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Season 1

23 Sep. 1990
Terror on the Hell Loop 2000
Chris wakes up, kisses Daryl Hannah, does his paper route, drags his neighbor to an amusement park and gets stuck on a roller coaster.
30 Sep. 1990
The Prettiest Week of My Life
Chris decides to enter the exciting world of male modeling when he joins the Handsome Boy School of Modeling.
7 Oct. 1990
Chris convinces his father to accompany him to the father-son competition at the annual paper boy picnic.
14 Oct. 1990
A Family Affair
When Sharon's sister pays a visit, she, surprisingly, finds Chris to be charming.
21 Oct. 1990
Pile of Death
To save his childhood park, Chris raises money by trying to break the world record for having things piled on you.
4 Nov. 1990
Paperboy 2000
The newspaper fires Chris and the rest of the delivery boys and replaces them with a robot, so Chris challenges the machine to a contest.
11 Nov. 1990
Drivers License
Chris asks out a waitress but first has to get a driver's license.
18 Nov. 1990
The Sitting
The home in which Chris is house sitting appears to haunted.
2 Dec. 1990
Bored Straight
Chris takes a group of young punks under his wing to make them better citizens.
16 Dec. 1990
Zoo Animals on Wheels
Chris auditions and gets the lead in a musical based on animals that wear roller skates - much to the chagrin of his nemesis, Sharon.
6 Jan. 1991
Chris finds evidence that he was adopted and goes in search of his birth parents.
3 Feb. 1991
The Counterfeit Watch Story
Chris buys a counterfeit watch from a disreputable vendor who won't refund his purchase price.
10 Feb. 1991
Chris vs. Donald
At the family reunion Chris is still struggling to get out from under the shadow of his cousin Donald.
24 Feb. 1991
Chris Wins a Celebrity
Chris wins a weekend with his favorite talk show host, a contest the host first regrets he agreed to, but later Chris regrets he entered, when the host decides to stay.
10 Mar. 1991
Houseboy 2000
After destroying her kitchen, Chris becomes Sharon's slave to work off the $2000 in damage and she also brainwashes him to break his will.
24 Mar. 1991
During one day, Chris meets his soul mate, marries her and goes through an entire relationship with her.
31 Mar. 1991
Camping 2000
Chris and Larry join Mr. Peterson on a camping trip. When Mr. Peterson manages to lose them, the hungry boys eat some berries that cause them to hallucinate and become paranoid.
7 Apr. 1991
The Construction Worker Show
Chris hangs out with the construction workers who are working on his parents house.
21 Apr. 1991
The Big City
Chris' wallet is stolen in The Big City, and the Big City gives him the key to the city and other perks to make him feel better.
28 Apr. 1991
Neptune 2000
20 years after mail ordering Chris receives the submarine kit "Neptune 2000". After putting it together with the aid of his father, they embark on the sub's maiden voyage inside Chris' bathtub.
12 May 1991
Chris and Larry Switch Lives
Chris and Larry ignore an Indian curse and wind up switching lives. This way Chris realizes how pathetic and submissive is Larry's life.
19 May 1991
Psychic 2000
After a near-death experience from choking on cereal, Chris gains psychic abilities. He then tries to prevent one of the predictions when he sees a vision of somebody trying to murder Sharon.

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