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By all standards I shouldn't enjoy this movie.....
xwhenseasonschangex23 January 2007
First of all this movie has Tom Cruise in it, which to be honest is the reason that I hesitated for so long to see it. Secondly It's about NASCAR for Christ's sake! The problem is, I did enjoy it. I believe its for the reasons that I mentioned that I actually did enjoy it. An escapist sort of entertainment that puts you in a place that you would really never even consider going. I was forced to rent this recently by a friend and after sitting about 15 minutes in to it I just let go and let the colors and sounds wash over me. This movie is the visual equivalent of a music video with dialog. Every scene is short and to the point, and if its forward momentum you are looking for in your movies then you've come to the right place. The entire duration of the movies length I kept thinking that I wish there were more movies made that took you to another world the way this one does. Tony Scott you've done it again sir, Congratulations!
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Say what you will, but this is a great movie for guys.
MrKearns-22 November 1999
Regardless of your opinion of NASCAR racing, this is an incredibly fun movie for guys.

Is it creative? No. It's pretty obvious that it's the same thing as Top Gun. The only difference is maturity. Over the years, Tom Cruise had developed into a fine actor, and when coupled with Robert Duvall (in a spectacular performance) and a surprising Randy Quaid, Days of Thunder becomes a film which gets pretty much any guy involved in it.

I personally hate NASCAR, but still I find this film absolutely riveting, and every time I watch it, I suddenly have a desire to go race my car down the highway. In fact, the biggest argument against this movie is that it does get to the testosterone.

The music for Days of Thunder sets it up perfectly. Hans Zimmer does an effective job with his second Cruise film in two years (Rain Man was the other), and The Spencer Davis Group's Gimme Some Lovin' makes some plotless racing scenes worth watching.

The script, penned by Bob Towne, is far more clever than the average action movie and actually creates some serious character depth for Cole and Rowdy, although Cary Elwes' character seems excessively evil.

But, all in all, this is an action movie that works for Cruise fans, even if they don't like action movies. 8.5 out of 10 (On a pure enjoyment basis).
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Cruise goes with what works
Bryan-157 September 1998
This movie is basically paying homage to Top Gun. The same team that made that movie a success got together to create another pumped up movie.

Cruise plays Cole Trickle, a very cocky and smooth indy car driver that lost his ride and decided to head to NASCAR with team owner Tim Daland,(Randy Quaid), and be coached by legendary crew chief Harry Hogge (Robert Duvall). During the Daytona 500 Cole and nemesis Rowdy Burns are involved in a nasty wreck that hospitalizes both of them and threaten to end their careers. They become friends but Cole realizes his mortality and must overcome it if he is to ever race effectively again.

This has better romantic chemistry than Top Gun. Due in part to the fact that Cruise and Kidman really were attracted to each other and we know the rest is history. The action scenes are great and filmed superbly. It's also a very loud movie. It received an Oscar nomination for best sound. It's just another mindless action movie to help relieve boredom. 7 out of 10.
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I feel the need, the need for Speed
LuboLarsson12 February 2007
The producers, director and star of Top Gun get together again for this above average racing drama. Its nowhere near as good as Top Gun of course but its no disaster. Tom Cruise is good as the daftly named racing driver Cole Trickle and the ever reliable Robert Duvall offers classy support. Michael Rooker is excellent as Toms rival and Randy Quaid shows a more serious side to those who only know him from the Vacation movies. Surprisingly the usually good Nicole Kidman is rather bland as the love interest although to be fair she's not given a heck of a lot to work with. The music is of course all important in a movie like this and it has a pretty good soundtrack including Maria McKee's Number One hit Show Me Heaven, but again Top Gun had a much better soundtrack with Hans Zimmmer no match for Harold Faltermeyer. Tony Scott directs with his usual style, if you have seen Top Gun or Beverly Hills Cop 2 you'll no what to expect, very flashy and VERY LOUD. With a slightly less predictable story this could have been a lot better but as it is its a pretty enjoyable way to pass a couple of hours.
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On the racetrack, he has all the right moves.
Michael O'Keefe5 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
A very good Tom Cruise action flick; and talk about action...he has the right moves on and off the track. Cruise plays Cole Trickle, an arrogant hotshot with minimum experience driving a stock car, but an uncanny ability to hold his own on the track. He impresses a two-faced Randy Quaid enough to get a car and veteran driver Robert Duvall to build it. Trickle enters a rivalry with the top driver(Michael Rooker), but tragedy introduces him to self-discovery and a beautiful neurosurgeon(Nicole Kidman). Trickle takes on the toughest odds and becomes an even better driver. Also in the cast: Cary Elwes, Fred Dalton Thompson and John C. Reilly. The racing scenes will bring back that feeling evoked by TOP GUN. A hard thumping soundtrack features the likes of: Joan Jett, Elton John, Chicago, Tina Turner and Maria McKee. And yes, it is hard not to notice the Cruise/Kidman chemistry.
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Fun Film But Lots of Goofs
msmary26 May 2009
I like NASCAR, and I enjoyed Days of Thunder. The opening sequence at the Daytona 500 gives me goosebumps and makes me want to crank up the surround sound - a homage to NASCAR, the late 80s, and Americana. There were other fun sequences in the movie, like when Cole Trickle is crashing his car every week and when his crew played a prank on him after winning his first race. The movie came out during the height of the "Tom Cruise is Cool" era. And, Cruise is cool in this movie. Robert Duvall, who plays his crew chief, is even better in the film.

