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1 May 1990
Just the Job
Charlie moves from London to the country to give his daughter Joanna a better life. But the attractive Caroline is shocked to find her mother Laura considers him - a man - suitable to be their housekeeper.
8 May 1990
Briefless Encounter
Laura tells Charlie he can use Caroline's private bath, as she is not supposed to be home for hours . . .
15 May 1990
Dinner for Two
Laura takes the children camping, so Caroline invites her latest beau round for a dinner with waiter service. But when he is unable to make it, Charlie feels bad for her.
22 May 1990
The Old Girl Network
Caroline's well-bred former school friend turns up, and leaves the Whestley household cheesed off.
29 May 1990
Caroline's First Fight
Caroline and Charlie have to chase after the children who have run away to Charlie's former London estate, due to disagreements about their behaviour. But Caroline's fish out of water status leaves her ending up the naughty one.
5 Jun. 1990
Who's Who
Caroline is unlucky in love because men are intimidated by her position, but Charlie can pull a woman just as simply as talking to her in a supermarket. What new tactics can Caroline learn for a taste of date success?
10 Jul. 1990
Growing Pains
Tomboy Jo and Charlie both feel confused and awkward when she is just about to turn 12 and suddenly feels differently about herself and unable to play football any more.
17 Jul. 1990
Paint Your Wagon
Bodywork is the theme of the day, when Charlie admires the women at his aerobics class, and Caroline's Jaguar needs a new coat of paint. But the line between employer and employee is crossed when Charlie chooses the colour.
24 Jul. 1990
Welcome Home
Caroline's estranged husband returns from his jungle explorations, and despite having already agreed to a divorce quickly worms his way back into her emotions, and puts his stamp back on the house.
31 Jul. 1990
Welcome Home II
Charlie has got a new job since Michael let him go, but Caroline and Michael's sickly-sweet renewed romantics are already starting to wear thin.
6 Aug. 1990
Just Like Charlie
Tom's behaviour begins to cause concern, but could it be due to the influence of Charlie?
14 Aug. 1990
First Kiss
The kids go away on a boat trip. Caroline gets drunk for her Birthday and Charlie gets drunk at his former employer's leaving do, which leads to a spontaneous moment.
27 Dec. 1990
It's Christmas, and Charlie is moonlighting to make extra money. But what for? Maybe budding new writer Laura can solve the mystery.

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