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Season 1

Unaired Pilot
A computer virus is introduced into the GlobeLink newsroom. It causes lots of personal information about the staff to appear on the screens, which is causing some friction amongst the personnel.
9 Aug. 1990
A New Dawn
GlobeLink is taken over by Sir Roystan Merchant and Gus Hedges takes over as the newsroom manager. He is full of management speak and, despite claiming to be 'hands off', he interferes in the running of the newsroom.
16 Aug. 1990
Sally's Arrival
Gus employs a new, popular newsreader who manages to irritate all members of staff. However, an increase in ratings that results from her performance, and a bonus pay increase, makes the staff much happier.
23 Aug. 1990
A Clash of Interests
There is a conflict of interest when one of Sir Roysten Merchant's chemical companies spills some chemicals. Gus is continuing to put pressure on George. Henry is not happy when he sees his prerecorded obituary.
30 Aug. 1990
A Blast from the Past
Gus has a charity dinner with Prince Philip and wants the Prince's views to be shown on GlobeLink News. Damian has done an investigative piece on a slum landlord who turns out to be Alex's ex husband. Alex has to find out what is he up to.
6 Sep. 1990
Old Father Time
Henry brings in his 20 year-old great nephew to the newsroom as part of his journalism course. His youthful presence and enthusiasm has made the editorial staff wonder whether they are getting too old.
13 Sep. 1990
Sex, Lies and Audiotape
George is undecided about whether to run a news story that came from an anonymous source and will embarrass the government. Sally is recorded having sex with her 'Big Norse Warrior' and the whole newsroom gets a copy.
20 Sep. 1990
The New Approach
George asks important questions like: 'Can news broadcasting be truly unbiased?', 'Is it right to ignore Government pressure?', and 'Where the hell are my ulcer pills?'. Meanwhile, Gus shows that beneath his cunning, slimy, manipulative exterior there is a warm, cunning, slimy and manipulative human being.
27 Sep. 1990
The Root of All Evil
Economy is Gus's latest obsession, as he attempts to introduce an austerity drive at the station. This threatens to have a disastrous effect on Damien's bribing techniques and Dave is obsessed with his own lack of solvency. Sally reaps the reward of an over-zealous publicity campaign and an outbreak of petty theft prompts a security crisis.
4 Oct. 1990
Death, Disaster 'n Damien
Damien is happily perverting the course of news reporting, as usual, when an execution proves less telegenic than he had expected. Closer to home, his coverage of an animal liberation raid lacks glamour until he takes charge and turns it into a dog's dinner - literally.
11 Oct. 1990
The Big Day
The news team achieves its ultimate aim and, as well as getting a late extension to the bar, they secure an interview with the Prime Minister.

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