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Season 10

22 Sep. 1999
After Jack is forced to settle with a man who committed a mass murder in Central Park, he decides to go after to the gun manufacturer.
29 Sep. 1999
A 10 year old girl may be responsible for the murder of a little boy in her neighborhood.
6 Oct. 1999
Judge Denise Grobman is shot and seriously wounded when a man steals her car. Yet when investigation leads to a hired hit ordered by her husband, she vehemently refuses to believe in his guilt.
13 Oct. 1999
The 15-year-old daughter of a wealthy family is killed. When the child of another wealthy family is implicated, the DAs find themselves being stonewalled by both families.
10 Nov. 1999
A lawyer's murder is related to a case involving a death row inmate's innocence. Former prosecutor Jamie Ross represents the lawyer's accused killer, and faces an ethical dilemma involving an "anonymous" tip and her attorney-client privilege.
17 Nov. 1999
Detective Briscoe's integrity is brought into question more than once as he pursues a Hispanic robbery/murder suspect.
24 Nov. 1999
A man once accused of killing his girlfriend is now accused of assaulting the woman's sister. However, he vehemently claims that he is the victim of a setup in both cases.
1 Dec. 1999
Blood Money
The motive in the murder of a retired insurance salesman appears to be a series of policies he sold to Jews in Poland during the Holocaust.
15 Dec. 1999
Is a man with Alzheimer's Disease competent enough to stand trial for murder? And if he is found guilty, should he be subjected to the near-inhumane conditions common for prisoners of his type?
5 Jan. 2000
Loco Parentis
A school bully is accused of killing a classmate. The killer's father is found to have helped foster his son's violent behavior, so the DA's office charges him with murder on account of depraved indifference.
26 Jan. 2000
A homeless man with bipolar disorder accused of killing a schizophrenic woman refuses to take his medications during the trial.
9 Feb. 2000
Mother's Milk
Jack asks Abbie to try a case involving a young mother accused of starving her baby to death.
16 Feb. 2000
Detectives suspect that a best-selling novelist was shot because she was having an affair with a married FBI agent who was helping her with research. It turns out that they have the right motive, but the wrong suspect.
18 Feb. 2000
Entitled: Part 2
With the help of SVU detectives, investigators discover that the matriarch of a powerful family may have resorted to extreme measures to cover-up a murder.
23 Feb. 2000
Fools for Love
A man is accused of raping and killing his girlfriend's sister and another victim. Prosecutors make a deal with the girlfriend for her testimony against the accused, but they also suspect that she was a willing participant in the murders.
1 Mar. 2000
Trade This
The murder of a stock broker leads Briscoe and Green to a coworker who is involved with a stock fraud scheme with ties to organized crime.
22 Mar. 2000
Black, White and Blue
A lapse in judgment by two police officers results in two African Americans killing a white teen in Harlem. The case promises to set off a racial powder-keg, and drives a split between between Jack McCoy and Adam Schiff.
5 Apr. 2000
Six people die in a helicopter explosion. Evidence points to a millionaire con-man who provides self-actualization seminars for his wealthy clients.
26 Apr. 2000
Surrender Dorothy
The DA's office believes that a well-known psychiatrist may have driven his daughter-in-law to suicide because her affair would have ruined his career as a couples therapist.
3 May 2000
A man claims he acted under extreme emotional disturbance after he murders the woman who sponsored a graphic painting.
10 May 2000
A prostitute's murder leads detectives on a complex investigation involving an Asian prostitution/slavery ring, police shakedowns, stolen credit cards, and a teenage Internet sex addict.
17 May 2000
High & Low
A college coed, who is a stripper by night, gets murdered. Two drug dealers are arrested by the detectives. The dealers link her death to a famous porn star, a top business exec and an illegal insider trading scam.
24 May 2000
A wealthy middle-aged woman is in a coma after an apparent prescription drug overdose. The incident is tied to a twisted sexual practice involving the husband, but her daughter also turns out to have a financial motive.
24 May 2000
Vaya Con Dios
The DA's office prosecutes a Chilean colonel for the murder of a New Yorker working with the Communists during the Pinochet military coup. But has the office overstepped its jurisdiction?

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