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If this movie doesn't move you to tears, you've got a problem!!

Author: tbob02 from Dozier, Alabama
30 January 2002

I was surfing the internet about "Always Remember I Love You" and noted in a couple of sites that the movie was "based on a true story". I was not aware that it was fact-based, but the film has the ability to run you through the entire spectrum of emotions. If the movies does not make you cry at some point, then (unless you're clinically dead) you'll have a big lump in your throat. Not only is this a good Christmas holiday film--Mother's Day is high on the list, too. Of course, when you have a made-for-TV movie this good, it is watchable at any time.

Patty Duke is in top form as well as 16 year old Stephen Dorff. The supporting cast, including David Birney, Joan Van Ark, and Richard Masur, make this two hours of television well worth your time.

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A movie that tugs at your heart strings

Author: laurita_a from Jacksonville, Florida
26 October 2000

I loved this movie so much when I first watched it and was elated when Lifetime picked it up and started showing it. Patty Duke is an amazing actress and makes you believe in her character so much that when she cries you cry. It is a touching movie that everyone should see. Check Lifetime around the holidays and it is sure to show up. Don't miss it!

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Great Heartwarming Movie...

Author: Blooeyz2001 from Florida
18 May 2002

This movie takes place during the holiday season which makes it an excellent movie to watch during that time of year. I taped it off TV & edited out the commercials. It's about a teenager who finds out he was stolen from his comfortable, working-class family & adopted by a well off, loving couple who were unaware of the kidnapping & thought the adoption was legitimate. He's angry, confused & upset that he was never told he was adopted, so he sets out to locate his real parents. When he arrives in the area where they are, he befriends his biological, close in age brother & eventually ends up staying with his real family saying he's run away from home. He also has a sister. There are plenty of opportunities for him to tell them who he is, especially when he sees how the holidays affects them when they speak of their loss over his kidnapping, but he doesn't. This adds to the very emotional climax when the truth finally comes out. Patty Duke plays the biological mom & she's very down-to-earth & sympathetic. Joan Van Ark is the glamorous mom who adopted him & your heart goes out to her as well as she searches for him. Don't miss this one.

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You have to watch this movie!!!!!!

Author: deanna1975 from United States
7 September 2006

This movie is absolutely fabulous!!! I liked it because it was not very predictable. You think you know what is going to happen, but then it doesn't. Dramas are not my favorite type of movies but this was great! It made me cry like a baby!!!! This movie is usually on Lifetime around Christmas time. Joan Van Ark and Patty Duke both did an excellent job of portraying the different mother points of view. Another tear-jerker that I would recommend is a 1980's film called, Without a Trace. If you can watch either on of these movies without crying, you must be made of stone. These two movies are my favorite and what I consider the best tear-jerking movies I have ever seen. Without a Trace ranks #1 in my book and this movie ranks #2.

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An adoptee's perspective

Author: Greg White from Leeds, UK
22 December 2003

It may be that to most observers it has an unrealistic or contrived storyline, but for me as an adopted person, this film is very cathartic and it always grips me and makes me cry a great deal of good tears. I hope my eventual meeting with my natural Mother goes as well and that my natural family is like Patty Dukes! The storyline allows participants on both sides of the adoption to express their perspectives and there is a great deal of suspense over when and how "Greg" will reveal himself as the lost brother. Even Stephen Spielberg couldn't wring so much emotion from a movie.

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A Good TV Movie!

Author: famousgir1 from London, England
4 December 2001

Robert is a young boy, who after turning sixteen finds out that he's adopted. When Robert was a young boy he was kidnapped from his real-parents and his adopted parents got him from person who stole him. Robert then decides to go in search of his real-family. He finds them, his mother, father, brother and sister. His real parents, brother and sister don't realise that this is there son and brother, but take him into there home after thinking that's he a runaway. This leaves Robert having to decide where he really belongs.

Always Remember I Love You is a really good TV movie with a strange, but good story to it and mostly good performances from everyone, especially Patty Duke and Stephen Dorff who both play the lead roles here and are great.

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Tear Jerker that warms your heart

Author: choney21 from Cailfornia
24 September 2001

I love this movie because it is such a wonderful family story. I taped it a long time ago, but the tape is old and now it skips. I am looking to purchase it, and highly recommend it to anyone who has not seen it. This movie makes me cry each time and it really makes you feel good afterwards. Excellent acting as well (Patty Duke is terrific!). Watch this movie with family or even by yourself...Its an A+++ movie!

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An excellent movie

Author: ocean-park from United Kingdom
31 January 2006

A wonderful, wonderful movie which is realistically touching and moving. The acting is great, and the emotions and feelings inspired by the story line are infectious. I did not have the luck to watch the film from the beginning so I hastened to check the story and the cast after watching the ending. I had wanted to purchase the DVD but was disappointed to learn from the viewers' comments that there is no DVD available. This is truly disappointing and bad news to me. To all those viewers who enjoy dramas with depth I recommend this movie which dwells on family values and parental love. Stephen Dorff was very believable and his acting was superb! I warmed to him instantly when I saw and felt his pain. The rest of the cast was also stunning. I hope one day I would have the luck of seeing the film again on TV from the beginning!

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Torn Between Two Worlds

Author: 09322 from The Heartland
22 November 2001

Always Remember That I Love You is a moving story of a boy's battle to rediscover his true identity in the face of horrific consequences; and how his strength to carry on helps him to confront the ultimate emotional dilemma of a young man. Superbly played by Stephen Dorff, Robert discovers at the age of 16 that he was adopted. His parents, played by Joan Van Ark and David Birney, find out that their adopted son was actually kidnapped from his real parents. They decide to tell him the truth, even at the risk of losing him. Robert runs away to find his real family. He eventually finds them and is able to become a part of the family without revealing who he is. Eventually, he must decide where he belongs.

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Movie, I never forget!

Author: venny-laturette from Jakarta, Indonesia
9 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is just a great family drama movie. Not too much yet can touch your heart and the movie succeed to put emotions all over the movie. Emotion between robert and his parents, between robert and his biological parents, between robert and his brother... all of them keep your emotion awake.

The first time i watched this when I was in 8 or 9 was Christmas day...and even though i was still teenage, I was crying almost an hour because of this movie..and had to refused meeting up with Christmas guest coz of my swollen eyes.Unfortunately after that I forgot the title, it's hard before without internet in my country...even with internet it's still hard until today 9 nov 2014..IMDB Message board..gave me the answer...not until 3 hours someone reply with the title..and it almost put tears in my eyes.

I just love this movie.

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