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21 Mar. 1993
Parker's Got a Brand New Car
Parker's at the age when he deals with the responsibility of purchasing his first car. Against his dad's wishes for a safe and reliable Volvo, Parker decides on a convertible sports car instead. Parker's dad feels as if he's losing his son as he grows older and more independent, and this decision weighs heavily on both of them.
28 Mar. 1993
An Unmarried Musso
The constant search Grace Musso has been on to find her significant other might have come to an end. Parker's Uncle Bill is single and has come across Ms. Musso and has found love. Though finding Ms. Musso love with Bill entails special treatment from Musso the threat of Grace becoming their aunt is a hard pill to swallow. Parker and Shelley need to decide whether they should intervene and break the two up or ride the wave of fringe benefits.
4 Apr. 1993
Educating Brad
Brad Penny joins the same class that Parker's in to impress a girl he likes. Soon, Brad draws all of the attention away from Parker, who becomes jealous. Kohler hires Jerry to work at his diner.
11 Apr. 1993
The Love Bug
Annie starts avoiding Parker. Fearing this is a lead up to her breaking up with him, he asks his mom for relationship advice.
18 Apr. 1993
Write or Die
Mikey's about to flunk Creative Writing, so his friends pitch in with story ideas for his assignment including plot outlines from season 1 and 2 episodes of this show, a Beverly Hills 90210 parody and a tribute to Stephen J. Cannell.
25 Apr. 1993
The Bitch Is Back
Mikey has a new girlfriend. It turns out it's the same girl who once broke Parker's heart. Jerry helps Kohler make a commercial for the diner, but Kohler hates all of Jerry's ideas.
2 May 1993
Musso: A Wedding
Grace meets her old rich flame, who's been through a divorce. They hook up again and soon get married. Then he suddenly dies.
9 May 1993
A Night to Remember
In this spoof of Carrie set on the junior prom night, Parker must keep an eye on his little sister during the prom, but he fails.
23 May 1993
Boys Night In
Parker and Mikey want to help Jerry become a man, so they take him to a strip club. The two are taken away in a police raid and Jerry is left there alone. Grace is afraid of spiders and asks Kohler for help.
30 May 1993
Senior Jerry
Jerry was always at the top of his class receiving A+ on each and every test, so he gets to skip a year and join a senior class. However, he then gets a B+ and has a nervous breakdown. Meanwhile, Grace dreams about the Scarlet Letter.
6 Jun. 1993
The Rocky Kohler Picture Show
Kube and Kohler's friendship becomes rocky, when a movie night goes wrong and Kohler realizes that Kube is having trouble with his own peers because of him. Meanwhile, Jerry tries to teach Grace how to use a computer.
13 Jun. 1993
The Last Supper
A bottle episode and clip show. The Atlas Diner is closing down, so all of the show's regulars are there to mark this end of an era. Each of them play their favorite (stock) tune on the diner's jukebox and reminisce.

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