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Season 4

16 May 1993
Return to New York
Bertie is back in New York and enamoured of portrait painter Gwladys Pendlebury but Aunt Agatha is not enamoured of the painting of her Bertie commissioned and she is even more annoyed when her wayward twin sons, charged to Bertie's care before being shipped off for colonial posts, give him the slip to pursue a cabaret singer. Tuppy Glossop arrives to sell his family recipe for cock-a-leekie to soup magnate Slingsby to finance his nuptials to Elizabeth but slimy ad man Lucius Pim steals Gwladys from Bertie and makes Aunt Agatha the unwitting face of Slingsby's soups ...
23 May 1993
Lady Florence Craye Arrives in New York (or, the Once and Future Ex)
In a New York Bookshop where he is buying Jeeves a birthday present Bertie meets forceful old flame Lady Florence Craye who has rowed with fiance 'Stilton' Cheesewright and decides she wants to get engaged to Bertie again. 'Stilton' decides he wants to do Bertie a mischief. Florence's father Lord Worplesdon, Aunt Agatha's second husband, is in New York to sell his boats to businessman J. Chichester Clam but the deal is meant to be secret and the press keep pursuing Clam - even on the hotel fire escape. His Lordship's niece Nobby will benefit by the deal as it will ...
30 May 1993
Honoria Glossop Turns Up (or, Bridegroom Wanted!)
Unwelcome familiar faces turn up to destroy Bertie's New York idyll,starting with Bingo Little, who wants to marry the English waitress at Art's Diner and persuades Bertie to impersonate romantic novelist Rosie M. Banks again to make his uncle,Lord Bittlesham, favour the union. Old flame Honoria Glossop and her doctor father Sir Roderick are also in town,the latter wanting to wed his nurse but needing to marry off Honoria first. Bertie's plan to goad her shy suitor Blair into proposing by making him jealous goes horribly awry,as does his hiring of a gold-digging ...
6 Jun. 1993
Arrested in a Night Club (or, the Delayed Arrival)
Aunt Dahlia aims to sell her ailing magazine to Scouse parvenu Mr. Trotter but hocks her pearls to afford to pay a famous female novelist to contribute a story to the magazine, to reel in Trotter. Bertie, having been arrested in The Mottled Oyster speakeasy, where he has accompanied Lady Florence Craye to research her new book, is charged to 'steal' the fake pearls which Dahlia has substituted before her husband finds out - which involves his dressing as a thieving housemaid. Jeeves too dons drag to impersonate the great lady novelist, in the process attracting the ...
13 Jun. 1993
Totleigh Towers (or, Trouble at Totleigh Towers)
The latest house party at Totleigh Towers sees 'Stiffy' Bing trying to strong-arm Bertie into stealing an African tribal statue which, she believes, has put a curse on the Bassetts. Bertie's midnight exploits bring him into contact with Gussie Fink-Nottle who, rebelling against his betrothed Madeleine Bassett's efforts to turn him into a vegetarian, is enjoying meaty midnight feasts with Emerald, the comely American cook. Bertie steals the statue but when Major Plank, from whom it was bought, refuses to have it back, he ends up blacking up and impersonating an African...
20 Jun. 1993
The Ex's Are Nearly Married Off (or, the Ties That Bind)
Overjoyed that Madeleine Bassett is to marry Spode and stop pursuing him Bertie goes to Totleigh Towers for the wedding, meeting another Drone, drippy Ginger Winship, whose bullying fiancee ,Lady Florence Craye, is forcing him to stand for Parliament, or she will leave him. Sneaky ex-valet Brinkley has stolen the book from Jeeves' club in which manservants dish the dirt on their employers and hopes to make money by selling it to Ginger's Labour party rival but Bertie steals it, unaware that Ginger wants to be discredited so he will lose the election and Florence and ...

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