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19 Jan. 1992
Grim Reaper
Connie Chung getting amorous in the bedroom is portrayed. Rick James attends a Lamaze class. Jim Carrey as The Grim Reaper goes to a resort which goes badly for the other guests. The Star Trek crew as senior citizens is shown.
2 Feb. 1992
George Bush Meets Tommy Wu
Mr. Rear makes an appearance. Jim Carrey becomes Don Rickles insulting a variety of nations with stereotypes at the United Nations. Eddie Murphy becomes paranoid, imagining Bill Cosby.
9 Feb. 1992
Hour of Power: Preachers on Trial
Sally Struthers makes an appeal to feed the hungry while eating fried chicken. The preachers have dubious expenses to explain which brings them to court. An Asian rap is performed. Man hungry Wanda finds someone new to frighten.
29 Mar. 1992
The Last Man on Earth
Jim Carrey borrows coffee from crazed Kelly Park. Keenan and Damon are unique brothers playing an odd game of 20,000 Pyramid. Nerd Tommy Davidson only guy left in the world. Keenan and David reviews films on cassette.
12 Apr. 1992
Men on Football
Damon and Keenan become the Al Sharpton/Louis Farrakhan Comedy Hour. Jamie is a burglar who robs a film noir Kelly. Keenan and David take on football as the Mens reviewers. Jamie is Wanda on a date with a reluctant Tommy.
19 Apr. 1992
Michael Bolton
Entire show devoted to music video parodies from Vanilla Ice to Paula Abdul to Rick James. Highlights include "Michael Jackson" singing "Am I Black or White" and a mashup of LL Cool J and JJ Walker.
27 Sep. 1992
Rodney King and Reginald Denny Speak Out
Fireman Bob shows up at a grocery store and things take a bad turn. Miss Lattrell takes front seat at a looting and shares her gossip about everyone. David and Jim are Rodney King plus Reginald Denny do a public service announcement.
4 Oct. 1992
Basic Instank
Kelly and Alexandra portray first ladies Hillary and Barbara taking on each other in bikinis. Jim is the psychic Kreskin who offers an audience challenge that goes badly. Jamie is Wanda who decides to get evidence Basic Instinct style.
22 Nov. 1992
Men on Cooking
Prince Of Munchkin Land Mr & Mrs Brooks' Thanksgiving Candy Cane's Puppet-Time Theater Men On Cooking Mary J Blige
5 Apr. 1992
Anton Gets Rich
Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton meet in a haunted house. The response time of police for different neighborhoods is turned into a comedy sketch. Damon as Anton gains sudden wealth but the IRS pays a visit.

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