Twin Peaks (TV Series 1990–1991) Poster


Plot Keywords

murder fbi
secret soul
magical realism year 1989
1980s supernatural
fire flirtatious woman
famous score death
diner writer director
produced by director mistaken identity
famous opening theme duality
strong female character cult tv
cult male character cult figure
cult female character unseen character
series in series taking control of someone's body
neo noir dance
lie irony
high school friend cousin cousin relationship
sexuality rape
violence surrealism
experimental avant garde
cliffhanger icelandic
temptress talking backwards
multiple personality jealous lover
jealous husband dual personality
dream sequence alter ego
brunette blonde
woman of mystery unrequited love
small town sheriff sheriff
mystery woman mysterious woman
mysterious villain mysterious past
mysterious man mysterious forest
mysterious death marital abuse
love look alike
infidelity husband wife relationship
hotel high school
friendship forest
femme fatale female singer
father son relationship father daughter relationship
extramarital affair dysfunctional marriage
dysfunctional family double
double life double identity
disguise diary
deputy sheriff death of girlfriend
death of daughter dark forest
boyfriend girlfriend relationship betrayal
asian woman actress playing multiple roles
cult famous line
teenager murder investigation
investigation federal agent
family crisis eccentric
deadpan hidden character
log log lady
female mill owner washington state
serial killer paranormal phenomena
one armed man endless loop
amputee pacific northwest
folklore duplicity
kidnapping mynah bird
police small town
owl native american
pie cherry pie
deja vu dream
chess traffic light
red curtain chess game
coma hallucination
detective chess piece
meals on wheels split personality
ensemble cast possession
adultery supernatural power
cherry amnesia
dead girl enigma
weasel coffee
donut prostitution
parapsychology law enforcement
doppelganger death of friend

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