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‘Descendants 2’: How This Long-Running Female Writing Team Came Up With One of Disney’s Most Important Franchises

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‘Descendants 2’: How This Long-Running Female Writing Team Came Up With One of Disney’s Most Important Franchises
When Sara Parriott and Josann McGibbon first teamed up 32 years ago, the door had just started to crack open for female film writers.

“We came at the right time, it was right when women writers were coming into vogue,” McGibbon said. “It was the time of ‘Thelma and Louise’ and there was two of us — a blonde and a brunette and it all fell into place.”

Parriott and McGibbon’s latest project, “Descendants 2,” premieres Friday night on Disney Channel, as well as ABC, Freeform, Disney Xd and Lifetime. It’s now a key franchise for Disney, and the latest career twist for Parriott and McGibbon, who now boast one of the longest-running writing partnerships in all of Hollywood.

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The duo initially chose film over TV because “we felt in success we could still
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How the end of VHS took the movie rental window with it

Simon Brew May 8, 2017

When DVD hit big, some studios desperately tried to hang on to the traditional rental window. It led to an odd format called Divx...

Driving my young son through a part of Birmingham over the weekend before last, we stopped at lights in the Cotteridge area. Just outside a big booze shop. “That,” I explained to my 13-year old, “was where I spent a good deal of my youth.”


For Cotteridge used to house a sizeable video shop, whose ex-rental VHS offers were almost as good as the range of new releases they always had to rent. Even just 20 years ago, it was the norm for the majority of us to spend two or three quid a time renting a tape, and having to remember to take it back in the morning. The day a popular frozen pizza brand introduced a 'free rental at Blockbuster with
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10 Cloverfield Lane: Mary Elizabeth Winstead Interview

Last weekend Flickering Myth was given the opportunity to view a press screening of 10 Cloverfield Lane and interview stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Goodman and director Dan Trachtenberg in a roundtable discussion with other journalists. Mary Elizabeth Winstead was charming and spoke highly of her passion for the project, her regard for Goodman and Trachtenberg as well as other interests she has. Its clear from her personality that she is a bright, talented young woman who has a real love for acting and pushing the boundaries of film. You can read our review here and check back later for our interview with Goodman and Trachtenberg!

Minor spoilers follow for 10 Cloverfield Lane so if you want to avoid any other information (which I recommend) check back after you’ve seen the movie.

Q: Mary, I spoke to John Goodman and he was raving about you. He said he could really trust you.
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Three Men and a Baby: Where is baby Mary now?

Three Men and a Baby: Where is baby Mary now?
Three Men and a Baby was one of the biggest films of the 1980s, but whatever happened to the star of the movie - no, not Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg or Ted Danson - baby Mary.

Mary wasn't actually played by one girl, she was played by twin sisters Lisa Blair and Michelle Blair Ontonovich. The duo appeared on The Today Show this morning (June 16), 27 years after starring in the comedy classic.

Neither sister followed up the movie with a career in Hollywood. Lisa works in customer services and Michelle, who works in insurance, is now a mother to her own baby, five-month-old Jacob.

"At first, when we were little, it wasn't a big deal to us at all," said Michelle. "I think it was when we became teenagers, people started coming up to us a lot more. Asking us for our autographs and everything."

The sisters' mum Geriann described
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Life Itself Currently Shooting in NYC With Morgan Freeman, Diane Keaton And Cynthia Nixon

Production of Revelations Entertainment’s comedy Life Itself is underway in New York City starring starring Academy Award® winners Morgan Freeman, Diane Keaton and Cynthia Nixon.

This marks the first time that Freeman and Keaton have worked together.

The film is directed by award-winning director Richard Loncraine (The Gathering Storm, My One and Only, Firewall, Wimbledon, Richard III), and is based on the acclaimed novel “Heroic Measures” by Jill Ciment, from a screenplay written by Charlie Peters (My One and Only, Krippendorf’s Tribe, Three Men and A Little Lady, Blame It On Rio).