That said, there were so many errors in this film, it's laughable. The racing shots were taken from real races, and the film editing did a poor job of disguising real race cars (like Dale Earnhardt's No. 3) for fictional ones. The timing is off. There's a scene where Tom Cruise is talking but his lips don't move. There's another scene where a character in the movie calls him Tom instead of Cole - really inexcusable that a error that big was missed. The scenes of cars ramming into one another while leading the race wouldn't be possible in reality: they would wreck or cause too much damage to remain at top speed.

By conventional standards, it's a terrible movie. But, somehow, it's still a fun movie! Action on the race track is similar to the action in the sky in Top Gun. If you're up for a little escapism and wish fulfillment, then Days of Thunder lives up to the billing. But, if you're a critical viewer, you won't be impressed by this film - unless you're looking for ways to laugh at its mistakes.
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Feels like a Sunday afternoon
obidiah18225 January 2002
Warning: Spoilers

I was a NASCAR fan before this movie came out, and I still am. This is an enjoyable movie that (somewhat) accurately portrays the on-track action I watch on Sundays. To be honest, I didn't care that much about who was in it or the plot that it had, I was in it for the racing from the beginning. The actors and writing hold it together and, from a fan's perspective, the racing is great, although the cars are incredibly tough and drive all over the walls and each other, something you can't do in a real race. Still, the racing stays true to life and, with one exception, the cars remain on the ground. They don't seem to be on the moon or some other zero-gravity environment like in DRIVEN. If you're a fan of NASCAR, you'll love this movie.
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The Need For More Speed
bkoganbing6 January 2008
If I had to guess the genesis for Days of Thunder had its place in two areas. First the fact that Top Gun proved to be such a mega-hit for Tom Cruise that a similar film was almost dictated to be made by Paramount. But secondly it was reported that on the set of The Color of Money, co-star Paul Newman got Cruise interested in auto racing so you put those two things together, Days of Thunder was almost a film that had to be made.

The film certainly has the feel of NASCAR to it and it takes its place along side such racing classics as Grand Prix, The Racers and Paul Newman's own film, Winning. The story is the teaming of young rookie sensation Cruise and top mechanic Robert Duvall.

Tom's character is a whole lot like the young fighter pilot in Top Gun, a kid with a world of confidence and the ability to make his brag become fact. He's a driver by instinct not knowing a whole lot about the mechanics of a racing car. That's the way he and Duvall complement each other although it's not an easy relationship.

Days of Thunder is also the film on which Tom met Mrs. Cruise number two, Nicole Kidman. She's a neurologist who gets to treat Tom after a crash and also drops the hammer on Cruise's rival Michael Rooker and his career after a serious head injury.

There are also some nice performances by Randy Quaid as the stock car owner and Cary Elwes as another of Cruise's rival drivers.

Fred Dalton Thompson, District Attorney of New York County on Law and Order, former United States Senator, and would be President of the United States is in the cast as the head of NASCAR. If the political thing doesn't work out for Fred, he certainly has the presence and authority to be a baseball commissioner. They'll certainly need another Judge Landis in that job to restore some integrity to that sport.

