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Alternate Versions

The USA cable network version has a few extra scenes, including two extra songs, "Chicken" and "The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane":
  • Hatchetface's parents selling cigarettes by the school

  • Toe-Joe's does a "work-with-me" spiel instead of thanking his "Nudie Cutie"

  • an added act of a flexible little girl in the RSVP charm school talent show

  • extra footage of Hatchtface chasing Snaredrum and Susie Q around Ramona's front lawn

  • Lenora's "gunboats" are now "goldmines"

  • The third verse of Allison's song, "Teenage Prayer," is included

  • Extra footage of Cry-Baby driving his motorcycle to the charm school, a cop chasing him and an air raid drill that interupts Allison's act

  • Cry-Baby combs his hair instead of adjusting his crotch when he gets off of his motorcycle;

  • "Lay That Pistol Down" dance number is included

  • Cry-Baby arrives during "So Young" instead of before the song beginning, as in video version

  • In the movie, Hatchetface says, "Ain't ya got tits? Stick 'em out for God's sake!" In the USA Network version, she says, "Ain't ya got a figure? Show it!"

  • There is a longer scene with Wanda, her parents, and Inga, the Swedish exchange student

  • The showdown is at Turkey Point instead of at the press conference in front of the prison

In the original version, the courtroom scene has an exchange between Wanda ('Traci Lords (I)') and her mother and father (Patricia Hearst and David Nelson) where Wanda asks her parents to get her out of the situation. Specifically, she asks them to get her "the fuck" out of here. "Fuck" is beeped out when Wanda initially utters it, and subsequent uses of the word are beeped as well when Wanda's mother asks her husband what the F-word means. The beeping-out continues until Wanda's mother asks the judge if she can take her daughter "the fuck home," uncensored, causing the courtroom audience to chuckle. In a version being aired on "Indie" channel in November, 2007, the scene is intact, but the word "fuck" is not beeped out.
To avoid a 15 certificate for its UK cinema release, some uses of the word 'fuck' were bleeped. The cinema release was rated 12, but the video release was still rated 15 (because the 12 certificate wasn't used for video recordings until 1994). The current UK DVD release has all uses of 'fuck' unbleeped, and is rated 15.

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