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I miss this one...
Mark N.3 August 1999
"They Came From Outer Space" was one of the last great sitcoms of its time. Much like "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" (1992) the show relied on craziness to catch the viewer's attention. In the show, Bo and Abe were two sex-crazed teenagers who travel from planet Cruton to Earth. The show dealt with their encounters with alien women and all the trouble they got into. Overall, the show was hilarious and the theme song was just as great!
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what about Bo and Abe??
JustMez17 April 2006
i loved that show and it was simple and sometimes stupid in a funny way but they just don't make shows like that anymore. But Bo and Abe will forever be part of my childhood. I don't know exactly how much episodes they had , but I'm sure i saw them all.

I remember going back to school and my friends and I would just talk about how cute the guys were and who was gonna marry who(i know, we were such losers)but i don't think if it came back on t.v. now i would watch it seem pretty retarded and quite unfunny. also i have seen what the guys look like now and yuck. but like i said, i am still waiting for a reunion!!!
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A review of a classic show
Schavster25 April 2004
I remember lazy Saturday afternoons watching this sitcom.

I already knew it back then ( i think i was a freshman in high school) that this show was never really planned to be anything great. I mean, I recognized half the background locations as Universal Studio Tour backdrops!!! ...but that's what i loved about it! I loved how they always ended up in the dumbest situations, I loved how they ended up with the ladies, and I loved their catchy song they would sing... "Bye, GoodBye, I'll see you...Bye GoodBye I'll See you..." Hahaha...Just thinking about that show brings back so many great memories.

Unfortunately, the actors that played Bo and Abe didn't really "make it" in Hollywood after this show. I believe one of them played Stiles in TeenWolf, and the other was in Mark Harmon's "Summer School", but that's pretty much the last I saw of them.
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This show's HILARIOUS!
adambein3 January 2010
This show is HILARIOUS! Sit down & watch it with a youngster & laugh your butts off! Even as an adult I think this show's hilarious!

It's harmless, good natured, & fun. It was the '80's! Enjoy! Great chemistry between Bo & Abe, the supporting cast members are polarized, well defined characters. Listen, it was a simpler time, so...enjoy! :)

The actors-they're cool celebrities too, not arrogant or stuck up or anything either! You can even join the Facebook group for "They Came from Outer Space.

I'd sit down & watch this anytime & laugh! I'll take the boxed set for Xmas! (hint hint!)

Adam! :)
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This show was awesome!
Johnx718 September 2004
I remember that I could not wait to see the new episodes of this show. It had comedy,adventure,romance and little bit of action all under a Sci-Fi theme. Thank you Abott & Costello and Lurle & Hardey because without them

male duo situational comedy would not be born and successfully popular as this show was at that time because everyone I knew was watching and talking about it! It may seem stupid and corny now but we would not be were we are today without the original classics and any show that follows in those same footsteps is a new classic. They Came From Outer Space is a new classic in my book!
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