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14 Sep. 1990
The Looney Beginning
Bugs Bunny narrates how Buster and Babs Bunny were created by a cartoonist on a deadline to come up with a new concept for a great new cartoon; and they wound up having to create Acme Acres, all the characters, and get their scripts back from the villain, Montana Max, who stole them to create his own show.
17 Sep. 1990
A Quack in the Quarks
Plucky's incessant brags about heroism get him in trouble when two alien ducks posing as foreign exchange students kidnap him to return to their home planet to defeat their enemy, Duck Vadar; and it's up to Buster, Babs and Hamton to follow after the aliens and rescue Plucky.
18 Sep. 1990
The Wheel O' Comedy
Includes "Spectacular Day," "Devil Doggie," "Optical Illusion" and "Win, Lose Or Kerplowie." Buster and Babs are replaced by the Wheel of Comedy, Elmyra adopts Dizzy in the misperception he's a puppy, Furrball's confused when he picks up 3-D glasses and Buster interferes with a rigged game show.
19 Sep. 1990
Test Stress (Never Too Late to Loon/Lil' Sneezer/To Bleep or Not to Bleep)
Includes "Never Too Late To Loon," "Lil' Sneezer" and "To Bleep Or Not To Bleep." Plucky tries to cheat on a math exam, Sylvester gives Furrball an assignment to catch a mouse, and a swearing Rooster asks Buster to help him get a date with Shirley.
20 Sep. 1990
The Buster Bunny Bunch
A satire of "The Mickey Mouse Club" sees Buster suffering at the hands of a pumped-up Arnold at the gym in "Buffed Bunny," Dizzy receiving justice at the hands of fate after squashing bugs in "Squish," and Babs driving away all her friends with her dead-on imitations in "Born To Be Riled."
21 Sep. 1990
Her Wacky Highness
Fed up with both school and her family, Babs decides to run away to Wackyland, figuring she'll fit right in. However, she soon begins to have second thoughts.
24 Sep. 1990
Journey to the Center of Acme Acres
Buster and Babs set out to set out to rescue Hamton and Plucky from a crevice left by an earthquake and discover the source of the recent tremblings of the ground.
25 Sep. 1990
Stuff That Goes Bump in the Night
Buster's poltergeist comes back to haunt Montana Max after he drops a house on the rabbit in "Home Wrecker." Elmyra's pet-of-the-month club delivers a vampire bat in "Fang You Very Much." And Hamton faces off against a mosquito in "Easy Biter."
26 Sep. 1990
It's Buster Bunny Time
The gang spoofs Howdy Doody in "Buster Bunny Bunch," the Roadrunner/Wiley Coyote competition in "Bag That Bunny," Robin Leach in "Lifestyles Of The Rich And Rotten" and classic al music in "The Anvil Chorus."
27 Sep. 1990
Looking Out for the Little Guy
Elmyra adopts Sneezer when he's left on her doorstep in "Awful Orphan." Plucky tries to stop Montana in "The Re-Return Of The Toxic Revenge," and a dog tries to protect baby chickens from the prowling Furrball in "Bird-Dog Afternoon."
28 Sep. 1990
Starting from Scratch
A flea makes a courageous journey to find his family in a spoof of "An American Tail."
1 Oct. 1990
Hare-Raising Night
Buster goes on a mission to stop the mutant experiments of Dr. Gene Splicer.
2 Oct. 1990
Furrball Follies
Furrball pretends to be a dog when he meets a blind couple who hates cats in "K-9 Kitty." In "Aroma Amore," a paint stripe down Furrball's back attracts Fifi.
3 Oct. 1990
The Acme Acres Zone (A Walk on the Flip Side/A Bacon Strip/Senserely Yours, Babs)
A "Twilight Zone" spoof including "A Walk On The Flip Side," where rabbit-hating Montana wakes up as a bunny; "A Bacon Strip," in which Hamton is duped into skinny-dipping; and in "Senserely Yours, Babs," Babs loses her sense of humor.
4 Oct. 1990
Life in the 90's
Hamton takes Plucky and the Bunnys to a fancy restaurant in "Whining Out," Max tries to bilk Buster in "Paper Trained," and Babs fights smokers in "Butt Out."
