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Season 7

14 Jan. 1996
Out of the Ashes
Felicity feels like she's in limbo. In all likelihood, Gus is dead, but she is clinging to that faint hope that he is still alive. As such, she's placed her life on hold. Although Felicity feels it is too soon and is a slight to Colleen Pritchard's memory, Seth Pritchard got remarried - in part, doing so to provide a mother for his baby - which places into others' minds, which they try to convince her of, that she too should move on without Gus. Meanwhile, the town has been deeded the old Lloyd mansion. When a bunch of orphaned sibling runaways are found squatting in ...
14 Jan. 1996
Love May Be Blind... But the Neighbours Ain't
It's summer break, when the minds of many in Avonlea wander to carefree pursuits and love. In the lead up to the July 1st Dominion Day celebrations, three relationships are under examination. Stuart has asked Felicity to marry him, she who still isn't sure if she is ready to leave the memory of Gus behind her. The proposal is an open one, for her to say yes whenever she feels ready. But will that day ever come? Olivia feels that her marriage to Jasper is at a crossroads. They had always talked about having a large family, which has not happened. She believes he is ...
21 Jan. 1996
Davey and the Mermaid
Rachel has now fully recovered from her stroke, and her outlook on life has taken a whole new direction where she is more carefree and is enjoying the small pleasures that life has to offer her. Meanwhile, the townsfolk are preparing for the 1911 version of the annual Avonlea Fair. Simon, the fair chairperson, has taken it upon himself to hire a midway, much to the chagrin of some of the more traditional members of the organizing committee, such as Hetty. But based on stories that Rachel has told him, Davey is enthralled by the midway attractions, specifically the ...
28 Jan. 1996
Woman of Importance
Things are not going well in the Pettibone house beyond the one bright light of Arthur being home having graduated from veterinary school and about to take over the local practice. Izzy is still feeling uncomfortable with the new feminine influence of Muriel in their family, Izzy thinking that Muriel has taken her place in the home. Izzy is also still not speaking to Felix, who tries repeatedly to apologize. And Morgan is home unexpectedly having been expelled from military college, which he hated. The final straw in his expulsion was a bookful of caricatures, albeit ...
4 Feb. 1996
Secrets and Sacrifices
After four years away living in the Yukon, Abigail and Malcolm MacEwan and their son Lucky move back to Avonlea. Janet is trusting that her relationship with her sister will be on better terms than they have been in the past. When the MacEwans move into the King house temporarily and unexpectedly while their own house is undergoing necessary renovations and clean-up, Janet and Abigail's relationship strains under the close quarters. Abigail's criticisms also extend to Cecily and Alec. Abigail has always felt that Janet has sacrificed much to Alec and the farm over ...
18 Feb. 1996
King of the Great White Way
Husband and wife Rudy and Betty Blaine, music writer and lyricist respectively for Broadway impresario Florenz Ziegfeld Jr., are staying at the White Sands to rejuvenate their creative juices, which have not been flowing of late especially for Rudy. Simon and Hetty share the view of most townsfolk that show business people are vulgar, and indeed the Blaines are more liberal and urban in their views than Simon and Hetty like. They feel the Blaine's stay at the hotel will ruin its reputation. But Hetty changes her mind about them when she learns the urban legend (i.e. the story in truth ...
25 Feb. 1996
Total Eclipse
A total eclipse of the sun will be visible from Avonlea in a week's time. The White Sands is booked solid with all the people coming to view the eclipse. Felix sees this as a good opportunity to ask for a promotion to Assistant Manager, but Simon feels Felix is still too inexperienced. Two people who won't be viewing the eclipse are Janet and Alec, who, with Daniel, are visiting out of town, leaving Felix, Cecily and Aunt Eliza at home. An incident between a skunk and Cecily and Izzy leads to a mishap where money Cecily was suppose to deliver to a charity on Janet's ...
11 Feb. 1996
Ah... Sweet Mystery of Life
Modernization is overtaking Avonlea, with some of its residents fighting the changes. Simon and Hetty require an influx of capital to make repairs to the White Sands, but Edward Osborne, a hotel consultant and financier they contact, will only invest if they make some modernizations in operation, with which both Simon and Hetty disagree. And Hetty learns that Avonlea School will close after this school year, students residing in Avonlea who will go to the 20-room school in Carmody, which has several teachers, each teaching different subjects. Hetty is offered a job ...
3 Mar. 1996
From Away
Davey has grown up to be a responsible young man. He is working hard and wants to use his earnings to buy a microscope for himself. Since he doesn't have enough money yet for one, Hetty unilaterally decides on something else she feels he should have instead, which places the two at odds with each other. Meanwhile, two British youth, brothers Bret and Ian McNulty, are being brought to the Avonlea Foundling Home. They were brought over from Britain on the pretense of being adopted, but were instead treated solely as slaves by their wards, who really had no intention of ...
10 Mar. 1996
After the Ball Is Over
Great Aunt Eliza's ninetieth birthday is approaching. She is still in good health for her age. She is also young at heart. In the continuing disagreements between the Ward sisters, Janet wants to hold an intimate family dinner to mark the occasion, whereas Abigail wants a more formal and dignified tea for a larger group. Abigail unilaterally makes arrangements for such at the White Sands. The sisters also disagree about inviting Eliza's cousin, Winifred Ward. With Winifred being even older than Eliza, Janet feels the trip for Winifred from Charlottetown will be too ...
17 Mar. 1996
Return to Me
Felicity and Stuart's wedding is fast approaching. The one person who is not happy about it is Hetty. Despite harboring no ill feeling toward Stuart, Hetty believes that Felicity is still in mourning over Gus. Felicity does admit that Gus is still in her thoughts every day. Felicity receives a largely inaudible telephone call from Charleston, South Carolina, the woman telephoner stating something to the effect that someone in some medical distress is asking for her. Felicity is certain that person is Gus. Although everyone but Felicity believes that going to ...
24 Mar. 1996
The Last Hurrah
The Town of Carmody is planning on amalgamating several surrounding communities, including Avonlea, into their town, all in the name of progress due to economies of scale. Although modernization has never been a selling point to most Avonlea residents, Eulalie Bugle and Archie Gillis lead the charge for amalgamation since they individually would gain monetarily from the move. While many in Avonlea work against amalgamation, including the Kings, the tide seems to be working for amalgamation with the showy and expensive propaganda provided by the pro-amalgamation forces...
31 Mar. 1996
So Dear to My Heart
Hetty, Felicity and a blind Gus return to Avonlea finding out about the Dale Cannery burning down, and a newborn in the Dale home. But Gus yet knows nothing about anyone named Stuart McRae, let alone that he is Felicity's fiancé. Conversely, no one in Avonlea has any idea that Gus is alive, albeit blind, before he arrives back in town. With the cannery, Olivia and Jasper's request for financing to rebuild has been turned down in light of the time to rebuild and the new modern cannery in Carmody always putting such a venture on uneconomical footing. Olivia and Jasper ...
12 Apr. 1996
Do Not Fail Me Part 1
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17 May 1996
Do Not Fail Me Part 2
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