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Jordan Peele’s Second Act: How the ‘Key & Peele’ Comedy Star Became a Bonafide Horror Director With ‘Get Out’

Jordan Peele’s Second Act: How the ‘Key & Peele’ Comedy Star Became a Bonafide Horror Director With ‘Get Out’
Jordan Peele’s latest career incarnation could have been fodder for “Key & Peele,” the hit Comedy Central sketch show in which he and Keegan-Michael Key skewered modern racial issues. But Peele wrote had written a horror movie about race, and it needed a director. That created a challenge: After William Crain (“Blacula”), Bill Gunn (“Ganja & Hesse”), and Ernest Dickerson (“Bones,” “The Walking Dead”), how many black horror directors can you name? (The savviest genre fans out there might also remember James Bond III, very much a real person, who directed “Def By Temptation” 27 years ago.)

Needless to say, it was slim pickings. “I first pitched this as a movie no one would make,” Peele said. “About halfway through writing the script, I realized I was the only person who could direct it.”

However, Peele’s feature directing debut, “Get Out,” also brings him into the rarified class of horror directors
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Black Vampire Women in Movies (Video Compilation)

Here's something short and fun that I stumbled upon while researching Halloween movies with black characters, with Halloween just around the corner. Maybe you can add these to your watch lists, if you haven't already seen them - not that I can recommend every single one of them. But it's Halloween! Get in the spirit.  Filmmaker M. Asli Dukan ("Invisible Universe") created the video for a panel with author Nalo Hopkinson for Fire & Ink III in 2009. It includes clips from films previously covered on this blog, like "Ganja & Hess", "Def by Temptation", "Vamp", "Vampire in Brooklyn" and "Queen of the Damned." How...
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Tiff’s 25 Years of Midnight Madness: Best of the Fest #2

Tiff’s Midnight Madness program turned 25 this year, and for two and half decades, the hardworking programers have gathered some of the strangest, most terrifying, wild, intriguing and downright entertaining films from around the world. From dark comedies to Japanese gore-fests and indie horror gems, the Midnight Madness program hasn’t lost its edge as one the leading showcases of genre cinema. In its 25-year history, Midnight Madness has introduced adventurous late-night moviegoers to such cult faves as Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused and Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. But what separates Midnight Madness from, say, Montreal’s three and half week long genre festival Fantasia, is that Tiff selects only ten films to make the cut. In other words, these programmers don’t mess around. Last week I decided that I would post reviews of my personal favourite films that screened in past years. And just like the Tiff programmers,
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“Def by Temptation” now available on Hulu

James Bond III’s 1990 truly weird (and you have to admit) quite original vampire horror film Def by Temptation staring Kardeem Hardison, a young Samuel J. Jackson and Bill Nunn (whatever happened to him?) is like a vampire itself as the film that will never die.

S & A has profiled the film before (Here) and to be blunt it’s definitely not a horror film classic by any definition of the word, but it no doubt has its devoted fans and can be legitimately considered to be a ”cult” film.

And if you’ve never seem seen it here’s your chance and for free. currently has the film available for viewing. Take a peek at the trailer below and to the see the film go Here.
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Your Favorite “Black Horror” Films For Halloween Weekend? (Survey)

Hey, it’s Halloween weekend! Not to be a party pooper, but, frankly, I really could care less… So, don’t look for any pictures of me in a Blacula costume or some shit like that, because it’s not happening!

I hear Sergio is going to some party in Chi-town dressed as Armond White!

Anywho… all kidding aside… the horror film genre is one in which you don’t find much action where black directors and actors are concerned. I know Ice Cube said recently that, in this business, for black talent, comedy is the path of least resistance, which, while it might sound like bullshit to the ear, actually is easily proven when you consider the kinds of “black films” Hollywood often finances.

Sure, there’ve been a few “black horror films” in years past, but few that I can truly call seminal pieces of work. There’s Bill Gunn’s landmark film,
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Horror on DVD & Blu-Ray: Weekly Chopping List

It's a big week for horror titles arriving for in-home enjoyment. From indie-splatter to studio remakes, we've got the details on what you'll find this Tuesday - complete with last-minute additions and deletions.

Whether you prefer DVD or Blu-Ray, let's take a look at the full slate of offerings, in this weekly edition of the famous Fangoria Chopping List.

Available May 19th on DVD:


Four women awake in an underground cell with amnesia. The women soon discover that they are part of a secret experiment with no obvious purpose. They are visited, one by one, by the Surgeon who cuts a four digit number into each woman s skin...the exact time he will return to kill them. Each woman must quickly piece together the dark secret behind the gruesome experiment and somehow survive the Surgeon s nightly visits of pain, torture and grisly murder. Be prepared for a
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DVD news: Plague Town, U.S. End Of The Line, Last Horror Film, etc.

• Dark Sky Films gave Fango the scoop on the DVDetails for Plague Town, its first in-house production. The grisly killer-kids flick hits disc May 12.

Directed by DVD documentaries veteran David Gregory from a script he wrote with John Cregan, Plague Town is set in an Irish village where a family of stranded vacationers are terrorized by deformed children. The special features include:

• Audio commentary by Gregory • A Visit to Plague Town making-of featurette • The Sound of Plague Town featurette • Trailer

Retail price is $24.98. The movie will also hit more big screens (and our March Chicago and April La Fango cons) prior to disc; we’ll have that info shortly. See the official website here and read our set-visit report in Fango #281, on sale this month.

• E1 Entertainment, formerly Koch Entertainment, gave Fango the word that it will distribute Critical Mass’ DVDs of Maurice Devereaux’s End Of The Line and
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