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Season 1

24 Oct. 1990
WNDY is a struggling TV station, dubbed "WIOU" by staffers who have seen ratings plunge. A brand-new news director arrives, determined to make the station number one.
31 Oct. 1990
Kelby gets mixed messages from an image consultant; Eddie crosses the line on a salute to an everyday hero; Taylor panics when she's assigned a "backgrounder."
7 Nov. 1990
The Inquisition
Liz grapples with a dilemma involving allegations of sexual misconduct by a priest at her son's school; an activist takes issue with the station's minority hiring.
14 Nov. 1990
Do the Wrong Thing
Kelby debates coming forward with news of police brutality that could free a murderer; WNDY interviews a sports-reporter candidate; a bride's father challenges Floyd's forecasting.
5 Dec. 1990
One Point, No Light
Budget cuts in mental-health care propel a patient to drastic measures; the ex-Mrs. Zaret threatens to derail Hank's career comeback; Taylor temporarily lands in the anchor chair.
12 Dec. 1990
They Shoot Sources, Don't They
Taylor acts on a tip on an S&L investigation; Neal assigns Willis to investigate his wife's infidelity; Tony auditions sports anchors; Floyd focuses on his vision problems.
19 Dec. 1990
Diamond Dogs
New weather maps don't help Floyd's poor vision; skinheads desecrate a menorah; a visit from Kelby's rock-star beau leaves her filled with confusion.
26 Dec. 1990
Mother Nature's Son
Neal and Liz battle for control; Hank's freedom depends on Kelby coming forward about a killer's confession; Tony corrals a child loose in the newsroom; Taylor asks Floyd for advice.
2 Jan. 1991
Ode to Sizzling Sal
Kelby is on the hot seat when Billy Randfield asks her to witness his execution; Ann collects money for a cleaning woman's medical expenses.
9 Jan. 1991
Labored Relations
A strike puts Liz and her union-representative husband on opposite sides of the bargaining table; Willis tries to muster the courage to propose to Ann.
4 Mar. 1991
Bleeds, It Leads
A WNDY news policy troubles Liz and has Eddie and Taylor scrambling for gory stories; the fate of a feuding couple's frozen embryos is uncertain; Neal focuses in on Floyd's sight instructor.
13 Mar. 1991
Pair o' Guys Lost
Neil resorts to sensationalism for the sake of ratings; the women throw Ann a bridal shower.
20 Mar. 1991
Three Women and a Baby
Kelby gets involved in a story about a crack baby; anxiety overwhelms Ann on her wedding day; Hank is suspicious when Taylor and Marc keep landing lead stories; Liz breaks her news to Michael.
One Flew Over the Anchor Desk
Hate crimes against an Arab-American family follow Ann's televised interview; an attractive young producer has Liz feeling young again; Kelby feels confident she'll get custody of foster child Kendra; Floyd fears returning to work.

 Season 1 

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