5 Oct. 1990
Rock 'N' Roar
Buster finds a dinosaur egg and mistakes it for his soccer ball, until it hatches into a tyrannosaurus Rex. Buster names him Rover and makes a pet out of him, but Montana Max tries to hunt the dinosaur down for his own uses and it's up to Buster and his friends to return Rover to where he belongs.
8 Oct. 1990
Prom-ise Her Anything
Acme Looniversity is abuzz as the prom approaches. Buster fears his dark secret -his profound inability to dance- will be revealed. Babs is on pins and needles, waiting for Buster to ask her out. Elmyra nurses her unrequited crush on Montana Max, who flees to Rio. The boys are fitted for tuxes and the girls paint their faces (literally). When the big night arrives, surprises abound for everyone... and in true Acme Loo fashion, unadulterated chaos reigns.
9 Oct. 1990
Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow
Buster is taken captive by crazed animal lover Elmyra (her big debut), and finds she's been holding other Tiny Toons hostage for "years". With Babs' help, Buster and the other toons manage to escape Elmyra's house and deal with her in true cartoon style.
10 Oct. 1990
Buster and Babs browse the huge selection of films at their local theatre, including "Superbabs," "Duck Trek" and "Pasadena Jones."
11 Oct. 1990
You Asked for It: Part 1
Plucky tries to fix the rigged "request day" machine. Includes "Debutante Devil," "Slight Of Hare," and "Duck Out Of Luck." Part 1 of 2
12 Oct. 1990
Gang Busters
Montana Max and his gang steal a slushie machine and frame Buster for it; Plucky acts as his lawyer and they both get thrown in jail, then try to break out and make Max confess, but encounter one ridiculous obstacle after another in the big house.
15 Oct. 1990
Citizen Max
The isolated and rich Montana Max one day opens his mansions' window, shouting out the word 'Acme.' Hampton goes on a quest to then find out what this strange utterance could mean. His journey takes him on a quest through Max's poor past, and into his huge (but scandalous) run for Class President.
17 Oct. 1990
Wake Up Call of the Wild
The Bunnys consider instinct and their relation to the wild creatures. Includes "Migrant Mallard," "It's A Jungle Out There, and "Kitty Cat-Astrophe."
19 Oct. 1990
Buster and the Wolverine
Re-working of Peter and the Wolf with Tiny Toons cast.
22 Oct. 1990
You Asked for It: Part 2
Dizzy and Hamton are "The Weird Couple," Plucky takes on Monty's polluting factory in"The Return Of The Toxic Revenger" and Hamton clings to his diet in "Little Cake Of Horrors." Part 2 of 2
23 Oct. 1990
Hollywood Plucky
Buster and Babs are in a race with Plucky to see who can get to Hollywood and sell their story to famed director Cooper Daville first. Plucky and Hamton are the first ones to reach Hollywood but have to endure many wild and zany antics to try and reach Mr. Daville.
26 Oct. 1990
Europe in 30 Minutes
Plucky, Hamton and the Bunnys go abroad for a tour of Europe.
30 Oct. 1990
The Wacko World of Sports
Bjorn Bunny thwarts Max's rigged tennis tournament in "Tennis The Menace." Dizzy and Furrball try to fool Arnold in "Bleacher Bummer," and the Vanderbunnys teach Roderick and Rhubella a lesson in "Miniature Golf."
1 Nov. 1990
Rainy Daze
Buster and Babs present three cartoons on how to cope with a rainy day. Rent-A-Friend: Buster's working as a rent-a-friend and gets stuck having to play with Montana Max. Bunny Daze: Babs has the house to herself while her mother's away and daydreams herself into adventures as she does her chores. Fur-Gone Conclusion: Buster and Babs get sick of the rain and head for Aruba but make a wrong turn and wind up at the North Pole, and help save a baby seal from Gotcha Grabmor, a fur scalper.
2 Nov. 1990
Fields of Honey
When Babs bemoans her lack of a female mentor, a mysterious voice leads her to rediscover the forgotten Warner Bros. star, Honey.
5 Nov. 1990
Sawdust and Toonsil
The toons try to free Wackyland creatures trapped in a circus sideshow.