Life Itself tells the story of one comic and eventful weekend in the life of Ruth (Keaton) and Alex (Freeman), an aging New York couple who have finally decided to sell their Brooklyn apartment of 40 years. They fear that they are getting too old to climb the stairs, and Ruth’s realtor niece (Nixon) has convinced
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10 Hollywood Conspiracy Theories You Won’t Believe People Take Seriously

With people like Perez Hilton in the world, bloggers and celeb gossips seem to have taken over the Hollywood world over the last few years. But before the golden age of the World Wide Web, Celebrity rumours, conspiracies and crack pot theories seemed to be part and parcel in Hollywoodland.

The advent of the Internet has either contributed to theories; allowing all manner of life to form around the root of a conspiracy – allowing it to grow and thrive into madness. Or it opts to hinder some of the fun that surrounds them – Debunking madness and crazy ideas with a few clicks of a Google search.

Read on for 10 Unforgettable Hollywood Conspiracy Theories that borderline madness, some that display a ‘want’ rather than a ‘truth’ and the odd few that may, May just be true.

10. Munchkin Hanging In The Wizard Of Oz

As Dorothy and friends (minus a cowardly lion

From Harry Potter's Aunt To The Virgin Mary

From Harry Potter's Aunt To The Virgin Mary
New York — Fiona Shaw's small Broadway dressing room had the look of a makeshift bar. There were more than a dozen bottles of wine stashed on a high shelf.

"It looks like a sort of speakeasy, doesn't it?" the actress said, looking up at the gifts left by well-wishers that were now on duty for post-show cheers. "Over many months, we hope. Not in a night."

Visitors might be handed a glass of pinot but the hostess would rather stay as sober as possible as she tackles another astonishing part in a career populated by plenty of them. This new one may even top the rest: the Virgin Mary, whose son turned water into wine.

Shaw, perhaps best known for playing Harry Potter's aunt, is re-imagining the life of the mother of Christ in Irish writer Colm Toibin's New York premiere stage adaptation of his novella "The Testament of Mary,
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Tom Selleck: 'I think Three Men and a Bride is a good idea'

Tom Selleck: 'I think Three Men and a Bride is a good idea'
Tom Selleck has said he would be onboard for another potential sequel to Three Men and a Baby. The 1987 comedy, which also starred Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg, was followed up by 1990's Three Men and a Little Lady. CNN reports that Selleck told the hosts of The Talk that there may be some truth to the rumours that there will be a third entry in the series entitled Three Men and a Bride. He said: "I heard it was, so yes. I've talked to Ted [Danson] and I've talked to Steve Guttenberg, and we'd love to get back together (more)
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Tom Selleck Says He'd Be Up For A Three Men And A Baby Sequel

Decades before Tom Selleck and his mustache were starring in the highly rated CBS cop drama Blue Bloods, back around the end of his Magnum, P.I. days, he and two other well known actors (Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg) starred in a comedy about three bachelors who find themselves stuck taking care of a baby left by one of their girlfriends. Simply titled Three Men and a Baby, Leonard Nimoy (of Star Trek fame) directed the original 1987 comedy, which was a hit, grossing over $160 million domestically. The sequel came a few years later, but since Three Men and a Little Lady, we have yet to know what has become of the the three men or the baby/little lady. There's been talk of another sequel for years, which would focus on the three men and a bride. If Mary was a baby in 1987, that would put her in her
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'Three Men and a Baby' sequel: Tom Selleck's game! -- Video

'Three Men and a Baby' sequel: Tom Selleck's game! -- Video
Holy Guttenberg, is another Three Men and a Baby sequel going to make it to the big screen?

