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Season 1

13 Sep. 1990
Prescription for Death
Greevey and Logan discover that a hospital is covering up an emergency room physician's mistake which results in a patient's death. They later find out that the doctor may have also been drunk at the time.
20 Sep. 1990
Subterranean Homeboy Blues
A woman claims she shot two punks on a subway car in self-defense, but investigators and prosecutors are not sure that they believe her.
4 Oct. 1990
The Reaper's Helper
A gay man with AIDS is accused of murdering another gay man. However, he claims that the victim also had AIDS, and that it was a mercy killing.
11 Oct. 1990
Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die
A young woman is sexually assaulted and eventually dies from her injuries. However, the only suspect is a charming, handsome businessman with a fiancée from a powerful New York family.
23 Oct. 1990
Happily Ever After
A family man is shot to death inside a parking garage. Police soon discover the crime was not a random act of violence. Stone tries to get one of the suspects to testify against the other.
30 Oct. 1990
Everybody's Favorite Bagman
The assault of a city councilman uncovers a scandal involving organized crime, elected city officials, and a deputy police commissioner.
13 Nov. 1990
By Hooker, by Crook
A murder investigation leads detectives to a madam accused of running a prostitution ring disguised as a catering service.
20 Nov. 1990
Poison Ivy
A police officer is accused of planting a gun on an unarmed African-American youth that he shot. The victim was beloved in his community, but the investigation reveals that he may have also been a drug dealer.
27 Nov. 1990
A child's collapse in school from mortal injuries leads to an investigation that uncovers a family steeped in horrific abuse.
4 Dec. 1990
Prisoner of Love
The investigation into the death of a controversial artist reveals that he was involved in twisted sex games with two powerful figures.
11 Dec. 1990
Out of the Half-Light
A young black girl claims to have been raped by white police officers. Police and Prosecutors struggle to get the truth after an ambitious black congressman claims the investigation is a racially-motivated cover-up.
8 Jan. 1991
Life Choice
After an anti-abortion protester is killed in an abortion center bombing, detectives search for all of her potential co-conspirators.
15 Jan. 1991
A Death in the Family
A police officer is shot to death on a rooftop. Assistant D.A. Stone's investigation reveals that the officer may have been dirty.
5 Feb. 1991
The Violence of Summer
Stone temporarily dismisses rape charges against three defendants because the victim's testimony has too many holes. Greevey and Logan's subsequent reinvestigation uncovers a possible fourth assailant.
12 Feb. 1991
The Torrents of Greed: Part 1
Stone makes a deal with a group of low-level mobsters when they offer to testify that a crime boss murdered a missing union leader. However, the prosecution's case unravels at trial, causing all parties involved to walk.
19 Feb. 1991
The Torrents of Greed: Part 2
After crime boss Frank Masucci's murder case gets thrown out, Stone turns up the heat on the witnesses who played him in order to find charges against Masucci that will stick.
26 Feb. 1991
A twelve-year-boy is injured and his infant brother is killed by gunshots. The investigation reveals they were the accidental victims of a hit ordered by a drug dealer against a real estate broker.
12 Mar. 1991
The Secret Sharers
Stone faces a Texas cowboy lawyer and a hostile community as he tries to prosecute a young man accused of murdering a drug dealer for raping the man's sister.
19 Mar. 1991
The Serpent's Tooth
A businessman and his wife are killed. The couple's two sons emerge as the most likely suspects, but detectives later find business ties to the Russian mob.
26 Mar. 1991
The Troubles
Detectives and prosecutors face resistance from federal authorities as they pursue murder charges against an suspected IRA member serving time in federal prison, after he is suspected of killing another federal prisoner.
2 Apr. 1991
Sonata for Solo Organ
Grevey and Logan discover that an apparent mugging victim found unconscious on a park bench has had his kidney removed. The case leads to a powerful man whose daughter desperately needed a transplant and the doctor who may have helped him.
9 Jun. 1991
The Blue Wall
Captain Cragen ends up in the cross-hairs of an internal investigation into evidence tampering, and the DA's office is forced to put him in a precarious situation to implicate the conspirators.

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