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Season 6

20 Sep. 1995
Bitter Fruit
Briscoe and his new partner, Rey Curtis, track down the man accused of kidnapping and killing a young girl. But before the suspect is arraigned, the girl's mother shoots and kills him in the courtroom.
27 Sep. 1995
A biker who posts to an Internet bulletin board refuses to reveal information that could help a murder investigation, arguing that he a journalist protecting his sources.
18 Oct. 1995
The death penalty has just been passed in New York and prosecutors must decide whether or not it is appropriate after an unlikely suspect murders an undercover police officer.
1 Nov. 1995
A judge throws out all of the prosecution's key evidence and dismisses murder charges against a wealthy defendant. District Attorney Adam Schiff suspects that the judge, an old friend, may be on the take.
8 Nov. 1995
Hot Pursuit
A man and a woman rob a nightclub and a deli, killing the owner. When they're caught, the woman claims she was forced to participate against her will.
15 Nov. 1995
The DA's office tries to prosecute a co-ed for brutally murdering her roommate, but the only evidence is a vague confession. However, Dr. Olivet suggests that she may have suffered from paranoia due to her tragic family history.
22 Nov. 1995
After a prostitute is murdered, the detectives believe she was blackmailing a wealthy client. Kincaid prosecutes the case, but has second thoughts after the defendant's wife takes the stand.
29 Nov. 1995
A woman claims that a Puerto Rican man kidnapped her infant daughter while she was in a church confessional. However, she later confesses to killing her baby and cremating her body.
3 Jan. 1996
Blood Libel
An anti-Semitic teen is accused of killing a Jewish teacher. His defense attorney argues that the accused is really the victim of a Jewish conspiracy.
10 Jan. 1996
A convicted rapist in a high-profile trial from 30 years earlier receives a new trial because of legal technicalities. In addition, prosecutors must try to convict this time without a confession.
17 Jan. 1996
Corpus Delicti
An investigation into a horse swindling scheme escalates into a murder investigation when one of the accused's possible victims--his ex fiancée--disappears.
31 Jan. 1996
A man serving time in a serial killer case claims malicious prosecution and false imprisonment after a man who killed two more boys confesses to the other murders. All of the evidence points to Jack McCoy and his former assistant.
7 Feb. 1996
Charm City
A man leaves a poisonous gas bomb on a train and kills a lot of people. The man is found guilty, but says this is just the tip of the ice berg. This episode crosses over with Homicide Life on the Streets.
21 Feb. 1996
A crack-addicted, African American mother is accused of murder and kidnapping the baby Child Welfare took from her. Her defense attorney, former A.D.A. Paul Robinette, argues that the entire child welfare system is racist.
28 Feb. 1996
A businessman most people suspect got away with conspiring to murder his first wife is now accused of conspiring to kill his second wife. Both cases share eerie similarities.
13 Mar. 1996
A hard-luck executive is accused of murdering his wife and son, and injuring his daughter. Dr. Olivet tells prosecutors that he fits the profile of a "family annihilator," but backs down when he refuses to confess on the stand.
27 Mar. 1996
A married lawyer is charged with murdering a colleague with whom he was having a gay affair. However, his wife vehemently comes to his defense and threatens revenge on the prosecutors if they pursue the case.
10 Apr. 1996
A model is murdered and the evidence points to her driver. He claims he acted under extreme emotional disturbance because he was infatuated with her. However, McCoy later uncovers a connection between the driver and a drug dealer.
21 Apr. 1996
A woman is killed after stray bullets travel through her apartment window. Briscoe and Curtis learn that an abused 13-year-old who was forced to work for a drug dealer by his drug-addicted mother was the shooter.
1 May 1996
The death of a college student at her school library appears to be connected to her involvement in a prostitution ring.
8 May 1996
Pro Se
A schizophrenic attorney who refuses to take medication defends himself against multiple charges of murder.
15 May 1996
A young British au pair is suspected of poisoning the baby in her care. Her defense tries to create reasonable doubt by emphasizing the neglect of the baby's working mother.
22 May 1996
After witnessing an inmate's execution, McCoy, Kincaid, Briscoe, and Curtis react in different and extreme ways.

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