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12 Oct. 1990
When Sally Met Bernie
Bernie and Sally meet when he helps her catch a customer who leaves without paying his bill. But the real reason Bernie is in the restaurant is to track down some jewels which are reported stolen, but may not actually be missing. Sally is not sure she is happy about it as Bernie is spying on Sally'e future brother-in-law. Then the future in-law goes missing, and then Sally's sister Ruth goes missing, and mom rushes in where detectives fear to tread.
15 Oct. 1990
Career Moves
Sally is eager to try a little more detecting, and inadvertently gets her own client while waiting for Bernie in his office. It seems the client's husband may be seeing another woman, and she wants Sally to find out the worst. What Sally finds out is worse than that - and stranger - and Sally is not so sure she wants to see it through.
Murder Maybe
Sally stumbles on a rich man's plot to murder his wife, and rushes off to Bernie for help stopping it. Bernie is not so easily convinced, especially without any real evidence, but he reluctantly agrees to help investigate. Their investigation reveals that the plot was not what Sally thought it was - and the murder might be of our two heroes.
Duck Flambé
Why anyone would want to burn Ivory's music store is beyond Bernie, but the uninsured charred remains testify that someone did. Ivory is wiped out, and Bernie is angry. The trail leads to some very nasty customers, people who could do Bernie and Sally a lot of harm, but Bernie thinks he has a plan so that things will work out.

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