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3 Jan. 1991
Airport '90
Helen decides to take flying lessons from Joe but his classes are too long and boring so Brian offers to let her fly the plane. Shortly after, Brian is injured and Helen finds herself behind the controls.
10 Jan. 1991
Love Is Like Pulling Teeth
Joe is torn, on one hand he promised to take care of Helen, who is gonna be laid up for the night after visiting the dentist. And on the hand he's missing the biggest College Basketball game of the year, when Providence plays Boston College. Joe soon finds out Helen's TV is in the shop, so he bundles up unconscious Helen and takes her to his house and the party. She wanders off and everyone except Roy has to go looking for her.
24 Jan. 1991
The Tennis Bum
For the upcoming model show, Lowell brings in his most prized possession, his radio controlled Graf Zeppelin model. Storing it in Joe's office he makes only one request, that no one touch it, including Joe. But Joe can't resist and of course destroys it, after Roy bursts in without knocking and crushes it behind the door. Meanwhile, Brian's attempt at cheering Fay up by letting her beat him in a game of tennis, turns into embarrassment as the news of the victory spreads. So Brian, with wounded pride, challenges Fay to a rematch, but bows out when he realizes that he ...
31 Jan. 1991
My Brother's Back - And There's Gonna Be Trouble
When Joe's back goes out and forces him into a stay at the hospital, Brian takes over Sandpiper. His eagerness is soon deflated, when all his new ideas and crazy promotions turns into a disastrous mess. When Joe returns he finds the Airport in complete chaos, with the Marching band and the team mascot ready to board the plane for a world record attempt, and Brian looking for the plane after it went missing.
7 Feb. 1991
Plane Nine from Nantucket
Joe and Brian think they see a UFO. Joe is hesitant to file an FAA report, fearing that Sandpiper Air will be blacklisted. Brian goes ahead and files a report, which catches the notice of an eccentric group of UFO enthusiasts.
14 Feb. 1991
Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places
Valentine's Day gets off to a rocky start for Helen and Joe. Joe's gift of chocolates is not appreciated by the once-overweight Helen. Helen apologizes for taking it the wrong way, sending Joe a note telling him to meet her at their "special place" later that night. However, they have different places in mind -- for Joe, it's Indian Point, where they had their first date. For Helen, it's Pontorelli's, where they first ate. After a confusing night, they finally end up at Pontorelli's for a late Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, when Roy's blind date exceeds all his low ...
21 Feb. 1991
Love Means Never Having to Say Geronimo
Wanting a night alone, Joe and Helen kick Brian out of the house, but Brian shows up the next day with a woman named Gwen who he intends to marry. Despite the objections of Joe and Helen, the happy couple and the wedding party (with Roy as the minister and Joe and Helen as the Best Man and Brides Maid, respectively) go up in Joe's plane, to watch the marriage ceremony and subsequent skydive. In the midst of all this excitement Joe and Helen decide to take the plunge too. Suddenly Gwen has a major change of heart and she and Brian decide not to get married after all, ...
7 Mar. 1991
All in the Family
When Brian starts to date Kenny's mother, Kenny is worried about Brian's reputation with women. But just as Kenny warms to the idea of them dating, Brian dumps her. Meanwhile, Joe and Helen squabble over the issue of privacy.
14 Mar. 1991
Mother Wore Stripes
Joe and Brian's mother who left them, comes back. While Brian is happy to see her, Joe isn't. And things get worse when she tells them why she chose not to return.
21 Mar. 1991
Murder She Roast
Brian is forced to live with Faye for a week and jumps to conclusions when he thinks he sees her on a fugitive TV show.
28 Mar. 1991
Duet for Cello and Plane
Much to Joe's surprise, Helen wins a job with the Maine State Symphony. But when Helen comes to Joe and tells him she would stay if he only asked, the discussion turns into a huge fight. Then comes the unwelcome news that the Symphony has lost their funding and there is no job. Joe prepares to apologize but Helen's ready to leave; tired of not getting anywhere with her musical career, she decides to leave Nantucket for New York City. Meanwhile, a confused looking woman who doesn't speak english and has been hanging around the airport gains Fay's sympathy and Roy's ...
