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4 Jan. 1991
All Hallow's Eve
It's All Hallows Eve and Peter and the Lost Boys are playing lots of pranks on the pirates. One prank they pull is to steal the pirates' lantern. This revives the Jack O Lantern ghost.
14 Jan. 1991
Tootles and the Dragon
The Lost Boys try to pull an old stave out of a rock that it is stuck into. Only Tootles has the patience to stick with it until it comes out, but the pestilence that is unleashed when the stave comes out is a fire breathing dragon that is flying around scorching Neverland. Only Tootles has the power to put the stave back into the dragon's locket. But will he have the courage to do it?
11 Feb. 1991
The Ruby
Peter and the pirates are both after the mythical Neverland Ruby, the most precious gem in existence.
1 May 1991
Jules Verne Night
After Wendy reads Peter and the rest of the gang some Jules Verne stories, they decide to build a submarine to attack the Jolly Roger. Meanwhile, Hook (also inspired by Jules Verne) hatches a plan to invade the Moon.
8 May 1991
Peter in Wonderland
After Tinkerbell uses her magic to bring the book "Alice in Wonderland" to life, Peter and Wendy find themselves in Wonderland with the other Neverland residents as characters from the story.

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