Tom Selleck seems up to the challenge. The Blue Bloods star told the women of The Talk Thursday that he’s definitely discussed the possibility of making Three Men and a Bride with Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg, his co-stars from the 1987 flick that grossed more than $167 million domestically. “We’d love to get back together if they’ve got a good idea,” he said. “It seemed to be real, and then it disappeared. If they’re smart, they’ll do it.
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'Three Men And A Baby' Cast: Where Are They Now? (Photos)

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Ladies, gird your heart. It's the 25th anniversary of perhaps the most aw-inducing comedy of all time, "Three Men and a Baby" (which was released on November 25, 1987). The Leonard Nimoy-directed (yes, really) film followed three playboy pals (Ted Danson, Tom Selleck and Steve Guttenberg) whose lives are turned upside down when a cooing bundle is dropped off at their doorstep. Suddenly, they're overrun with bottles instead of brews and lullabies instead of ladies. The comedy was the highest grossing film of 1987, even surpassing the hugely popular "Fatal Attraction." Although the trio reunited three years later for "Three Men and a Little Lady," the film earned mostly negative reviews. In honor of baby Mary's 25th birthday (Congrats! You can now rent a car!) let's take a look at what's become of the cast of "Three Men and a Baby." (Side note: Unfortunately, Lisa and Michelle Blair, the twins who portrayed Mary Bennington,
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The '80s Strike Back! Here Are Six Remakes to Look "Forward" To

It's official: every single film from the 1980s, aside from Mannequin, Krull, and Weekend at Bernie's has been remade. Here's a quick update on the final half-dozen, all of which will make you complain and whine. Even the good ones. Dirty Dancing (1987) -- A headstrong young woman discovers love and sex-tastical stuff during one nostalgic summer somewhere silly. Who Made It: The writer of It's My Turn (1980) and the director of Three Men and a Little Lady. Also Jennifer Grey and cool dudes like Jerry Orbach and Patrick Swayze. (Rip) Who's Remaking It: All we know at this point is that Lionsgate has it earmarked for July of next year, and considering how well remakes like The Karate Kid and Footloose have done, this one seems inevitable. Why? Are you...

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Tilda Swinton leads real-life horror story in We Need To Talk About Kevin

Remember yesterday, when I hoped that The Innkeepers would be an actually scary, well-made horror film but was sadly informed that it actually wasn't very good by one of our commenters? Maybe We Need To Talk About Kevin, the upcoming film starring Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilly based on the book of the same name, can fill the void created yesterday. Because if this trailer is any indication, it's like The Omen but without the Antichrist. Rosemary's Baby without the Satanic cult. Three Men and a Little Lady but without two of the men or the little lady plus one woman and a maladjusted teenager driven to commit an unspeakable act of violence: The film is directed by Lynne Ramsay, the woman behind Morvern Callar and Ratcatcher, which gives it good directing pedigree on top of its stellar leading actors. It opens in a limited [...]
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Angus T. Jones' 18th birthday - should they change it to 'Three Men'?

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Angus T. Jones, the highest-paid child star on television, turns 18 years old Saturday (Oct. 8). Do you think "Two and a Half Men" should become "Three Men." They could add a spunky little girl character and call it "Three Men and a Little Lady."

Just kidding. Happy birthday to Angus. He currently makes $300,000 per episode, which puts him well ahead of the second-highest paid child star, "iCarly's" Miranda Cosgrove at $180,000 an episode.

Jones has certainly started looking like a man as of late. He's shot up in height and has also lost all of his baby fat, turning him into a lean, mean joke-cracking machine on "Men." He can be seen for at least two more seasons on the hit CBS sitcom.

Happy birthday, Angus!
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‘Entourage’ Series Finale: TV Recap

‘Entourage’ Series Finale: TV Recap

They say that all good things must come to an end.

Entourage” went out with a bang in the series finale on Sunday night. In the final half-hour, the series creator/chief writer Doug Ellin resolved all of the loose ends leading up the last episode.

As the episode begins, Vince walks in and tells the boys that he is “absolutely” in love with Sophia, the Vanity Fair writer, and he wants to marry her. “This is it.”

