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Play it Grand

Author: newarkf1
8 July 2004

I absolutely agree with Riverstone. This was a wonderful I too planned to follow with high hopes. I never knew why it was pulled and I didn't even remember it being reworked...I guess by that point I was so disgusted with the network that I gave up. It was a clever, witty show that could have made T.V. history. Fortunately, most of the actors did end up with successful careers, but this certainly would have been a feather in their caps had it been given a chance. Any chance that the few shows they filmed could be found on tape?

All I can remember about the theme was, "If you want to play it, play it Grand"...

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A classic ensemble cast

Author: HartfordHammer from United States
15 September 2004

I love shows with great ensemble casts... NewsRadio was my favorite. Cheers and Just Shoot me are great too.

I was just reminded of this show for some reason, and I looked it up. I remember loving Michael McKean, Pamela Reed, and Joel Murray. I was shocked to see Bonnie Hunt and Sarah Rue in there! I guess I just hadn't made the connection between them then and now (now that I know who they are).

Great show, ruined before it's time. I'd love to see it on DVD. I was a youngun when I watched it, so I don't think I grasped that the Network cancelled it and then made a lame attempt to bring it back. I just thought the 2nd season was stupid for no reason.

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A "Soap Operetta" about life in a company town.

Author: James H. H. Lampert
9 June 2004

In this case, the "company town" is a town built not around a coal mine or a lumber mill, but around a piano factory.

What do I mean by "soap operetta"? Well, just as an operetta is a comedy in somewhat scaled-down opera form, "Grand" was (far more than outright soap opera spoofs like "Soap" or "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman") a comedy in scaled-down soap opera form. Also, like a typical operetta, and unlike a typical soap opera spoof, the humor was gentle, witty, and largely suitable for a family audience.

I never even knew there WAS a second season of the show, or that the second season mostly threw out the "soap operetta" format, but what I saw of the series, I thoroughly enjoyed. The characters were the sort of people you actually would want to meet, something sadly lacking in an awful lot of television.

And the open used throughout the first season was certainly one of the best sitcom opens ever constructed.

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Wish "Grand" were available to buy on DVD

Author: kmb_kc from United States
13 October 2006

Why hasn't anyone yet put this out? (NBC?) I loved it but missed the "final" episode, which was never shown again in my area (my VCR was broken at the time, but I figured, "Hey, I'll watch it in reruns"), and have been waiting lo this many years to see it. Surely it's worth it for NBC to pop it onto a DVD and put it out there.

There have been so few shows that merit keeping forever -- and now that I have children and want to introduce them to my favorites from the past, Nick shows only "Beaver" and ABC Family shows only "Fresh Prince," when what I really want to show them is "Grand" and "Dinosaurs" and "Max Headroom" and shows like that.

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One of the most underrated sitcoms of all-time!

Author: Brian Stuart ( from Boston, MA
7 December 1999

If you never got the chance to see Grand when it first aired, you really missed on a clever and witty show. You also aren't alone. Although it was a major ratings surprise its first season (NBC actually had canceled not expecting its strong ratings), its second season dropped off. This was partly a result of NBC's cancelling the show. In an unusual step, the show filmed and aired a series finale which was notoriously final. The second season was mostly spent trying to explain the dramatic events of the series finale. At least they didn't cop out and make it a dream.

Bonnie Hunt and Pamela Reed offered stand-out performances. The beautiful Sara Rue was possibly the funniest cast member. You may remember her from any number of small supporting roles in any number of things. Its a shame her size have kept her from getting more desirable roles. She's still playing teen-agers 10 years later!

Overall, this show was always very funny and was a favorite of mine in its time. If you get a chance to see some episodes, jump at the chance! You won't be disappointed.

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Let Me Ask A Question!!!

