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2 Jan. 1996
Honey, We Broke the Kid
Casey brings a TV star to Nantucket to help publicize the island while Joe and Helen take care of their friend's child to see if they will make good parents.
9 Jan. 1996
B.S. I Love You
A man shows up who says he's Joe and Brian's grandfather.
16 Jan. 1996
Sons and Lovers
Roy's son RJ returns to the island to attend his dad's birthday party after a five year separation.
30 Jan. 1996
Bye George
Lyle, a man Fay met while on vacation comes to the island to court her. He proposes to her and they were in the process of getting married when the minister utters his full name. That's when Fay freaks out, because he has the same name as her other dead husbands. She then goes to Joe who is nursing a cold to ask him what she should do.
6 Feb. 1996
The Team Player
Joe and Brian decide to go to a hockey game in Boston. They ask Antonio to man the counter. He gives the last seat to an old woman. And then a guy who says he was booked to go o the flight arrives. But because he was late Antonio gave sway the last seat. He says that he will regret it. Joe and Brian return and say the game was disappointing because the star player wasn't there. And Antonio tells them about the guy and they learn it was the hockey player. He later goes on the air and blames Sandpiper for his missing the game. And that's when they're the most hated ...
13 Feb. 1996
Love at First Flight
In the air on Valentines Day, Brian and one of his passengers fall madly in love with each other. On the ground, Roy has a date with Antonio's former girlfriend -- Edna, the big-faced girl.
20 Feb. 1996
Lynch Party
Helen learns that her ex boyfriend Davis has been detained in Asia for over a year and is now on his way back to see her. She then tells Joe to go to Boston to get something. The guys are wondering what's up with Helen. She tells them that she didn't break up with him when she accepted Joe's proposal. She tells them that on the night she was going to see Davis, Joe proposed to her and she accepted. She told Joe that she has to see him alone but when she sees him, he surprises her with a surprise engagement party. And before she could tell Davis she accepted Joe's ...
27 Feb. 1996
One Flew Over the Cooper's Nest
When Joe learns that Sandy Cooper, the woman he says is obsessed with him, is coming he freaks out. Helen thinks he's out of his mind. And when she arrives, she's there for Brian. Joe goes on of how demented she is, Helen takes him to a therapist. But during one of his sessions Sandy shows up claiming to be his wife.
9 Apr. 1996
What About Larry?
Helen and Joe hire a contractor to build their new house. Meanwhile, Brian stalks George Kennedy.
23 Apr. 1996
The Lady Vanishes
After a chance encounter, Antonio searches for the girl he shared a moment with in the airport. He enlists everyone's help to try to find her. Brian and Helen size up women at the ticket counters for emotional baggage that they might carry.
30 Apr. 1996
Life Could Be a Dream
Joe finds the time capsule, he, Brian, Helen and Casey buried when they were kids. Inside are letters that they wrote what they thought they would be in the future. So they each read their letter, Joe thought he would be baseball star, Brian thought he would be a spy, Casey thought she would be a supermodel. And they thought Helen would still be the fat girl And Helen is a musician.
7 May 1996
The Lyin' King
Joe and Brian learn that a woman whom they know is an exotic dancer and will be performing for the last time so they decide to go. But Joe has to find a way not to tell Helen. But when she asks him where he is going, he makes up a story of volunteering at a retirement home. And in order to be able to look her in the eye he goes to the home.
14 May 1996
Love Overboard
When Casey discovers where her wayward husband is, she goes after him to get back what re ran off with. Only when she finds him he claims he lost everything.
21 May 1996
Grouses, Houses, and Bickering Spouses
Joe and Helen need to sell their jinxed lot so they can buy their dream home.
18 Sep. 1996
Porno for Pyros
Joe, Helen, Brian, and Casey are fed up with their living arrangements, and Joe's "big board"; however, Felix the Contractor says the sinkhole on Joe and Helen's plot isn't the only delay in building their new house. Joe shows Helen the house of their dreams; but what to do with their poured foundation? In the meantime, Antonio gets $1000 from his taxes and decides he is going to spend it all on himself. Unfortunately, a broken tooth leads to a series of unfortunate events that whittles his check down. It all ends in fire and chaos, reminiscent of... last year.
25 Sep. 1996
...Like a Neighbor Scorned
Brian and Casey burn down Helen's house, Joe and Helen burn down Brian's house. This is too much of a coincidence for the insurance company. Joe, Brian, Helen, and Casey must sweat it out with the insurance adjuster before Antonio shows her passion can ignite a flame.
2 Oct. 1996
Maybe It's You
Brian's vow to find deeper relationships is tested by beautiful but dumb Dani. Joe tries to deal with his best friend not inviting him to a wedding.
9 Oct. 1996
Single and Hating It
The whole gang end up at a singles mixer together.
23 Oct. 1996
Too Beautiful for You
Antonio works a suicide hotline one night and finds himself on a date with a depressed caller. When she turns out to be gorgeous he wonders how long until he gets dumped. Helen has to compete with a sandwhich vendor cart.
30 Oct. 1996
The Gift of Life
It's Halloween and everybody wants to enjoy it and go to parties. But a guy shows up and buys a ticket; Joe and Brian don't want to fly him cause they have plans. The guy gets a call from his wife who had earlier dumped him. He says that he's a medical courier and he is carrying the gift of life. But Joe and Brian convince him to go to his wife and he leaves his cooler behind. They look inside and see a canister that says Nelson's heart. They assume it's a heart for a transplant. So they try to find out where it goes.
6 Nov. 1996
Olive or Twist
Casey encourages Brian to use his insurance money to open a martini bar. Things go awry when the first customer through the door slips and falls. Brian's problems are compounded when he learns Casey never got insurance. Roy and Faye hunt for ET's.
13 Nov. 1996
Wingless: Part 1
The Sandpiper airplane gets repossessed forcing Joe and Brian to sell the airline.

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