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Wackyland, the bizarre world that Gogo-Dodo comes from, wasn't created for this show; it actually first appeared in a little known Looney Tunes short named _Porky in Wackyland_ (1938), which also featured a dodo that looked and acted exactly like Gogo Dodo from this series.
In the episode "Never Too Late To Loon", Acme Acres is found to be located in Arkansas.
One episode was co-written by 3 then-teenage girls, who just happened to be fans of the series.
The series had two spin-offs, The Plucky Duck Show (1992) and Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain (1998).
The character of Ralph the Warner Bros. studio security guard later appeared as a regular character on another Warner Bros. animated series, Animaniacs.
Tiny Toons was originally planned to be a feature length film for theatrical release, but was later changed to a TV series.
Each episode contained 25,000 animation cels, which was more than double the industry standard at the time of 10,000. This allowed the characters to move more fluidly.
Danny Cooksey, who voiced Montana Max, was the only cast member at the time, who was not an adult.
Tiny Toons won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program three straight years from 1991-1993.
The nonsensical word "narf" which was made famous by Pinky on _"Anamaniacs" (1993)_ made its first appearance in the secret message in the credits of the episode "You Asked for It". The message: "Guy Who Says "Narf" - Eddie Fitzgerald"
Fifi Le Fume's perfume of choice is Le Stink.
This was the first animated series produced by Steven Spielberg and Warner Brothers Animation.
Voice Director Andrea Romano auditioned over 1,200 actors for the series.
Writer Paul Dini said the original idea for Tiny Toons came from then Warner Brothers President Terry Semel, who said he wanted to inject new life into the animation department.

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