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9 Oct. 1990
She-Wolf of London
Randi Wallace, an American graduate student, travels to England to study under Dr. Ian Matheson, a noted British professor specializing in mythology. Matheson urges Wallace to do her own, so Randi heads for the countryside, where she is brutally attacked on the moors under a full moon, by a large animal. Randi recovers from her wounds only to discover that she turns into a werewolf during the next full moon, destroying her office and nearly killing Ian to boot. Returning to the moors, Randi and Ian meet a band of gypsies who react strangely when shown a piece of ...
16 Oct. 1990
The Bogman of Letchmoor Heath
Ian's aunt uncovers a well-preserved corpse from a bog on her property and asks the professor to ride to her village and determine its antiquity. Before he arrives, his aunt is brutality murdered and soon other villager are found slain, each in the manner of their profession. Randi is convinced that a blind old man with a drinking problem may have valuable information on the case that the authorities are ignoring.
23 Oct. 1990
Moonlight Becomes You
Randi and Ian learn of another scientist conducting research into lycanthropy from a woman who claims her brother sought treatment after being bitten by a werewolf. Randi is committed to the mental asylum were the research is conducted and finds the doctor is experimenting on his hapless patients to develop a serum to create more werewolves.
30 Oct. 1990
The Juggler
Julian takes an interest in the new girl in class, Liza Parfrey, whose father recently prevented a coven from practicing pagan services in his church. When Liza begins to see ghosts in the church, the vicarage and the cemetery, she turns to Randi and Ian for help. Ian believes that the coven may have raised The Juggler, an evil clown who preys on the children of their enemies and warns Julian to stay close to Liza during the Guy Fawkes Day celebration.
6 Nov. 1990
Nice Girls Don't
An elderly man who claims to be only 27 years old answers Ian and Randi's newspaper advertisement and begs for their help. While their client recovers from a heart attack Randi investigates and suspects that a succubus is on the loose in London, sucking the youth out of her victims. Randi captures the being, but not before the succubus has attacked Ian prematurely aging him by 50 years.
13 Nov. 1990
Little Bookshop of Horrors
Randi and Ian investigate when they learn that two prominent publishers were murdered by normal people dressed as characters in the classic novels recently delivered by an antiquarian bookshop. The bookstore owner acknowledges that he cast a spell on the books to punish the men and women he considers responsible for driving him nearly to bankruptcy and confides to Ian that he has sent a truckload of the cursed books to members of Parliament since they passed the laws enabling chain stores to gobble up independent bookshops.
20 Nov. 1990
Can't Keep a Dead Man Down: Part One
Ian is ecstatic when a Hollywood movie company asks to convert his latest book into a movie until he discovers their representative is Randi's former fiancé who appears to be more interested rekindling his relationship with the lovely coed than negotiating a production deal with the professor. Meanwhile, Ian and Randi investigate reports of zombies rising from the grave seeking human flesh.
27 Nov. 1990
Can't Keep a Dead Man Down: Part Two
Randi returns to England to battle Samantha Stevens who intends to collect the three lightning bolts of Gilgamesh so she can rule the dead. When Ianand the other zombies try to steal the last bolt from the British museum, Randi initially manages to thwart their attack but is captured and bound to an altar to serve as a human sacrifice so Samantha can complete her deadly ritual.
4 Dec. 1990
The Wild Hunt
On a weekend getaway, Ian's car breaks down in an blighted town without connection to the outside world by vehicle or phone. Randy witnesses a sword-wielding horseman behead a young man who asked for her help, and learns that the town is cursed by The Huntsman, a warlock who rides through the town slaying whoever he has marked for death. When a mysterious rune made with blood appears on Randi's hotel room door, the townspeople are reluctant to help them leave town for fear of The Huntsman's reprisal.
12 Jan. 1991
What's Got Into Them?
Ian's attempts to convince Dr. Mason, his mentor and a famous Oxford mythology professor, to recommend him for a job at the famed university are sidetracked when ghosts inhabit the bodies of Ian's parents - one desperate to pass over to the other side on the 100th anniversary of her death and the other who will do anything to prevent it - including killing Dr. Mason.
19 Jan. 1991
Big Top She-Wolf
Randi feels strangely attracted to the Caleb Wakefield, the ringmaster of a rundown circus. The attraction deepens when she discovers that she does not metamorphose into a werewolf when she spends the night of a full moon with him. Randi learns that Caleb has a steep price for this 'gift' - all she has to do to be permanently rid herself of the curse is to sell her soul to the Devil.
26 Jan. 1991
A lonely bachelor is killed after answering a personal ad in the newspaper. Ian and Randi trace the ad to a college love of Ian's who has developed a special pheromone potion which brings out the "sexual animal" in people.
2 Feb. 1991
Voodoo Child
Ian is accosted by a know-it-all student in his mythology class who claims that he knows all about the voodoo use of an obscure Indian cult.
9 Feb. 1991
Beyond the Beyond
Conrad Stipe, the creator of Beyond the Beyond, is unexpectedly killed after announcing production of a motion picture featuring an all-new cast. Randi and Aunt Elsa hunt down the killer among the original cast while a reluctant Ian is hired to write the screenplay for the big-screen adventure.
6 Mar. 1991
Curiosity Killed the Cravitz
The university is phasing out the department of mythology so Ian is out of a job. At the same time, an American friend of Randi's is killed in Los Angeles by neighbors whom she claimed are "space aliens."
13 Mar. 1991
Habeas Corpses
After a taping of How Strange (in which a blond woman reports she is the last surviving person of a vast undersea kingdom), Ian takes Randi to their new apartment. As they are touring it, a man runs into their new home and promptly dies - after reporting that he has been bitten by a vampire. Ian and Randi pursue the story and end up staking the dead man's wife - who really was a vampire. The trail of bloodsuckers leads to an evil law firm where the attorneys are all undead.
20 Mar. 1991
Bride of the Wolfman
Randi and Ian visit the Granada Theater an hour before it is to be torn down. Once inside, the doors to the auditorium close and a film, Bride of the Wolfman, unspools on the screen. In a flash of light, Randi and Ian find themselves inside the old film, and in old-fashioned black and white to boot. Somehow they have entered the film Bride of the Werewolf , and found themselves at the dangerous home of the villainous Dr. Pretorious.
27 Mar. 1991
Heart Attack
A bitter cupid "gone bad" uses her considerable powers to destroy the lives of those she should be helping to find love. Ian and Randi get involved (reluctantly) as the bad cupid, a female named Rowena, tangles with a good cupid, a guy named Al. Before long, the war of the cupids ends up on the stage of How Strange, and love and hate are flying back and forth through the studio like laser bolts.
3 Apr. 1991
Mystical Pizza
Three witches have decided to serve their foul brew to unwitting customers at a - chi-chi L.A. pizzeria. One of their patrons, Skip Seville, is fed a pizza which will turn him into a rat. Randi and Ian attempt to reverse the spell and save Skip, but the witches offer Randi a cure for lyncanthropy.
10 Apr. 1991
A full eclipse spurs the worst case of PLS (prelycanthropy syndrome) in a confused Randi. The state of the moon also causes the she wolf to transform back and forth, seemingly at random. Hoping to get away from it all, Randi ends up in the Paradise Institute, which is actually a CIA research front. The agents there are searching for their "ultimate" weapon, and they have found it in the she wolf of London.

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