Back to the Future Part III (1990) Poster

Plot Keywords

letter tombstone
band dog
time machine cemetery
gunfight library
blacksmith teacher
outlaw steampunk comedy
time travel comedy woman riding a horse
face slap buckboard
runaway buckboard spittoon
firing a gun into the air adult actor playing teenage boy
teenager intergenerational friendship
17 year old the end
porch swing ravine
train bridge steam locomotive
walkie talkie purple dress
car on train tracks train whistle
stealing a train train hijack
climbing onto a moving train steam train
horseback train chase horseback riding
chases on horseback punched in the face
colt peacemaker revolver revolver
kicking gun out hand saved from hanging
emergency stop peg on one's nose
headstone passed out drunk
year 1955 year 1985
letter read aloud handwritten letter
saving someone's life character says i love you
falling down a hill town dance
white hair female slaps a male
woman slaps a man falling on bed sobbing
truth taken as a lie bullet dancing
roman numbered sequel six word title
roman numeral in title street shootout
20th century 19th century
bulletproof vest top hat
undertaker reference to robert deniro
long johns colt 45
derringer reference to jules verne
disgruntled customer sitting
lifting someone into the air sliding glass down bar
child waking up in strange surroundings
bullets fired at feet train explosion
family relationships dragged by a horse
suburbia reference to clint eastwood
numbered sequel modern western
shot back to back drunkenness
risking one's life for love girl next door
hanging part of trilogy
teenage boy kiss
irish gun
farm clock
baby actress playing multiple roles
alternate history altering history
animal in cast credits windmill
running out of gas breakfast machine
1980s california
blockbuster third part
teenage hero delorean dmc 12
train futuristic train
native american attack sequel
bear mistaken identity
1950s actor playing multiple roles
monument valley small town
train wreck computer cracker
street racing automobile
lynching dual role
product placement chess
car accident manure
train robbery inventor
skateboard model train
moonwalk dancing time travel
photograph flying train
frisbee 1880s
drive in theatre festival
mad scientist flying car
saloon car trouble
destiny love at first sight
marksman irish american
rube goldberg machine dancing
shooting gallery cavalry
fireplace abandoned mine
time travel romance

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