward tells the Boggs family about Joyce taking all her clothes off, Peg is sitting still (surprised) holding a fork in her right hand, in the next shot she is holding her food with both hands.
In the diner, Kim's straw in her glass is at an angle, in the next shot it is completely upright.
When Bill is watching TV in the garden, Edward is standing right next to him, in the next shot Edward is further away and starts walking towards Bill again.
In the scene at the diner, the Boggs son has his hand on a tomato sauce bottle. In the next angle, we see he is putting the bottle down onto the table without picking it up in the first place.
There is no egg on the whisks of the cookie-making machine after mixing.
When Peg first brings Edward to her house, she clearly parks her vehicle on the left side of the house. When everyone is seen gathering around the corner, the car is no longer there, though Peg has not left the house.
When all the dogs are waiting in line to be groomed, Edward has Joyce's dog sitting on a single, long table; the only table visible before Joyce's dog is groomed. When Edward begins to groom Joyce's dog, a small, square table can be seen next to the table that Joyce's dog is supposedly sitting on. The longer table disappears. After Joyce's dog is groomed, the smaller table disappears, replaced with the longer table that Joyce's dog was originally sitting on.
When Joyce knocks on the Boggs' door, the knocker reads 'The Boggs' but when Peggy closes the door, the knocker is plain.
Joyce's cigarette when Peg comes to the house.
Peggy's glasses while she puts cream on Edward's face to fix his scars.
After receiving a phone call, Joyce looks for something to wear, throwing clothes on her bed behind her. She grabs a burgundy colored article of clothing, but, when she meets her friends on the corner, she is wearing yellow and green.

Crew or equipment visible 

When Peg leaves Edward to answer the phone after she gives him the clothes, she (obviously) leaves the room. Just as she is about to walk back into the room, white cue tape placed right where Peg stands is visible.
When Peg comes in Kim's room to help Edward put on the white shirt that Peg gave him to change into, the doorway that Peg stands in the yellow mark is still there.

Errors in geography 

When Peg stands by the mansion's garden gate where she meets Edward for the first time, acres and fields are visible just behind the gate, even though this is supposed to be atop a small mountain.

Factual errors 

In the first shot of the husbands driving off to work, the house next to the Esmeralda's is being tented. The next day the women are at Peg's door and the house is visible without the tent. Fumigation requires 72 hour tenting.
On one version the movie poster of Edward's profile, there is a grammatical error. It says, "The Story of a Uncommonly Gentle Man", when it should clearly say "...an uncommonly..."

Plot holes 

Edward has a flashback memory of a time before he was even created.

Revealing mistakes 

When Edward unlocks the door after everyone leaves to find him, we can see some white cue tape where he is meant to stand (Open matte only).
When Kim startles Edward after seeing him in the mirror, you can see the board that replaced the water bed as he jumps up from between the water fountains.
Visible line attached to the "sculpted" Bear when Denny knocks it over with the van.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.


When Edward stabs Jim in the stomach, Jim falls out of the window. When we see Jim on the ground, he is bleeding out of his chest.


At the "bed time story" scene, the granddaughter of older Kim is covered all the way to her neck. A couple of shots after, she's suddenly covered just below her chest.


During the fight scene in the attic, the slashes in Jim's leather jacket are no longer bloody. And when he's knocked to the floor, they disappear completely.

Plot holes 

At the time of the break-in at Jim's house, Edward is wearing dark clothes and a cap unlike what he can be seen wearing at other times throughout the film. He has previously demonstrated an inability to dress himself, and with this in mind it is strange that everybody assumes that he committed the burglary by himself.

Revealing mistakes 

in the climax of the movie when Jim is hitting Edward with the "iron" bar, it bends noticeably.

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