Days of Thunder got an Academy Award nomination for Sound Recording and it's a good followup film for Top Gun.
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Dear god
bartaerts824 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is written from a point of view of a racing fan, I won't address the other aspects of the movie.

I saw this movie today for the first time and it is just ridiculous.

I mean, after the race is over he drives into the pits, requests new tires, goes back on track and then crashes into the race winner on purpose? I'm not really familiar with NASCAR but I'm pretty sure you get a lifelong ban for that.

Also, the scene where he explains Nicole Kidman that they're developing 'a little thing called 'drafting''.

Early on in the movie we're told that Tom Cruise doesn't know anything about cars but drafting is part of the absolute basics of racing.

It would be like watching a movie about soccer and the main character says that 'they're developing 'a little thing called 'scoring a goal''.

As a movie I'd probably give it a 6 but the racing part is just ... so ... awful.
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Duvall excellent otherwise Top Gun with cars (and Nicole)
mwardf12 October 2007
In the Top Gun genre although without the homo eroticism. But a great performance from Duvall who lights up the screen every time he is on - which is often. Nicole Kidman lights up the screen as well and not just for her acting! Cruise is OK as the foil to Duvall's Harry. Tony Scott's direction is standard for a Bruckenheimer film and deserves applause.

The plot is entirely predictable and there is little tension. Like Top Gun the bits in between the action are too long and the sub plot of the injured driver coming to terms with his forced retirement is tedious and contributes little. BUT see this if only for Duvall's flawless performance.
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'Top Gun' Tom On The Ground
ccthemovieman-116 September 2007
Boy, Tom Cruise had that obnoxious character down pat for quite some time, didn't he? Here is yet another film in which he plays that type of annoying character you want to slap in the face (or something else). Yeah, if you liked Top Gun and his other "pretty-boy" films of this period - and some were pretty good, actually - you might like this. In fact, this film might be more popular now since NASCAR is televised so much more these days. This movie may get a new audience. Frankly, I could care less about auto racing, back then and now, but I don't hate it, I love most other sports and I like a good movie. This was only fair in all categories. Not bad; not good.

Racing fans tell me there wasn't a lot of realism with this and actual NASCAR events - mainly involving sponsorship - back then, but I was looking an entertaining film....and I like Robert Duvall as actor and don't mind gazing at Nicole Kidman (who can also act.) Michael Rooker and Randy Quaid usually portray interesting people, too.

It's basically a story about a guy who wants to prove himself on the race track, and I have no problem with that. It's not a memorable but it's not a waste of time either. You should be reasonably entertained.
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thethreecar17 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
***Spoilers*** This movie is simply annoying. I mean, it stinks and works on your nerves from start to finish. From Tom Cruise's character to the punk that plays his nemesis after Roddy goes's sickening. You want to jump on screen and punch the living daylights out of these guys, because this has no plausibility whatsoever. Cruise stinks...really he does. He can't know it and I know it. He is so bad. You can so see right through him when he is on screen. Any race fan will tell you this movie is a mockery of what a real driver's life is like. Talladega Nights is more believable than this Cruise vehicle. And please...Nicole Kidman as a 25 year old Australian speaking brain surgeon working in Charlotte????? P U! Totally miscast. Only Roddy reminds me anything of what it takes to drive these things, when he says "I'm gonna live forever". That is the mentality needed to race automobiles that can kill you. I am disappointed with NASCAR in recent years, since it is so commercial and had lost contact with its roots. I am an open wheel fan deep down, but I respect the drivers that run inches from each other at 200MPH....Something any racing critic could never do without soiling their undergarments and killing themselves...but this movie cheapens and disgraces all those driver's heroism. This stinks. So does the ridiculous ending and how he goes from last to second in like 20 laps, at Daytona, no less, and then, well just guess what happens on the last turn of the last b.s. lap... Total Hollywood baloney garbage.

Please...go rent "LeMans" made by the great Steve McQueen if you want to see a real racing movie about racing itself, not some cheap storyline...
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Days of Thunder is the movie that really got me into racing, if you like Top Gun, you definitely should love Days of Thunder.
Felon-222 January 1999
Days of Thunder is definitely my favorite movie of all time. I'm a huge racing fan and I was very happy when I first heard of this movie back in 1990. I even went to Hardees and got all the little toy cars. It's jammed with action and if you like Top Gun, there is no way you can't like this film. I'm looking to begin racing myself pretty soon and this is what really started it all for me.
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Another Classic Mess
daveisit22 November 2000
After seeing this movie it's an amazing effort that Nicole Kidman received another movie offer. Her co stars can get away with bad movies and performances because of who they are, but this was Nic's first Hollywood gig. Luckily big Tommy was able to look after her and ensure blockbuster success to Kidman in the future.

