Season: 1
Year: 1986

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Episode #1.1

8 October 1986
Clumsy,put-upon Ruth Patchett leads a drudge's life with her two demanding children and her neglectful accountant husband Bobbo. When Bobbo starts an affair with his top client,the glamorous,lighthouse-dwelling romantic novelist Mary Fisher, Ruth does everything she can to be a good wife but everything fails and Bobbo humiliates her in front of his parents before leaving her for Mary. Finally Ruth snaps and,declaring that she will become a she-devil,burns the house down in such a way that the insurance claim will be invalid and dumps the children on Mary and Bobbo.

Season 1, Episode 2: Episode #1.2

15 October 1986
Whilst Mary and Bobbo find it tough going looking after his unruly children, Ruth,calling herself Lily Latimer,becomes a care assistant at the home where Mary's mother lives. Having befriended co-worker,lesbian Nurse Hopkins, Ruth soon gains the down-to-earth Mrs. Fisher's trust,learning that she regards Mary as being 'from the gutter'. Soon Ruth has stage-managed the old lady's discharge into the unwilling care of her daughter,whose work suffers from her unwanted new family. Meanwhile Ruth and Nurse Hopkins break into Bobbo's office and,using their joint account,transfer all his money into Ruth's bank balance. With the money they will set up an employment agency for women which will liberate them from love.

Season 1, Episode 3: Episode #1.3

22 October 1986
Looking increasingly more elegant and visiting Harley Street with a view to plastic surgery Ruth opens her secretarial agency Vista Rose with Nurse Hopkins. By chance Bobbo's firm requests two of their temps and Ruth knows just who to send along,a bimbo whom he will love and leave wanting revenge and a computer hacker. Between them they frame Bobbo for embezzlement though the money he has supposedly stolen ends up in Ruth's account. After Bobbo is arrested the next step is to become Polly,the house-keeper to the judge who will try him and who,after indulging in some S and M,she persuades him to send Bobbo down for a very long time.

Season 1, Episode 4: Episode #1.4

29 October 1986
Her romantic world in tatters Mary turns for help to lonely,well-meaning Catholic priest Father Ferguson.She is not to know that Ruth,having given Vista Rose over to Nurse Hopkins,has installed herself as the priest's atheist house-keeper Molly who also introduces him to sex,convincing him that love does not exist so that the only comfort he gives Mary is cynical and carnal. One night a mysterious wind blows through the light-house.whirling Mary to her death. At her funeral her exact double turns up and later buys the light-house, for Ruth has spent thousands of pounds on turning herself into a carbon copy of the woman she despised.

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