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7 Jan. 1992
The Honeymooners
Charlie takes Caroline to see him play in a football reunion match, but a distraction of the female kind risks torpedoing the whole weekend.
14 Jan. 1992
The Whiz Kid
Charlie feels put out when Caroline brings her devilishly perfect new creative director home, and there is suddenly a new Mr. Popular about house.
21 Jan. 1992
Family Ties
Charlie's late wife's father (Jo's grandfather) turns up out of the blue, but what are his real motives?
28 Jan. 1992
The Proposal
Caroline is seeing her accountant Geoffrey, but gets nervous when he needs to see her about a life-changing question.
4 Feb. 1992
Business and Pleasure
Caroline gifts Charlie with a high-class golf membership, but Laura wants him to use his charm to get her a rich business client in return.
11 Feb. 1992
Pillow Talk
The end of another series, and this time it's Caroline's turn to make an unconscious admission.
20 Oct. 1992
Come Dancing
Caroline and Charlie are at a loose end so go out dancing. But a simple night out becomes more than they bargained for.
27 Oct. 1992
Blind Date
Charlie's sauna buddy Trevor cannot get over his ex-wife, so he sets him up on date with Caroline. But when Laura comes on the scene, Caroline's angle changes.
3 Nov. 1992
Sex, Lies and Exercise Tape
Caroline is tense again, so joins a gym as a release. But there is a plumber in the house, so the rumour mill starts spinning at both ends.
10 Nov. 1992
Summoned to the Head
Tom is growing up, but what is he growing up into?
17 Nov. 1992
The Girl Next Door
Caroline returns to her default status as the most beautiful green eyed monster in town when Charlie is the prize in a slave auction.
24 Nov. 1992
Charlie's Auntie's Uncle
Charlie's Auntie Pat brings a wayward youth to stay, which of course turns Jo's head.
1 Dec. 1992
Match of the Day
Charlie agrees to coach Caroline's volleyball team, but are his ex-footballer skills compatible?
8 Dec. 1992
Surprise, Surprise
Jo's boyfriend has a grandfather who needs company, so thoughts turn to Laura. But that means that nothing is straight-forward.
15 Dec. 1992
The Fugitive
Jo is shocked to hear that Nick is in prison and not in Spain,as she was led to believe. Charlie takes Caroline and Laura to visit him,telling him of Jo's disappointment but are amazed to find on ,their return home,that Nick has escaped from prison in order to speak to his grand-daughter. When Nick agrees to return to jail Jo believes she has persuaded him but in fact Charlie has tricked him into believing that there will be an amnesty.
22 Dec. 1992
You Shall Go to the Ball
With Caroline on business in Manchester Laura steals her invite to a society function,passing herself off as her daughter and Charlie as the owner of an airline,which leads to lots of awkward questions which neither can answer. When the real Caroline arrives she has to use subterfuge to get admitted but is treated to uncharacteristic praise from Laura,complimenting her on the esteem with which her peers hold her. As a result of the confusion all three are about to be evicted but fortunately Charlie's old friend Henry Cooper comes to the rescue.
28 Dec. 1992
To Let or Not to Let
When a local couple split and move away Caroline buys their cottage as an investment. She lets it to respectable elderly musician Donald,only to find that Charlie is offering it to seductive actress Michelle. She is not best pleased,leading to a row with Charlie,which is resolved when Caroline apologises for treating him like an employee. However when Michelle decides she wants to move back to London Caroline is happy to give her the deposit.

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