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Season 3

23 Sep. 1992
Skin Deep
Logan and Cerreta investigate the death of a fashion model photographer and discover that the photographer's real business was prostitution. One of his "clients" is implicated, but she may be covering for the real killer.
30 Sep. 1992
A white Jew faces trial for the shooting death of a prominent African American leader, but was the assassination actually an inside job?
7 Oct. 1992
A college student from a poor Mexican family kills his rich co-ed fiancée after she breaks up with him. The defense hopes to exploit the jury's guilt for the client's plight to avoid a murder conviction.
14 Oct. 1992
The Corporate Veil
A teenage boy dies because of a faulty pacemaker, and detectives soon discover that he is not the only person to die from pacemakers manufactured by the same company.
21 Oct. 1992
Wedded Bliss
Two washed-up, handcuffed corpses are identified as Mexican immigrants, and the investigation reveals that they may have been working as slave labor in a sweatshop.
4 Nov. 1992
Dr. Olivet accuses an esteemed gynecologist of rape. However, when she loses her case, the DA's office resorts to a new strategy to bring the doctor to justice.
11 Nov. 1992
Self Defense
A Greek immigrant jewelry store owner kills two robbers and claims self defense. However, it is soon questioned whether his actions went beyond self defense and crossed into revenge and murder.
18 Nov. 1992
Prince of Darkness
A Colombian drug cartel assassin is accused in the murder of a Colombian couple in a restaurant. While trying to make the case against the accused, Ceretta is shot by a black-market gun dealer whom the prosecution needs as a witness.
25 Nov. 1992
Point of View
A woman claims she killed a man outside a bar because he was going to rape her, but was it really a mob hit? Logan is partnered up with Lennie Briscoe, and Ceretta tells Logan that he isn't returning to the precinct after his shooting.
9 Dec. 1992
The death of a pregnant drug mule leads to the discovery of a Nigerian heroin smuggling ring that leads all the way to a diplomat who is also a Nigerian tribal chief.
6 Jan. 1993
Extended Family
A Broadway producer's daughter is abducted from a department store. Later, she and her mother are found in a women's shelter. The mother claims that the daughter was abused by her father, but the daughter's accounts are inconsistent.
13 Jan. 1993
Right to Counsel
An innocent man confesses to killing his girlfriend and takes a plea. A.D.A. Robinette suspects that his defense may have conspired with the victim's estate planner to sandbag him for financial reasons.
3 Feb. 1993
Night & Fog
Prosecution of an elderly man accused of killing his wife, a Holocaust survivor, becomes complicated when it is learned that he may have been a Jew who worked with the Nazis in Poland during World War II.
10 Feb. 1993
Promises to Keep
The D.A. tries to hold a psychiatrist criminally responsible when a client she is accused of having sexual relations with kills his girlfriend.
24 Feb. 1993
Mother Love
A frustrated African American mother confesses to killing her junkie daughter who was bleeding the family's finances dry. The DA's office wants to consider leniency because of her race, but Robinette strongly rejects the notion.
3 Mar. 1993
With the help of a Brooklyn detective, Briscoe and Logan get a confession from a mentally retarded man in the murders of two nurses. Further investigation reveals that he may be innocent, but he steadfastly maintains that he is guilty.
10 Mar. 1993
Conduct Unbecoming
A female Naval officer is killed during a drunken party. The Navy claims jurisdiction in the case, but detectives soon suspect that the guilty party is being protected and the wrong man is being railroaded.
17 Mar. 1993
Animal Instinct
A university scientist is murdered, allegedly over an affair her husband was having. However, Stone later suspects that the alleged "mistress" may actually be delusional, and that there was actually no affair.
21 Apr. 1993
A computer virus creates a malfunction at a Diabetes clinic which results in the deaths of two patients. Detectives tie the virus to a teenage hacker, whose father unsuccessfully accused the clinic of malpractice.
5 May 1993
A teenage Romanian immigrant kills his father, a cruel former Romanian secret police officer, after his father kills his own brother. The boy's defense attorney offers a "cultural insanity" defense.
12 May 1993
After a cop is killed while trying to make a drug arrest the investigation reveals that some of his fellow officers may have stood by and let him die for reasons of their own.
19 May 1993
A young, independent deaf woman is murdered, but what is it her scorned lover or her obsessed mentor? Detectives Briscoe and Logan scour phone transcripts, while forensics narrows the search. It's up to prosecutors Stone and Robinette to persuade the truth out of the victim's mentor, the founder of a local institute for the deaf.

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