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Comedy Perfection
rasseng24 May 2013
This film is the perfect comedy/action film of its era! This film is absolutely perfect in every way! Andrew dice Clay is perfect in the part. The writing is excellent. The acting is good. The comic timing is impeccable. Everything works! The music is fantastic. Lauren holly is gorgeous! Clay is in his prime, and at his peak. Everything about this film is perfect! Wayne Newton as the bad guy, is great. Ed O'Neal is great. People want to hate on Clay, but he was the most popular comedian at the time! He literally was a rock star of comedy! I highly recommend this movie! It is like the perfect snapshot of the late 80's/early 90's.
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Very, very, very funny film
Bjorn (ODDBear)20 November 2005
This movie always cracks me up. I should note that I'm SO not a fan of Andrew "Dice" Clay, I think his stand-up shows suck, big time. But here, he's simply fantastic as Ford Fairlane, the Rock'n Roll Detective, who mostly gets paid in the form of gifts or memorabilia.

Dice's jokes here work perfectly each time, one quotable line after another ("so many assholes, so few bullets", "you're a poet and didn't know it", "talking with Zuzu is like ************ with a cheese-grinder, slightly enjoyable but mostly painful" to name a few). The film never takes itself seriously, yet somehow keeps it from ever going into slapstick territory.

Supporting actors do well also, Presly is always a stunner, Wayne Newton gives his best ever performance as Fairlane's nemesis and Ed O'Neill is a riot as a former disco singer turned detective. Robert Englund gives a rather amusing performance as a very inept crook who's ultimate fate is nothing short of hilarious.

Finnish director Harlin directs with a sure hand, everything in the technical department in tip top shape and it's very visually stylish at times. The Adventures of Ford Fairlane is definitely not for everyone, but it's not only for die hard Clay fans, since I sure as hell ain't one of them. But I think he's perfect here and the film is very funny and comes highly recommended by me.
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Sailorpooka200025 October 2005
Sure there is crude humor, but it's *Dice Clay*. He is who he is. This actually seemed cleaned up a bit for him. Mr Rock and roll detective gets to investigate the death of Vince Neil. You throw in Precilla Presley, Gilbert Godfried, Ed O'Neill. That is a recipe for just funny. *Very funny*, lots of good one liners, very quotable. Then again, I evidently have the mental capacity of a dead hamster. ;) If for nothing else, it is a definite watcher for fashion don'ts. Yes we *really* did dress that way in the late 80's early 90's, it was very "Rock and Roll", we thought we were cool. Though now I can't imagine why... Excellent time-period comedy. It's a re-watcher.
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A Cast of Characters right out of a Vegas Act
caspian197811 January 2002
First of all, what a great movie. None stop laughs from one of the very few comedians who can sell out Madison Square Garden. Not only was Dice's performance "Unbelievable" the supporting cast held a lot of big named actors. Wayne Newton, Priscilla Presley, Lauren Holly, and the guy who played Freddy Kruger....yeah, what's his name? Anyway, this got a terrible review from the powers to be because it was considered Dice comedy. Still, you can't watch Ford Fairlane without laughing a few times.
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The Diceman- great actor/failed success
MisterWhiplash29 April 2000
The Adventures of Ford Fairlane looks pretty much at the Diceman at his stand-up comedy best. But, this time, he has a character and is a rock and roll detective. As usual he is the offensive Dice. Off-color, crude, and for me (a rabid Dice fan) utterly dead pan funny. But though I find Andrew Dice Clay to be a good actor, many people might see this movie and think that he is just using this film as an excuse for people to see his stand-up act. Well, like the film, the opinions are two sided. You either love the Diceman's comedy, or utterly hate it. I'm going for the upper. Great comedy and entertainment in this block-buster that rocketed Dice. A+
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Lose your ego!
xysmachine11 January 2002
The title of my post says it all for the ratings this movie received. I mean less than a 5?? This movie is in the cult classic section in every video store I go to! Sure this movie was harsh and witty while poking fun at the music industry of the late 80s/early 90s. And for those of you familiar with the late 80s/early 90s music scene, you'll remember how chaotic it was back then! This movie is a testament to all the decadent happenings during that time. Although filled with campy one-liners, an all-star cast, and extremely vulgar material, it's a Dice movie after all! That's how it's supposed to be! Granted this movie is not for everyone, it's still fun to just sit there and laugh along with the movie's gags. Offensive maybe, cheesy maybe. Get over it ya wimp!
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It's un-f**kingbelievable!
mix-313 January 2003
There's profanity. Lots of it. PC is out the window! It's derogatory to women. And I can't help but love it. Taking into account the heavily polarized views it's safe to say that you will either hate it or you'll love it. Middle road is very unlikely. But rest assured, IF you love it, the movie will probably make it into your top 10 easy. And after all, that's not all that bad a chance to take. It's not for everyone - I wouldn't recommend it for a romantic evening with your girlfriend. Maybe with your wife :).. But give it a try. You might not hate it.
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The Diceman cometh
movieman_kev24 December 2003
Andrew Dice Clay, now THERE was a man who was ahead of his time, If he came a decade or two later he would have been heralded as the acting equivalent of say, Eminem.. You know except with talent. OOOOH! Hey is this thing on?? Anyways this movie is greatness & one of my "guilty pleasures". So many quotable lines. So many great cameos. I heard Roger Ebert HATED this movie..yeah Ebert, I F#%^ed him OOOOH!! Seriously go see this movie... NOW, snapperhead.

My Grade: B+

DVD Extras: featurette; Billy Idol music video; theatrical trailer
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Excellent flick - way ahead of its time!
gnxfan26 December 2004
FF reminds me much of Howard Stern's flick - you had those that bash it without ever seeing it! Just like Howard's bio - FF is excellent. Its like reading an adult joke book - just that it's up on the big screen.

Clay's acting is better than Stern's. He really knew what he was doing and has great screen presence. This movie SCREAMS for a sequel.

Buy it. I just got my copy at HTTP:// You can't always find it in stores but Blockbuster does have it from time to time.

It is a film that is easy to watch. No thinking required. Chill on the couch with some buds and get goofy.

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Why so serious? It's OK to laugh!!
Mike Drakulich20 July 2010
Alright. I know the acting isn't 5 star quality, but really, NOT EVERY FREAKING movie is meant to be Gone With the Wind.

Sometimes you have to just have some fun, enjoy a night of laughter, and the enjoy the movie for what it is: Nutty! I'm beyond tired of the PC world we live in today. It's OK to laugh sometimes.

I love the dialog in the movie, as well as the one-liners made by Dice. There's plenty of star quality in the movie with Priscilla Pressley, Ed O'Neil, Wayne Newton, Robert Englund, and Lauren Holly, so lets stop acting like the movie was filled with off the street actors. They all knew they were in a fun movie together, and all had fun being in it.

So, if you are someone who likes to laugh at silly jokes, one liners, and enjoy crude humor, then this is a movie for you.
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