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Season 4

17 Jan. 1993
Tug of War
As Olivia prepares for the birth of her first child, Jasper's eccentric relatives invade the King farm.
17 Oct. 1993
The Lady and the Blade
Hetty takes a sabbatical to take care of Olivia and her newborn son, Montgomery. During this time, retired Colonel Clive Pettibone becomes the school's new teacher, and Hetty finds success writing short stories.
24 Jan. 1993
Incident at Vernon River
Felix wants a rifle for his birthday but he gets a telescope instead. So he takes his father's rifle without asking, goes to the woods, aims at a deer, but accidentally shoots the family's dog Digger.
31 Jan. 1993
Boys Will Be Boys
A clash of egos between Clive Pettibone and Alec King affects Avonlea's newly-formed volunteer fire department.
7 Feb. 1993
Moving On
When US Marshal Zak Morgan brings his wild west show to Avonlea, Sara develops a crush on him.
12 Apr. 1993
When an old friend dies in a boating explosion, Alec takes care of his widow.
19 Apr. 1993
The Dinner
Felicity's attempt to invite Gus Pike to dinner with no one else around ends in disaster.
28 Feb. 1993
Heirs and Graces
The Duke of Arranagh plans to visit several PEI villages, but not Avonlea. The new owner of the White Sands hotel, Simon Tremayne, refuses to invite him, and refuses to say why.
7 Mar. 1993
Hearts and Flowers
As Valentine's Day approaches, Hetty buys a half-interest in the White Sands hotel, and Chef Pierre LaPierre's niece takes an interest in Gus.
21 Mar. 1993
Felicity's Perfect Beau
Clive Pettibone's oldest son Arthur shows an interest in Felicity, much to Gus's dismay. Felicity seems to enjoy having two men fight over her.
28 Mar. 1993
The Disappearance
Based on a school assignment to write about one's next ten years, Sara worries about her future. With her trust keeping her financially secure, she is afraid that others will always take control of her life. She wants to prove that she can have a life of her own, her chosen profession being writing. She convinces her Aunt Olivia to allow her to assist in covering the local antique show for the newspaper, the featured attraction being famed expert antiques dealer Gerald McDougall Young. In reality, Gerald Young is Jonathan Ravenhurst Blackwell, nephew of business ...
4 Apr. 1993
Home Movie
While an American developer comes to town with big plans for Avonlea's future, Sara goes behind Aunt Hetty's back and uses part of her trust fund to buy a movie camera for Jasper.
11 Apr. 1993
Hearth and Home
Although she swears she wrote of her plans, Janet's cantankerous and demanding Aunt Eliza has come to Avonlea for an unexpected visit, the duration of which is unknown. It is not good timing as it's lambing season meaning there is much work to do on the farm, and it's also influenza season in Avonlea. But from Aunt Eliza's comment "time is all we have", Janet infers that she has come to Avonlea to die. Despite Aunt Eliza's unreasonable demands, Janet is at her beck and call. But underneath the surface, Janet is seething as she has always felt that Aunt Eliza just ...

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