19 Sep. 1991
The Naked Truth
10 months after moving to New York, Helen calls Joe to say hi. Joe doesn't tell her that he's been seeing someone else. Later he talks to everyone looking for someone to tell him that it's best not to tell Helen. But Brian tells him he has to. So they go to New York and they find her working in a strip club. Joe tries to tell her about his new girlfriend but she tells him that she's down on her luck. So he tells her to come back to Nantucket, without telling her. When they arrive she finds out unexpectedly.
26 Sep. 1991
Is That a Subpoena in Your Pocket...?
Following Helen's damage to his office, Joe tries to get her to pay for the damages. When she refuses, Joe decides to sue her.
10 Oct. 1991
The Taming of the Shrew
Helen's anger issues with Joe result in her attending a group meeting after the persuasion of her friends.
17 Oct. 1991
I Ain't Got No Bunny
Joe and Brian discover that Lowell is sleeping at the airfield. He tells them that he and his wife, Bunny are on the skids because he thinks that she's throwing herself at other men. They tell him to try and work things out. So he takes his wife out. The next day, he tells them things didn't work out because he assumed she was hitting on a guy. He then asks them if one of them can talk to her. Brian offers to do but Joe thinks he shouldn't. When he talks she comes on to him and Joe walks in before anything happens. Now they have to tell Lowell he has to get away from ...
31 Oct. 1991
If Elected, I Will Not Live
When Roy's opponent for a seat on the town council drops out, the gang convince Joe to run against him. But the surprise endorsement of Joe's campaign manager Fay, by the local newspaper, gives Roy more competition than he can handle. So Roy concocts a plan, involving a story about how he has never won anything his entire life. Touched by Roy's story of his embarrassing failures in grade school, Fay throws the election.
7 Nov. 1991
My Brother's Keeper
A wealthy woman comes to the island and takes a liking to Brian and it isn't long before he becomes her boy toy. The gang is hoping that Brian can get her to invest with them or donate to some benefit they're involved with. But Joe tells Brian that he should be ashamed of himself but is having too much of a good time to listen. Joe then decides to tell her what he thinks of her but she cuts him off by saying she wants to invest with him, that's when he changes his tune.
14 Nov. 1991
Crate Expectations
It's Joe's birthday and he tells everyone that he prefer not to celebrate it. Brian decides to throw him a surprise party and everyone agrees to help. Later Joe overhears them planning the party and he's touched. But later they all realize they have prior commitments so they have to reschedule. Fay then tells Joe that he has to stay and take receipt of some items that are going to be delivered to the hanger later and that everyone else has plans. Joe thinking that it's a ruse to make sure he's around for the party goes along with it. But when a man delivering a crate ...
21 Nov. 1991
Ladies Who Lunch
When Helen and Gail continue to bicker, Joe wants them to make peace. So he tells them to spend some time together and it isn't before long that they're buddies and talking about Joe's deepest secrets. When word comes out that the President will have a layover; Roy wants to get his picture taken with him and Fay wants to touch the First Lady which she has been doing with the last 8 First Ladies.
5 Dec. 1991
Try to Remember the Night He Dismembered
Under hypnosis, Roy confesses to a crime he did, now it's up to the rest to figure out what to do.
12 Dec. 1991
The Late Mrs. Biggins
Pressured by questions, Roy reveals his wife Sylvia is not dead after all, instead living in Boston after having deserted him abruptly sixteen years ago. In the company of Brian, Roy flies to Boston to win his wife back. Roy's efforts are for naught, however, as Sylvia refuses to leave her life as the wife of a rich plastic surgeon to return to Nantucket with him.
19 Dec. 1991
The Bogey Men
Brian tries to scam a time-share out of a weekend of golf by signing up for a sales pitch he has no intention of attending. Joe, Roy, and Lowell tag along. The trip is ruined by a tropical storm in Florida.

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