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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
A classic... Edward Scissorhands is a sharp salute to the oddball in all of us.
Entertainment Weekly
Simple, funny, gorgeous, sad, and sweet, perfect for playing over and over.
Los Angeles Times
Perhaps the most original movie fantasy creation of the year: an icon of tenderness and artistic alienation that clings, stickum-like, to your mind's eye and the softest, most woundable parts of your mass-culture heart. [7 Dec 1990, Calendar, p.F-1]
Depp, as the the fragile but irresistibily fabulous title character, is a delight.
Amusing and inventive.
Christian Science Monitor
Tim Burton's fantasy is more original than his previous film, “Batman,'' and its colors make “Dick Tracy'' look drab. Add wry dialogue and a mischievous critique of suburban life, and you have a diverting fable that doesn't quite live up to its quirky premise. [7 Dec 1990, Arts, p.12]
USA Today
If the script were half as witty as its production design and Danny Elfman's score, the film might be a classic; instead, it recalls the “Beetlejuice” half that doesn't have Keaton. [7 Dec 1990, Life, p.4D]
The New Yorker
When the picture stops being comic it turns into a different kind of kitsch... The material turns into cheesy plot-centered melodrama... Beetlejuice would have spit in this movie's eye. [17 Dec 1990]
Chicago Sun-Times
The disappointment is that Burton has not yet found the storytelling and character-building strength to go along with his pictorial flair.
San Francisco Chronicle
Great to look at but not much fun to watch… An emotionally uncommitted picture that's smirky and mawkish, by turns, and at heart, empty. [14 Dec 1990, Daily Datebook, p.E1]

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