The biggest problem with the movie was the appalling script. Once again the big budget was able to overcome all these faults and turn it into a hit. If your wondering it's about car racing, I think, or something like that anyway.

A generous 3 out of 10.
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A very predictable movie about stock car racing
david-sarkies21 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Stock car racing is not really that much of an interest to me and as such I was not really all that interested in this film. I decided to watch it though because it is one of those movies that a lot of people have seen. As such we become one of the masses by watching this movie.

My opinion was that it is all right. I am in two minds about Tom Cruise's entrance to the movie. We spend about five minutes hearing about a great new driver and Cruise enters all arrogant, macho like acting as if he knows everything. On the track he seems good but when he is put in the actual race he seems to be quite panicky about the style of racer. If he was that good then I doubt he would be freaking out on the track. But I guess that is a part of the character of Cole Trickler (stupid name I think). He is a natural driver, but driving on an empty track and driving on a track full of other drivers are two different things.

Days of Thunder is about macho contests (I have chosen not to be crude here). Basically it is about a group of men trying to prove who is the manliest of the lot of them. In this contest people get hurt, and even killed, but that doesn't stop them. In fact, as quoted in the movie, they refuse to go to a hospital or even a funeral so that the inevitable is as far from their mind as possible.

Plot wise I predicted it quite accurately. He becomes a racer and is good but has a nasty crash. He goes to hospital, meets the love interest (Nicole Kidman) and then goes back to racing where he wins the big race. The plot is not all that thin though because there is a relationship element in the film as well: not the shallow relationship between him and Kidman, but rather between him and another driver. At first they are rivals but after the crash, they are brought together, and though they have a smash up with a couple of rent-a-cars, they soon become friends after the steam has been vented.

What used to be a movie on the lips of everybody has now simply faded away to an 11:00 time slot. They claimed that there were a lot of hot scenes between Cruise and Kidman in this movie, but there is not: only for about five minutes in the middle of the movie. What I did like was the style of photography in the film. It has a very dusky feel to it that I thought added depth to the movie. To me, it is an average movie that it okay once but that is as far as I would go.
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Comes on like thunder.
lrparsons6 May 2010
This is an excellent film about the trials of youth and the power of forgiveness.

Tom Cruise's depiction of race car driver Cole Trickle is a spot-on reinterpretation of Orson Welles' character from Citizen Kane. The chemistry between Cruise and costar Michael Rooker is undeniable, and some would say that despite the fact that Cruise actually rooks Rooker, they are both winners in this film.

There is also a very agreeable Rawlsian undertone to the story, channeled through Robert Duvall's character Harry Hogge. Much credit to screenwriter Robert Towne for incorporating such an important philosophical idea in a film that may otherwise have wandered into predictable summer blockbuster territory.

This film comes on your chest like thunder. Go see it immediately.
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Great NASCAR movie, a must see for NASCAR fans
lukewarmcereal27 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie seems a bit cheesy and cliché at first glance and it somewhat is, but I still loved it. Tom Cruise basically re-acted Maverick from Top Gun (which is one of my all-time favorites. It's as if he changed his name from Pete Mitchell to Cole trickle, took off the flight suit and put on a NASCAR fire suit and there you have it. The story itself is cheesy, but that's why I liked it. A hotshot rookie NASCAR driver works his way up, gets in a big wreck, falls in love with a doctor, goes on to win the Daytona 500 after overcoming his trauma from the wreck. This wasn't some shakespearean intellectual masterpiece, which is why most people bash it. The Racing scenes are awesome and if you love car-action movies, you will watch these scenes over and over. The only thing is the excessive amount of bumping and rubbing. It added some degree of excitement, but was unrealistic for NASCAR. The only reason this gets a 9/10 is because the film and sound quality is not that good, compared to other movies at the time. The film seems a bit grainy to me, like it could have been shot in the 1970's. Overall, great movie, watch if your a fan of NASCAR, car action, or Tom Cruise. Im just waiting for a "digitally remastered" DVD.
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Painting by numbers produces an average film despite the cast
bob the moo23 August 2004
Eager for a winning formula, team owner Tim Daland puts together the inexperienced but naturally talented Cole Trickle and the retired but skilled mechanic Harry Hogge to hopefully bounce off each other to create a winning combination. After the expected bumps and friction between the two, they seem to blend well and start winning races. However, a major accident between Cole and his main rival, Rowdy Burns, puts them both in the hospital under the care of the professional and leggy Dr Lewicki. But will Cole be able to overcome the physical and mental scars that he got.

