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Season 16

21 Sep. 2005
Red Ball
When a little girl is abducted as part of a car-jacking, McCoy must bargain with the devil in the form of a system-savvy criminal.
28 Sep. 2005
The death of a con-man who tried to call Olivia Benson just before he was murdered brings Olivia and Fin to the assistance of Fontana and Green, and leads to a slippery mother/daughter team.
5 Oct. 2005
A deathbed confession reopens one of Fontana's old murder cases involving a young model, one in which he believed that the father was the killer. Branch and the father want the case to go away, but McCoy is bent on going to trial.
12 Oct. 2005
Age of Innocence
The bombing death of a husband set to remove the feeding tube of his wife, who's in a persistent vegetative state, focuses the investigation on the protesters.
19 Oct. 2005
Life Line
A businessman is coerced by a gang to murder an investigative journalist in order to guarantee protection for his son, who is serving time in prison.
2 Nov. 2005
A nurse is accused of performing illegal sterilizations on troubled teens without their knowledge, which resulted in the death of one of her patients.
9 Nov. 2005
House of Cards
A single mother is killed and her baby stolen, and police find the child with a woman who took the baby while pretending to be pregnant.
16 Nov. 2005
New York Minute
The murder of a trucker blows open a case involving illegal trafficking and the citizen border patrol
23 Nov. 2005
Criminal Law
Three women with identical names are murdered with the same m.o.. And Fontana and Green's investigation turns up a "hit list" with Jack McCoy's name on it, as well as a number of witnesses in one of his trials.
30 Nov. 2005
Van Buren relentlessly pursues a cocky suspect she believes was responsible for driving a friend's daughter to suicide, because he allegedly attacked her with drain cleaner. But her resulting actions could put the case in jeopardy.
7 Dec. 2005
Bible Story
A synagogue's Chumash is stolen and desecrated, and the crime must be solved before a religious war breaks out in downtown Manhattan.
11 Jan. 2006
Family Friend
After an accountant for the mob is stabbed to death, a corrupt police officer who grew up with the victim takes justice into his own hands. However, pursuing the case could put the officer's other convictions in jeopardy.
18 Jan. 2006
Heart of Darkness
McCoy pursues murder charges against a woman in an assisted suicide case, but he finds out during the trial that a third party may have also been involved.
8 Feb. 2006
A teenager from a rich family kills a schoolmate because he refused to sell him test answers. His defense argues that he was not responsible for his actions because of the medication he was prescribed.
1 Mar. 2006
Choice of Evils
A suburban mom ends up admitting to the detectives that she shot and killed her own teenage son out of fear that the boy would become a menace to society.
8 Mar. 2006
Cost of Capital
The murder of a banker leads to the discovery that he was having a relationship with her boss. McCoy's case rides on the testimony of the defendant's 14-year-old daughter. However, her testimony also reveals a shocking family secret.
22 Mar. 2006
America, Inc.
While Jack is prosecuting a man who murdered a military contractor, the prosecution is interrupted by the recent capture of a terrorist.
29 Mar. 2006
Thinking Makes It So
Fontana is accused of using excessively violent tactics to force a kidnapping suspect to reveal the location of the victim. Prosecutors are left to decide whether the ends justified the means.
5 Apr. 2006
A boy's suicide note alleging misconduct of his sister's doctor results in the investigation of a physician administering illegal AIDS drugs.
3 May 2006
A paper reveals the identity of an undercover officer, getting her killed, and the trail may lead to a politician's office.
10 May 2006
Fontana and Green investigate Green's former replacement, Nick Falco, who becomes a suspect in an investigation after a woman he had spent the night with is found slashed to death in his bathroom.
17 May 2006
A case involving fake DEA badges leads to the death of A.D.A. Borgia. McCoy is forced to resort to dubious legal tactics to ensure that Borgia's killers are brought to justice.

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