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19 Jan. 1994
Brother of the Bride
Martin's sister invites him to her very private wedding asking him not to tell their parents. Martin can't seem to keep his mouth shut and the parents not only invite themselves but they mean to have the wedding their way.
26 Jan. 1994
Blinded by the Cheese
Martin gets blinded by hot cheese and has to stay in the hospital for a couple of days with his eyes tied. There, without actually seeing her, he falls for a nurse with whom he shares a common love for old movies.
2 Feb. 1994
Hey, Nanny Nanny
Martin's girlfriend, Pamela, loses her job and thinks of moving to another city. In order to keep her close, Martin persuades Judith to hire her as a nanny. Pamela does well in her new job only she gets too attached to the baby.
9 Feb. 1994
The Second Coming
Toby finds out that her boyfriend is a priest. In the meanwhile, Martin prepares a surprise party for Judith's birthday.
16 Feb. 1994
Martin Tupper in 'Magnum Farce'
Two authors, who are also a couple, are out of inspiration and they can't deliver a book to Martin as promised. Then everyone has sex with everyone and that seems to get things going.
23 Feb. 1994
Where There's Smoke, You're Fired
Gibby is going to Nepal, for a couple of days, and leaves Martin in his stead along with the nasty task of having to decide which of his fellow editors to fire.
2 Mar. 1994
Blame It on Reo
Jeremy meets a girl and asks Eddie if he could take her to his place. Eddie agrees but they keep it secret from Martin who still thinks Jeremy is "a kid".
9 Mar. 1994
From Here to Paternity
Martin thinks he might have a grown up daughter with an old girlfriend, from the time they were in college.
16 Mar. 1994
A Face Worse Than Death
Martin's mother gets a facelift.
23 Mar. 1994
Felines... Nothing More Than Felines
Toby is distressed after her cat dies and Martin thinks that a new pet might help her move forward.
30 Mar. 1994
Stone Cold
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22 Jun. 1994
The Taking of Pablum 1-2-3: Part I
Two screenwriters kidnap Judith's baby and make it appear like Martin did it.
29 Jun. 1994
The Taking of Pablum 1-2-3: Part II
Martin makes a deal with the kidnappers in order to set him and the baby free.
6 Jul. 1994
'Tis Pity She's a Neighbor
Martin finds out his new noisy neighbor is a prostitute.
13 Jul. 1994
Steinway to Heaven
When Martin's mother passes away unexpectedly, he finds himself with a beat up old piano and a quest to fulfill her last wishes.
20 Jul. 1994
Judy and the Beast
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27 Jul. 1994
The Homecoming Queen
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3 Aug. 1994
I'm with Stupid
Martin isn't happy with his current girlfriends brain, so he finds a new one smarter than him, which proves to be even more stressful and intimidating.
17 Aug. 1994
Those Who Can't, Edit
Just before having sex with his co-worker, Martin stumbles upon Jeremy's writing. Everyone happens to enjoy the writing except for Martin.
24 Aug. 1994
Off-Off Broadway Bound
Eddie agrees to put money into Martin's play on condition that he gets to be the leading actor.
31 Aug. 1994
Hack Like Me
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7 Sep. 1994
I Never Promised You Charoses, Martin
Jeremy decides to embrace Christianity much to Martins distress. He tries to introduce him to Judaism at Judith's dinner party but it ends up causing a family feud.
14 Sep. 1994
The Courtship of Martin's Father
Martins dad breaks up with his old boyfriend and decides to move in with Martin. The stress of living with is father prompts Martin to take him to a gay bar and find some companionship. Martins father meets Martins current book author and the two hit it off, forcing Martin to intervene when gay overtones threaten to take over the book.

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