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Watch out kids!! It's Mom P.I!!
markrbryant23 January 2002
Who'd have thought that in 1990, a temultuous troublesome year at best, TV could have served up such a wholesome and delicious slice of fun-pie. A portion large enough for the whole family!! (Even Grandma!!) Mom P.I sizzles as the funny, sexy, and altogether edible crime fighting vixen as we discover that sometimes the toughest thing to get to the bottom of is your teenage son's bedroom floor!! But seriously, if the show taught us one thing (and it taught us many) was that Mom's always watching. So before you go taking that extra bed time cookie take a look over your shoulder or you might find yourself in trouble with Mom. Mom P.I.
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A laugh out loud treat!
Carmo-211 January 2002
With a title like "Mom P.I." you almost don't need to have seen it to know it's going to be good. In fact, you feel like you've seen it all before... and loved every minute of it! "Mom" is a great character, and don't I wish she was my mum! But, then again, that's exactly why I love it. Great entertainment, a treat for the whole family! Especially those youngsters (although there are bits which may scare the really little ones... perhaps parents should watch in advance to ensure suitability. Don't worry- you'll love watching it more than once. I know I could have watched it a thousand times!). Happy viewing!
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