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Not so bad

Author: sagsoulstar from United States
14 September 2008

This show isn't so bad. I watched a few episodes this weekend and I mean, at that time, there were several shows like this. I don't think that it's right to act like this show was the worst of the bunch. If on Full House Comet the Golden Retriever stood up and started walking on his hind legs, it really wouldn't be any different from this show. It had the elements we loved growing up; family themes, love, lessons about diversity and forgiveness, and a big furry playmate. I mean it wasn't the best of shows, but it wasn't as bad as these reviewers are making it seem by far. I remember watching this every week as a kid too. I would much rather my children watch a program like this than 80% of the shows that are on now.

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Stick with the movie!

Author: ( from U.S.A
20 October 2000

The TV series is OK. If you liked the movie. But the series isn't as good. Bruce Davison isn't nearly as good as John Lithgow. But Harry is good! I say if you liked the movie, watch the TV show, if not, don't bother

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Abysmal schedule filler on the BBC in the nineties

Author: glenn-aylett from Whitehaven Cumbria
15 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Harry and the Hendersons, rather like the vastly superior Star Trek in the seventies and eighties, was used as what we call schedule filler in Britain in the nineties. Basically these are mostly cheap imported, or repeated, shows to fill a television schedule, or if another station is showing a far more popular show that a broadcaster knows it can't compete with. Harry and the Hendersons seemed to crop up with monotonous regularity on BBC One in the nineties and I think there was scarcely a week where this dire sitcom didn't make an appearance.

The plot was ridiculous. An American suburban family find a yeti and invite it home to live with them. Sounds stupid, well it would have been OK if the comedy was amusing, but the fact it was as funny as food poisoning didn't help. I watched about three episodes and all the yeti seemed to do was grunt, the family made unfunny comments about their guest and the whole thing just didn't work. I'd probably say Harry and the Hendersons was the worst American sitcom ever and made worse by being shown on a loop in Britain for years on end.

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Another awful movie to TV series

Author: mkaiser-1 from United States
22 June 2004

The TV series basically fell into an Alf clone. In Alf, the family tried to hide Alf from the neighbors and anyone that might be stopping by, on Harry and the Hendersons, they tried to hide Harry (although it's much more difficult to hide a 7 foot tall big foot over a 3 foot tall alien). The series proved that the premise was only good for a one shot deal, not a series with the same jokes each show.

I agree that Bruce Davison was no match for John Lithgow. Later in the season, the show was more focused on the family and less on Harry. Also, in a desperate attempt to inject new life into the show, a character was added that did impressions. Unfortunately, it did nothing to shift the focus to Harry.

The theme music was also kind of lame. Leon Redbone isn't exactly a popular music artist, although he also sang the theme for Mr. Belvedere

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Boring and redundant.

Author: insomniac_rod from Noctropolis
23 February 2007

Truly a boring, dull, unfunny sitcom. Overall mediocre "comedy" about a bigfoot later renamed Harry that by accident comes to live with the Henderson; an all American family.

Well the show focuses on silly problems / adventures and Harry managing to solve them with a grunt or something like that.

Really, the Harry character does not do anything more than just growls, stupid smiles, or unfunny movements. I wonder why this show got green light on the first place.

Most episodes dealt with people trying to steal Harry from the family and report it to FBI or something. I had the misfortune to catch this show on reruns back in 2004. I'm glad that by these days, it's an obscure show that should keep forgotten.

This is quality at it's lowest and comedy at it's poorest. Heck, you won't even chuckle.

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Like watching paint dry.

Author: Nick Zbu from Michigan
17 September 2003

This show is awful for mainly one reason: it's a dramedy, meaning it can't decide if it was a lighthearted family comedy or something dramatic. Sadly, it wasn't able to do this very well so you're left with an unfunny show about a family going through 'the perils of modern day life' with the missing link as their witty butler...if he could talk or you could care.

So demonstrate, here's how each episode went:

1) Situation introduced (sometimes by the Bigfoot) 2) Situation gets worse (again, sometimes by the Bigfoot) 3) Situation resolved (never by the Bigfoot because he's usually used as blackmail or such) 4) Harry blunders into a 'touching' scene where nature is good and everybody is happy that they're so close to nature, etc.

Imagine that ad infinitum for three syndicated years and you'll know why this isn't fondly remembered. At the very least, it's just getting more money out of a forgotten movie that nobody cares about.

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