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A very funny movie!
NYcritic227 August 2001
This is one of those Jay and Silent Bob type of funny movies. When I rented this, I wasn't sure what it was about, but I watched and laughed out loud many times. Definitely worth watching if you just want to have a good time.
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A really funny movie!
Cynthia17616 September 2000
Just caught this, really late, on Comedy Central and laughed out loud. Burt Young is the warden of a prison that "houses" very rich criminals. Karen Black, Allen Garfield, Sherman Hemsley, Judy Landers are outrageously funny as the prisoners. So are Lance Kinsey and Joe Campanella as the "good guys." There are lots of laughs and sight gags in this very broad comedy.
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Funny, off the wall and irreverent!
BestCritic2218 February 2003
I had a good time viewing this film. I liked its broad off the wall humor. It looked like everyone had a good time making this movie. Sherman Hemsley is hilarious as a preacher who gets thrown in a prison for rich people. Judy Landers is cute. There is also some fun performances by Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner, Karen Black, and Allen Garfield. The direction was quick non pretentious and lively.
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Lots of laughs in a movie where you can just lay back and enjoy!
Fastframe6 January 2003
It was nice coming home and channel surf until I came upon this very funny film about the upper class going to a rich man's prison. How appropriate for today! The film let me forget about my problems, albeit momentarily, and occasionally laugh out loud. I would definitely recommend this!
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Funny, funny, funny!!
Smart Guy4 October 2001
I really loved this film. I just wish they would play it more, because it's the type of movie you can enjoy understanding all along that it's not trying to change the world or trying to be too clever. Good pacing, good actors and loads of fun.
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I roared with laughter.
billy2x2x2x18 July 2004
Well, first of all, the premise is a bit much. But it is a broad comedy and it takes you for a a wild ride. Rich people in prison! Okay, I guess we can match the names with the characters. Whether you like to chuckle or laugh, you'll do both with this film. Burt Young is the warden of a prison for the wealthy. JosephCampanella is an FBI director who plants an agent in CLUB FED. Alan Garfield is a crooked investment broker. Karen Black is a rich hotel owner. Sherman Hemsley is a crooked preacher and Judy Landers is an innocent girlfriend who takes the rap for her dead mafia boyfriend. We watched it late at night and had a great time.
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Lots of laughs! Crazy, kooky fun.
ollie10020 December 1999
I saw this late at night on the tube and burst out laughing from the get go. In the tradfition of the off-the-wall-alls-out spoffiness, this movie scores without having to rely on a big budget or fancy special effects. I was able to get my mind off of the daily doldrums and have fun, the old fashioned way by laughing.
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Hilarious Comedy For It's Time
FloatingOpera721 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Club Fed (1990): Starring Lance Kinsey, Judy Landers, Burt Young, Allen Garfield, Sherman Hemsley, Karen black, Joseph Campanella, Mary Woronov, Debbie Lee Carrington, Seth Jaffe, Lyle Alzado, Dee Booher, Wally George, Greg Lewis, Kathy Karges, Director Nathaniel Christian, Screenplay Ruth Landers, Jordan Rush

Released in 1990 but filmed in '89, this is one of several hilarious, nonsense comedies that were popular ever since "Airplane!" hit the big screen in 1980. The 80's and early 90's would continue to see such spoof comedies as Police Academy, Hot Shots and Naked Gun comedies. Club Fed falls into the same category of comic film. It stars Lance Kinsey, himself an actor from the Police Academy films as Howard Polk, an FBI agent sent to investigate the illegal going-ons in a prison for white-collar criminals who are filthy rich. Not only is it minimum security, but it's a resort with luxurious and comfy rooms, swimming pool and entertainment! One joke follows another in a hilarious sequence. Judy Landers stars as Angelica Paziotopolos, the dumb-blonde girlfriend of a gangster who is innocently accused of a crime she didn't commit. Sherman Hemsley (of the Jeffersons!) is the corrupt, scheming, money-hungry Reverend. He is in his element doing comedy and it's really a riot to see him in the role. Wally George (an 80's TV talk show host/in-your-face comic Republican spokesperson and father or actress Rebecca De Mornay) plays a hilarious spoof of himself. There are several jokes about the rich, corruption in church and government and sex jokes. If you don't find it funny, it's because this type of comedy has fallen on the wayside after so many years.
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This movie had me laughing in stitches all through it!
MM1-45 January 2001
I loved watching this movie late at night. It had me laughing and cracking up with its sight gags and off-the wall style. Much like the Airplane and Naked Gun movies. The cast is comprised of normally "serious" actors who pulled this off in a big way.
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"I want to go to Club Fed!"
Movie Fan-412 July 2000
This is a terrific farce. I had a great time watching this movie. It has classic TV stars like Sherman Hemsley and Joe Campanella along with interesting film stars like Karen Black, Allen Garfield and Burt Young (Rocky's brother in law). Judy Landers is a natural with comedic material. I particularly enjoyed the sight gags and the endless parodies. Oh, and the court room scene is a classic.
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