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Season 1

13 Jan. 1991
Episode #1.1
Victoria Winters arrives at Collingwood, a Gothic mansion on a cliff overlooking the ocean near the small seaport Maine town of Collingsport, as the recently hired governess to the 10-year-old troubled David Collins. David's gruff father, Roger, distrusts Victoria from the start while his mysterious widow sister Elizabeth is more hospitable. When the simpleton and trouble making ground keeper Willie Loomis, the nephew of Collingwood housekeeper Mrs. Johnson, decides to break into the family crypt to look for and steal a stash of family jewels, he inadvertently opens a...
14 Jan. 1991
Episode #1.2
After being bitten a second time by Barnabas, Daphne Collins dies and rises a vampire. She attacks first David, and then her boyfriend Joe Haskell who gets bitten and falls under her spell. Professor Woodard enlists Sheriff Patterson and the police to help him stop Daphne before the claims another victim. Meanwhile, Dr. Julia Hoffman discovers Barnabas's secret that he is a vampire when she discovers that he casts no reflection in a mirror, and offers to cure him of his immortality curse. Also, Roger is revealed to be having an affair with local artist Maggie Evans, ...
14 Jan. 1991
Episode #1.3
Dr. Julia Hoffman begins her experiments to cure Barnabas of his vampirism. Meanwhile, Professor Woodard attempts to uncover the identity of the vampire and begins to suspect Barnabas, but Julia will do anything to keep him from finding out. Victoria begins to fall for Barnabas who becomes haunted by his guilt and of his lost love Josette. Also, David begins having nightmares about Daphne, Caroline and Victoria turning into vampires and attacking him. Sarah later tells David that a newer evil exists.
18 Jan. 1991
Episode #1.4
Julia and Sheriff Patterson respond to a call by Professor Woodward only to discover that he is now a vampire turned by Barnabas and they are forced to kill him. Plus, the photo evidence Woodward claimed to have is gone. As Julia continues her treatments with Barnabas, he begins to cast reflections in mirrors and walks for limited time in the daylight while he continues his charismatic charm over Victoria. However, the ghost of Sara Collins appears before Victoria and leads to her diary. Meanwhile, an evil apparition of Angelique (a nemesis from the past) begins to ...
25 Jan. 1991
Episode #1.5
After learning of Barnabas' affection for Victoria, a jealous Dr. Hoffman decides to sabotage the progress of the cure for Barnabas which results in his blood-cravings returning as well as aging to his true 200 year-old-age. Meanwhile, Caroline resumes her romantic pursuit of Joe despite his reluctance to move forward. Also, Maggie has another vision of something terrible happening to Caroline.
1 Feb. 1991
Episode #1.6
Having reverted back to his evil vampire self, Barnabas bites Carolyn and puts her under his spell and persuades her to murder Julia for the failed experiments. Elizabeth throws a costume party at Collingwood where Barbabas now avoids Victoria and is bent on seeking revenge against Julia who soon realizes that Carolyn is now targeting her. When confronted, Barnabas tries to kill Julia until an intervention from the ghost of Sarah prevents him from doing so. At Maggie's suggestion, séance is held to contact the spirit of Sarah for answers, but during the event, ...
8 Feb. 1991
Episode #1.7
Having been transported to the year 1790, Victoria meets the residents of Collinwood each of whom strongly resemble the present day characters of Collinwood. Victoria becomes the tutor for Daniel and Sarah Collins. Victoria meets and makes an ally of Peter Bradford, the Collins foreman, as well as the young Barnabas who is is eagerly awaiting the arrival of his fiancée Josette. But Josette's her handmaid, Angelique, is determined to keep Barnabas for herself, who refuses her advances. Angelique is revealed to be a powerful witch who puts the simpleton carriage man Ben...
15 Feb. 1991
Episode #1.8
A jealous Angelique uses witchcraft to prevent the marriage of Barnabas and Josette Du Pres by casting a spell to make Josette fall in love with Joshua. Meanwhile, Victoria and Josette are both stunned by the similar appearances with each other. When Barnabas finds out about Josette and Joshua running off to elope, he purses them where a deadly duel ensues. Due to the strange happenings, the paranoid Abigail only grows more suspicious of Victoria. In the present day, Elizabeth, Julia and the rest of the family deal with the presence of the ailing Phyllis while trying ...
1 Mar. 1991
Episode #1.9
During Jeremiah's funeral, Josette accuses Barnabas of killing her true love. Abigail enlists the aid of Reverend Trask to have Victoria Winters jailed for witchcraft. Barnabas hires Peter as Victoria's lawyer to defend her. Meanwhile, Angelique uses black magic to resurrect Jeremiah as a zombie under her control to kill Josette. When Barnabas finally discovers that Angelique is the witch responsible for everything going on, he kills her, but not before she places a curse of eternity upon him in which he later gets bitten by a vampire bat. In the present, the Collins ...
8 Mar. 1991
Episode #1.10
The Collins Family mourns the apparent death of Barnabas as they move into the new Collinwood mansion. Meanwhile, Peter enlists Natalie's help to help Victoria prove her innocence. That same night, Barnabas rises as vampire and first makes Millicent his first victim. The vampire attacks in Collinsport only increase the evil and fanatical Trask's belief that the incarcerated Victoria is responsible. Victoria tries to persuade Josette to leave Collinsport before something happens to her. In the present, Joe discovers that Carolyn is under Barnabas' control. When Sheriff...
15 Mar. 1991
Episode #1.11
Victoria's witchcraft trial begins where the Trask tries to play on the jury and the communities fears to act in his favor as well as testimony from the equally fanatical Abigail. Despite Peter's best efforts at a defense, including testimony from Ben that Angelique was the real witch, Angelique's spirit appears and points out Victoria, the stranger in the community, of being the witch. In the meantime, Josette continues to fall under Barnabas' control as he seeks to make her his vampire bride. But Angelique's evil spirit seeks to prevent Josette from becoming a ...
22 Mar. 1991
Episode #1.12
Barnabas' vampirism is discovered when he lures his mother, Naomi, to the old house to reveal himself. Unfortunately, Abigail also arrives at the old house where Barnabas kills her. Daniel and Sarah witness the events and while attempting to flee, get lost in the woods during a storm where Sarah falls ill and soon dies. Meanwhile, Peter attempts to save Victoria from being hanged as a witch by filing every appeal possible. Victoria comes to realize that Barnabas is indeed a vampire and that Angelique is responsible for her arriving in the year 1790 in order to kill ...

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