Author: edwinalarren from United States
11 June 2008

Let me ask a question? Who can take a guess? Who holds the key to your happiness?... This television show was a flippant account of how everyone's life is on the decline in one way or another!! People who should have psychological problems didn't!! And people who shouldn't have psychological problems did!! I found this series to be very entertaining!! Everything was just sort of out there for people to observe... The rumination to most dilemmas on this show were caused by a fatal lack of accepting responsibility!! "Grand" went off the air almost as soon as it went on, the television audience did not take to it!! I loved this show because it was during a time in my life where I was satisfied with my life!! Let's face it!! people's financial situation dictates their philosophical outlook in life!! The show "Grand" pointed this out time and time again!! I wish more shows could be like this one...One where people are honest about their shortcomings!! I give it a thumbs up!!!!

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We're All Different Drummers Playing In The Same Big Band!

Author: Rd Stendel-Freels from Not in Fresno
28 May 2002

"32,000" people inhabit Grand. This is the story of eight or nine of them."

"Grand" was my favorite show of 1990! It ran only 25 episodes (although there was a 26th episode filmed which never aired). Pamela Reed and Bonnie Hunt hit their peak in this quirky series! It was a psuedo-soap opera revolving around the lives of a piano manufacturer (Harris Weldon), his family (reformed pyromaniac son Norris, neurotic neice Carol Anne and her get-rich-quick-scheming husband, Tom), and his servants (butler Desmond and cleaning lady Janice Pasetti--a former homecoming queen raising a daughter in a travel tailer!). With a handful of other quirky characters (Janice's ex-husband Eddie and policeman Wayne Kazmusky, most notably), the show seemed destined to go down in the annals of TV history before "Twin Peaks" began airing opposite it. NBC didn't hold out much hope for the series from the begining, apparently, and the first season finale was a tour-de-force intended to end the show's brief run. It's unexpected ratings caused them to renew the show in the fall, but the soap opera format was dropped for much of the season. Sadly, just as the show returned to its soap opera format, it was cancelled, leaving Janice and Carol Anne trapped at the bottom of an abandoned well. The dream sequence Janice has while in the well was one of the classics of TV! I would have loved to see this one go on and on!

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Theme song

Author: David Maxwell from Chapel Hill, NC
27 August 2007

Loved the show until they wiped out half the cast.

For some reason I can remember every word of the theme, and can sing the complete tune. If anyone wants the words they are:

"Let me ask a question. You can make a guess. Who holds the keys to your happiness? Is your life up to you, or does fate have it planned? Don't think too much; just do it, do it grand.

Some were born to make it, everything they touch turns gold. Others try to fake it, but their luck is always cold. See, we're all different drummers playing in the same big band. So if you're gonna play it, play it grand!"

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Great show...while it lasted

Author: lhuffman_66 from United States
13 August 2007

In 1990, my wife had each browsed through the new Fall TV issue of the TVG...and had both independently decided that, based on the cast and storyline, this was a show we wanted to watch. We started with episode one and loved every minute of it...and like so many others on here, were utterly blown away by the network's decision to the worse yet, rework it.

Bonnie Hunt was wonderful in an already wonderful cast...but John Randolph made this show. His portrayal of the dour millionaire was priceless and the thing that kept the show moving.

Yet another show that should have survived.

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I loved this show!

Author: BB from Raleigh, NC
30 January 2007

I didn't have a TV at the time, (Grad Student) but would offer to baby sit for my sister the nights it was on.Put the kids away, pop some corn and enjoy! I would love to see it on DVD. It's a shame you can't just call somewhere and request these great old shows. So many were great, but canceled too soon. Designing Women comes to mind as one of the few I'm aware of that came back due to public outcry. I especially loved the opening credits and the wonderful theme song. I've always wondered- Who wrote that song? It was terrific. It was right up there with Soap and Taxi for me. Bonnie Hunt sticks out in my mind, a great actress but never got the kind of roles she deserved. Totally wasted in "Cheaper by the Dozen". Same thing with Pamela Reed.

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