The comedian Rich Hall did a great routine once where he summed up the films of Tom Cruise by basically saying that each of them involves him being great at his job (pilot, bartender, driver) before suffering a crisis of confidence but meeting a beautiful lady who helps him over it in time to come good – hilarious in the telling because he was right and, true to form, Days of Thunder sets its stall out in the same way. That the plot is formulaic (father/son stuff, macho posturing, love interest, final big race etc) and it is a bit tiring at times because it is nothing new and it produces large sags during the film. The father/son stuff is OK if hackneyed but the romance is so sudden and fake that it left me cool and never engaged once. The racing stuff is fun, noisy and fast which I suppose is what most of its audience want; but this is still not a great action movie but kudos to Scott for managing to make a load of cars going round a circular track appear exciting.

The cast is more impressive on paper than they are in reality. Cruise plays his usual character and does it with no real charm or ability. He is trading off his fame here and his macho nonsense is rather tiresome. Kidman may have been Cruise's offscreen partner but viewers of this film will have seen their divorce coming because they have zero chemistry and she is poor throughout. It's not all her fault though, the script gives her nothing to work with. Thank god then, for Robert Duvall; he may be playing a fairly clichéd character but he does it well and steals every scene from his pretty but empty co-star. Support is good from Quaid and Rooker but Ewles is given too little time to make anything but a negative impression and Reilly had yet to prove his versatility and doesn't do it here.

Overall this is very much painting by the numbers in many regards. The plot is easy and lacks any sort of spark or innovation meaning that, when the cars are off the screen, it is easy for the film to get dull. The action scenes are OK but, as with F1, I find many motor sports to be dull and didn't get drawn into the predictable races as much as I wanted to. The script gives the cast nothing to really work with, and only Duvall comes out with any real dignity even if he has a cliché as opposed to a real person to play. This has all the failings you would expect and the end result of so little imagination is an average film that is watchable but no more than that.
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Is There Anything More Boring Than Cars ?
Theo Robertson13 August 2004
Cars ! They've got to be the most boring topic of conversation ever . I remember being a teenager and every time someone brought up cars in conversation I'd have an out of body experience , that's how boring I found cars . I'd walk into a busy newsagents and all these bores would be flicking through mags about cars with the front of their trousers looking like a wigwam . I'm telling you newsagent distributors should start wrapping car magazines in plastic bags same as they do with porno mags

Have I made my point ? Cars are boring so a movie featuring car racing isn't my gallon of four star but there was nothing else on so I decided to watch DAYS OF THUNDER regardless

In many ways DAYS OF THUNDER is similar to TOP GUN . It has the same leading man , the same director and the same producer . It even has the same cynical marketing ploy of fast vehicles for the boys mixed in with a romantic sub story for the girls along with a OST album for the teenage market . The only real difference is that the screenplay is even more shallow than TOP GUN . Cole Trickle ! What sort of name is that for a racing driver ? He sounds more like an unemployed miner . I suppose Cruise plays the role very well since all he has to do is smile a lot and look a little bit moody now and again . No acting required . Robert Duvall is very disappointing but seeing as his character is a shallowly written father figure I suppose he did his best and this movie isn't about characters - It's about people rushing to the cinema then rushing out to buy the soundtrack album . Nothing more nothing less

When you've seen one movie featuring fast cars like DRIVEN , THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS , and DAYS OF THUNDER you've seen them all
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Not for NASCAR fans!
rockford3329 July 2001
This movie was made for entertainment, and on that level it succeeds. If, however, you wish to see an accurate portrayal of life in NASCAR, don't waste your time. This movie should be sub-titled "The Jeff Gordon Story"... pretty boy comes to NASCAR, lucks into a good team, and convinces himself he is the greatest thing on four wheels, despite his complete lack of understanding of the relationship between car mechanicals and the need for talent. And how a used-car salesman funds a Winston Cup team is completely beyond me.

