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Catch a Falling Star
After making it big in the States, a famous journalist comes home and joins the Channel 10 team. But can she keep her past from catching up with her?
A Tangled Web
Martha is pregnant, and when Jake gets a restraining order to halt Martha's abortion, the news goes public and Ann is the last to know.
A Brief Madness
Mike and Bobbi investigate a drug ring at a local gym. Jane is assaulted in the parking lot.
Till Death Us Do Part
Dan gets a little too involved with the story of a battered woman whose husband is seeking parole. Workplace safety concerns are raised after it is learned that Channel 10 was built on an old dump.
Striking Out
Janice pitches a story on sweatshop workers trying to decertify their union. Jane talks UFOs.
False Fire
Terri's contact on a construction sabotage story may not be what he seems. Seth thinks it would be a good idea to deliver the news walking instead of sitting.
Otherwise Inflicted
Jake and Dan start a piece on ambulance drivers but get in trouble when a lawyer launches a nuisance suit against Jake. Mike's daughter, Carrie, hears he's looking for her and reconnects.
15 Feb. 1990
All Things Betray Thee
When CTLS reporter Janice Roberts is found dead, she is presumed to have committed suicide. Her brother Clark takes over her final story to get to the bottom of her death.
22 Feb. 1990
Into Darkness
Jane convinces Mike to take part in a bachelor auction for charity but it brings him a little too close to a story.
Mar. 1990
The Souls of Our Heroes
Dan has difficulty reconciling two conflicting accounts of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Ann's old friend comes to stay and brings her two unruly children.
Clarke has another shot at a KKK story he botched several years before but can he keep perspective? Martha is hired as a temporary researcher and Jake does not handle it well.
Fools Rush In
Dan's exclusive with a generous lottery winner leads to chaos.
Dan and Clarke work together on a story about the police and race relations but things get out of hand. Ann hits a woman who darts out in front of her car.
Division of Labour
When negotiations break down, the reporters' union is locked out. Ann and Mike, and a reluctant camera crew have to do the news on their own.
Line of Fire
The team kicks into high gear when a man starts shooting in a downtown office building. Mike's decision to broadcast violent footage from the incident sparks controversy.
A story about an NGO gets complicated when its aggressive leader turns out to be Ann's ex. Marge considers a music career.
In Love and War
Mike must deal with an old friend who has become the centre of a story. Jane's divorce gets messy.
Traitors All
Channel 10 is being sold and the future is uncertain.
Word of Mouth
Will Mike's loyalty to a friend get in the way of a story on sexual abuse accusations?
Malicious Intent
A truckers' strike gets nasty but is the new intern, Kyle's nephew, nastier? An acquittal brings Briget Halliday back into Mike's life.
The Dancer and the Dance
Jake takes an opportunity to shoot a music video with an old friend and begins to question his choices and relationships.
Scratches on a Plaster Wall
Jake and Dan investigate a condemned home that Jake cannot get out of his mind.
On a slow news week, Dan and Jake try to get the scoop on uncovered human remains. The new sportscaster has trouble finding an audience.
Payment in Kind
When Mike's wife is killed by a drunk driver, he loses perspective on a story. Jake and Martha have financial problems.
Ripples in a Pond
A gun control story goes awry when one of the guns is used on a crime.
All in the Game
Jake has trouble staying objective when his old wrestling coach is the subject of the story. Mike and Ann consider other job options.
Force of Reason
Ann is attacked in the parking lot by an unknown assailant - until her attacker reveals himself and tries to dominate her in the newsroom.
Duffy, Bok, & Flann
A corrupt union boss, a dog snatcher and an anarchist do it yourself-er. Just another week at Channel 10.
A Long Way from Hopeful
A teenage adolescent girl comes to Channel 10 asking for help finding her birth parents, but does Ann get too involved?
A Wing and a Prayer
A plane crash in the wintry woods of Northern Ontario puts the lives of members of the Channel 10 team in jeopardy.

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