6 Nov. 1990
Spring in Acme Acres
Concord takes over Cupid's job in "Love Among The Toons." Elmyra goes wild while cleaning house in "Elmyra's Spring Cleaning" and Plucky and Dizzy battle for prizes on a humiliating game show in "That's Incredibly Stupid."
7 Nov. 1990
Psychic Fun-omenon Day
Calamaty Coyote sees his life flash before his eyes in "Piece Of Mind." Hamton wimps out of dissecting a frog in class in "Class Cut-Up." A bored Plucky uses binoculars to snoop from his hospital bed in "Rear Window Pain."
8 Nov. 1990
The Wide World of Elmyra
Tyrone Turtle must cross a highway to escape Elmyra in "Turtle Hurdle." Elmyra bungles her babysitting in "Drooley Davey" and friendly dog Barky Marky loses his love of fetch after playing with Elmyra in "Go Fetch."
9 Nov. 1990
A Ditch in Time
Plucky builds a time machine to avoid failing a class.
12 Nov. 1990
Buster gives Plucky a fast lesson in animation. Then the toons make a student film for their final to be shown at the Acme Looniversity Animation Festival.
13 Nov. 1990
Career Oppor-Toon-ities
The toons get part-time jobs. As fast-food workers the Bunnys must serve Max in "Buster's Guide To Part Time Jobs." Toy salesman Hamton assists Elmyra in "Working Pig."
14 Nov. 1990
Strange Tales of Weird Science
A scientist spills a hunger-inducing flavor-enhancer on Hamton in "Scentimental Pig." Sweetie programs Furrball to want to eat "Pit Bullied." Plucky the Toxic Revenger attacks Max's polluting ice-cream-spoon factory in "Duck In The Muck."
15 Nov. 1990
Inside Plucky Duck
The Bunnys travel through Plucky's brain and encounter a costumed Plucky relating the story of his superhero adventures in "Bat's All Folks." Plucky gets stuck in the all-eyeball state on class picture day in "Wild Takes Class."
16 Nov. 1990
The Acme Bowl
Acme Loo's winless season is no deterence to Perfecto kids determined to ensure their team will win the game.
19 Nov. 1990
Dating, Acme Acres Style
Buster and Babs create the rules as they go on a date in "Buster's Guide To Dating." Fifi thinks a tarred and feathered Calamity is another skunk in "Love Stinks." And Elmyra looks for love on "The Dating Game."
20 Nov. 1990
Looniversity Daze
Buster's friends worry about his safety when he's sent to the principal's office in "The Learning Principal," Sweetie searches for Bookworm in "Eating Between The Lines" and Plucky runs into Elmyra when he fakes illness in "What's Up Nurse."
21 Nov. 1990
Best o' Plucky Duck Day
Plucky panics as Granny begins quizzing the class and handing out grueling homework punishments for wrong answers in "One Minute Till Three." Plucky swipes a candy bar in "Sticky Feathers Duck,".
23 Nov. 1990
Hero Hamton
Hamton faces off against Montana Max.
26 Nov. 1990
Whale's Tales
The toons set out to restore a kidnapped bbay whale and punish its abducter.
5 Dec. 1990
Ask Mr. Popular
Dizzy's transformed into the perfect friend when Mr. Popular hooks him up to a personality implanter in "Dapper Diz." Hamton's imaginary friends turns into a jerk in "A Pigment Of His Imagination."
7 Dec. 1990
Son of Looniversity Daze
Plucky's guilt drives him insane in "Plucky's Dastardly Deed," Hamton is frustrated by his hyper-intelligent locker in "Open And Shut Case" and Plucky, Buster and Hamton try to move a piano down from the top of a tower in "C Flat Or B Sharp?"
10 Dec. 1990
Mr. Popular's Rules of Cool!
Hamton tries to get into a cool dance club in "Mr. Popular's Rules Of Cool," Plucky and Hamton compete in a parody of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" in "Slugfest" and Max hunts a street-smart deer in "Venison Anyone?"
12 Dec. 1990
Fairy Tales for the 90's
Buster is mistaken for a brought-to-life toy in "Bunnochio," and Elmyra plays Goldilocks in "Bear Necessities."
14 Dec. 1990
Who Bopped Bugs Bunny?
Daffy is framed for the kidnapping of Bugs Bunny, and the tiny toons try to break him out of jail while solving the crime.

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