Tom Cruise is convincing in his driving incompetence. Many wannabe boy racers mimic his activities behind the wheel. Sadly, I don't think he's acting. Definitely one for the ladies while the men go out for a beer.
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Top Gun in a car
M T31 January 2005
They had no script, it was made up as they shot the film, a fact you can see from many characters looking at pieces of paper cleverly placed around scenes (notably those shot in the pit-lane) so they can remember the dialogue.

The film is bad, it's the repeated formula of the Cruise films which gets me and annoys me. If you've seen Top Gun, and lets face it, who hasn't, there's really no need to waste your time on this trash.

Bruckheimer has a lot to answer for. Everything seems to be made of cardboard, including the actors, the film is so bad it made Nicole Kidman fall in love with Tom Cruise. Also, it's the 80's, it looks garish and cheap, and it is, at the risk of ending this review with a poor car joke, I'd advise even the dumbest of you to steer clear.
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Can you say "Top Wheel" ... You will after watching this turkey
cgw271912 April 2005
I saw this movie when it came out 15 years ago and still rue the $7.50 I spent. Having heard all about the movie for the year before as it was being made I was really excited to see it. But what did I get? Top Gun with wheels instead of wings.

I loved Top Gun and still have it in my collection. It was a classic. Days of Blunder was a classic, too. A classic bomb.

Sure there are some nice car crashes, but that's where the good part ends. And, while we all know movies aren't supposed to be real, this took the "Rubbin's Racing" theory way, way beyond extreme.

I gave this movie a four, and I'm not sure why I put it that high. If you ever think about renting it, do it for a good laugh at a turkey. Otherwise try something else.

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Yep. Top Gun but cars.
Gubby-Allen12 March 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers within

This is everything in Top Gun with cars replacing planes. All you need to know is that it's Tom Cruise playing a racing car driver & you can peg the entire plot, every bit of it. Even when it was made it was so cliched, you've got (1)driver (Cruise) as 'playboy', (2)other good driver made out as enemy, (3)lead with 'cool' name (they're never just called John Brown or even David Coulthard, (4)romance with woman gorgeous yet single? (this in Nicole's pre talent days) (5)Driver crap at start & threatened with sack (6)Driver has accident, career threatened (7) Car owner / Head Mechanic with a previous grievance to bear. Oh & of course (8) The victory at the end & everything else falls into place.

I seem to be different to others but being a sports lover I prefer my sport to be ... er ... sport and not through a film. Any sport, motor racing included gives you all the tension & emotion you need from it and 10 times more than any film can ever do, so I don't know why directors bother with films such as this.

But despite the plot that you can peg, even before the credits open at the start & Cruises cringing line near the end "He's goin down" or something, it's still watchable. You can nip off at various points for 10 minutes here & there & still follow what's going on and has some good racing scenes & scenery.

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as silly as you'd expect
ldavis-230 March 2003
Warning: Spoilers
As others here have noted, this is "Top Gun" on wheels, complete with screeching guitar at the "big" moments. It also suspends disbelief: if a doctor slept with a patient, she'd be fired, stripped of her license, and shipped back to home in disgrace. But here, as in TG, nobody even questions the affair. Indeed, it's interesting to watch this with all that's gone down: Cruise divorced Mimi Rogers (for which she must be eternally grateful) shortly after filming and took up with America's Newest Sweetheart, then dumped her when the 50/50 clause of their pre-nup was about to kick in. But don't feel too sorry for Nicole: she reportedly got Tommy Boy to cough up $65 mill, then walked off with the Oscar. What's interesting is that, even at this early stage, she had better chops than he ever will, as evident by their scenes with that old ham, Robert Duvall. The Nicole/Duvall work are the only good thing about it; the rest is dreck.
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I loved this movie
mifamily623 February 2002
Anyone that doesn't like this movie should have their head examined. It has everything you want in a film. Cars, women, great acting, and an awesome soundtrack. You can't beat it, it's that simple. The racing scenes were ahead of their time, and the soundtrack is so moving that you will always leave this movie with a smile on your face and a soothed soul.
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