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Disney Denies Adam Sandler Attempting ‘Three Men and A Baby’ Remake

Disney Denies Adam Sandler Attempting ‘Three Men and A Baby’ Remake
If someone showed you the trailer for Adam Sandler's Jack & Jill [1] right before Funny People was released, you would have sworn it was a Judd Apatow joke. Unfortunately, that film isn't a joke but the latest Sandler rumor is. According to a recent rumor, Sandler was inspired by an episode of MTV's True Life to produce a remake of Three Men and a Baby featuring his friends David Spade, Chris Rock, and Rob Schneider. In this updated version, though, the twist would be that the men aren't straight; they're gay polyamorists. Sounds a little too wacky to be true and, according to Disney, it is. They deny the rumor. Still, crazier things have happened. Read more about this rumor after the jump. While Disney flat out denies the rumor that began over on Movieweb [2], let's roll with it for a bit, just because when else do we get to
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'True Blood' Season 4 premiere: The future's so bright

"True Blood" returned for Season 4 on Sunday (June 26) and in typical "True Blood" fashion, the writers threw a curveball our way with a time jump. When Sookie was taken to the fairy world by her "fairy godmother" Claudine, she discovered that time works differently there and when she returned to Bon Temps, she'd been gone over a year.

Time jumps are a bit of a contrivance for shows, but they sure are fun because they basically let the writers do whatever they want with the characters without having to, well, get there on screen.

So where did this time jump put our "True Blood" characters?

Sookie returns from the fairy land and of course everyone is freaking out because they all thought she was dead. We were delighted to see Gary Cole as her granddaddy and wish there was a way to keep him around, but we'll take a smidge of Cole just the same.
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What have cinema's teachers taught us?

We've had wise teachers, cop teachers, bored and inept and alien teachers. Now Cameron Diaz is a bad teacher. Discuss

We've learned many things at the movies over the years. That the mortality rate for hardworking law enforcement officers escalates dramatically days before they're due to retire. That books in top pockets protect you from bullets. And that even in some of the world's busiest cites, it's possible to find a parking space directly outside the building you're visiting.

Away from these literal life lessons, however, the big screen has also presented us with a string of inspiring educators, with Cameron Diaz the latest to join their ranks in Bad Teacher. From strict disciplinarians to pot-smoking professors, the film faculty is crammed full of tutors intent on imparting their wisdom to the assembled moviegoing masses. But what have they taught us? Get your books out and let's go through the answers.
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HBO's 'True Blood' casts Fiona Shaw as a regular.

Veteran Irish theater actress and director Fiona Shaw (Aunt Petunia in the Harry Potter series of films), has joined "True Blood" as a regular, reports Deadline. The actress will play Marnie, a timid but secretly self loathing palm reader/storefront medium who is taken over by the spirit of a powerful witch. Apparently, the character was originally envisioned as being younger but is now being adjusted accordingly for Shaw. Shaw's other previous credits include "Fracture," "Dorian Gray," "Three Men and a Little Lady" and TV's "Empire."
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New Die Hard And Fantastic Four Movies May Get Equally Lame Titles

When you're building movies into franchises and don't want to just stick with the boring old Part Two and Part Three sequel titles, you've got to start getting original. Sometimes it works-- Die Hard With A Vengeance! Three Men and a Little Lady!-- and sometimes it's just nonsense-- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen? Terminator: Salvation? Unfortunately, thanks to a new rumor at AICN, the next Die Hard and Fantastic Four movies will be more of the latter kind. Harry Knowles is hearing that the next Die Hard movie, which was going forward as of early May, will be titled Die Hard 24/7, which pretty much makes no sense. He's also got what's apparently the title for the next Fantastic Four movie: Fantastic Four Reborn. That one's a little more logical, given that they're planning on replacing the original cast entirely, but still pretty awkward and obvious as titles go. I
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