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9 Jan. 1995
Three's a Crowd
Hilary bought a house. Will and Carlton are on their annual weekend ski trip and things don't exactly go as planned.
23 Jan. 1995
It's a Wonderful Lie
Lisa tells Will is OK if he wants to go out with his friends one night and she will go out with her friends. They each lie about what they are going to do, and happen to both go to the same party. Worse, they find Ashley at the same party.
6 Feb. 1995
Bullets Over Bel-Air
Will and Carlton are at the ATM and somebody tries to kill Carlton for his money, but Will takes the bullet for him.
13 Feb. 1995
A Decent Proposal
Still in the hospital from being shot, Will thinks about his future. He asks Lisa to marry him.
20 Feb. 1995
Will Is from Mars...
Will and Lisa go to a relationship counselor so Uncle Phil will pay for their honeymoon.
27 Feb. 1995
The Wedding Show (Psyche!)
Feeling that their opinions and feelings are being ignored, Will and Lisa run off to Las Vegas to get married.
13 Mar. 1995
Slum Like It... Not!
Will talks Philip into buying an apartment building. The state of the building however is not what they expected.
10 Apr. 1995
As the Will Turns
Will finds out what it is like to have a woman in his life that controls things. Also, Will lands a part in a soap opera and begins to see himself as a major star, spending money to fit his new status.
17 Apr. 1995
Save the Last Trance for Me
While at a magic show, Will is unknowingly hypnotized and begins to act like a child at the ring of a bell.
24 Apr. 1995
To Thine Own Self Be Blue... and Gold
A family friend visits Philip. He asks WIll to do something illegal and Will tries to find a way to avoid the issue. Carlton and Hilary try to find a match in online dating and end up being matched with each other.
1 May 1995
Cold Feet, Hot Body
Will meets a new student at the university who seems determined to be Will's girlfriend despite the fact that he is engaged.
8 May 1995
Love in an Elevator
The guys are throwing a bachelor party for Will. On the way, Will, Carlton, and Jazz get stuck in an elevator. They recall past events for each of them, shown in flashbacks.
15 May 1995
For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll
Will gets cold feet about the wedding.
18 Sep. 1995
Burnin' Down the House
Will attempts to make dinner for Philip and his boss, but ends up burning the kitchen. He asks Geoffrey to help with the dinner and hide the damage.
25 Sep. 1995
Get a Job
Will and Carlton compete for a job at Hilary's talk show. Will wins the job and has to take out a comedian's sister as part of his duties. Will is looking forward to it until he sees what the sister looks like.
2 Oct. 1995
Stress Related
Will, in his new job on Hillary's show, over medicates Hillary and has to try and protect her chances at getting a new sponsor.
9 Oct. 1995
Bourgie Sings the Blues
Carlton is worried about the interview at Princeton and is afraid of another disappointment. Will does his best to check him up, but nothing seems to work. Carlton does not want to go to the interview, so Will goes for him.
16 Oct. 1995
The Script Formerly Known As...
Hilary tells Will that, as talent coordinator, he has to get better guests for her talk show. Will lines up a juror that has been dismissed from Philip's trial. When he goes on the show to explain why, Will and Hilary are in trouble.
23 Oct. 1995
Not, I Barbecue
Will and Carlton go on a double date with two beautiful women and everything seems great - until the boyfriend of one of the women shows up.
6 Nov. 1995
Not with My Cousin You Don't
The Banks get a new intercom system installed in their home, and of course Will and Carlton have to test it out in their own way. They overhear Ashley and her friends talking about having sex.
13 Nov. 1995
Viva Lost Wages
It's Carlton's birthday. His father gives a trip to Vegas for Carlton and Will as a gift. Carlton becomes addicted to gambling and loses all the money as well as the return home tickets. They enter a talent contest to try to win the prize.
20 Nov. 1995
There's the Rub: Part 1
It's Thanksgiving time. Hilary's television show is filming at a homeless shelter; Hilary and Carlton go to the shelter to volunteer. Philip hurts his back; Will suggests they go to a massage parlor to help his pain.
20 Nov. 1995
There's the Rub: Part 2
Philip and Will get arrested at the massage parlor because the girls try to give more than a massage. Hilary and Carlton continue to volunteer at the homeless shelter and realize how fortunate they are.
11 Dec. 1995
I, Ooh, Baby, Baby
Hilary is ecstatic when her show is scheduled for national broadcast. She thinks her life will be complete when it airs, but soon realizes she wants something more in her life.

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