Edward Scissorhands (1990) Poster

Plot Keywords

hand scissors
inventor suburb
creation love
teenage girl talent
metal hair
fairy tale castle
magical realism cut hand
crashing through a window rescue
slow motion scene held at gunpoint
scar revenge
flat tire psychiatrist
police officer police
bank vault frame up
wrongful arrest deception
lock pick double cross
arrest handcuffs
bank hair salon
chase watching tv
talk show host montage
organist crucifix
lemonade cigarette smoking
vomit garden
show and tell treehouse
radio black comedy
barbecue dinner
photograph looking at one's self in a mirror
attic spiral staircase
old dark house gossip
bloody body of child self defense
corpse stabbed in the chest
revolver beating
training teacher student relationship
egg laboratory
nonlinear timeline storytelling
plumber brother sister relationship
father daughter relationship father son relationship
mother son relationship told in flashback
blood splatter blood
diner modern frankenstein myth
music score features celesta music score features choir
symphonic music score orchestral music score
scissor hands sitting
lifting female in air lifting someone into the air
woman with glasses modern fairy tale
rock paper scissors fictional talk show
teenage boy surrealism
snowing mother daughter relationship
husband wife relationship haircut
flashback fight
family relationships dysfunctional family
drunkenness dog
boyfriend girlfriend relationship genius
cookie non statutory female on male rape attempt
altered version of studio logo waterbed
happiness guilt
gothic creature
celebrity saleswoman
prosthetic limb jealousy
famous score electric shock
drunk driving curiosity
cosmetics christ allegory
burglary bully comeuppance
artificial human tragicomedy
goth christmas tree
christmas party self discovery
fish out of water compassion
coming of age snow
sadness neighbor
misfit ice sculpture
cult film cult director
christmas bully
dark comedy unrequited love
loneliness satire
suburbia mad scientist
dead boy limerick
teenager freak
topiary character name in title

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